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Online tetris Games
Play WordityWordity Game

Plays: 3662
Category: Puzzles
Wordity is an arcade puzzle game where letters drop like classic Tetris blocks and form words to score points. Letters can be shifted across columns, dropped down quickly and also moved to a different color-set using the Up arrow. Color sets must match with each other to form a word and therefore allow for deeper strategic play. Players must beat the clock to achieve a target score and at the same time prevent the letters from reaching the ceiling. Each level also offers a special blank wild card key to form special words. The engine uses the official Scrabble dictionary and thus makes a great Scrabble trainer!
Play 4is4is Game

Plays: 3567
Category: BoardGame
Fun and exciting online tetris like game.
Play Tetrix PoketTetrix Poket Game

Plays: 3561
Category: BoardGame
A puzzle game like tetris
Play Russian TetrisRussian Tetris Game

Plays: 3514
Category: Puzzles
Your task is to get as many points as possible! More lines you destroy at once, the more point you get!
Play Statetris GermanyStatetris Germany Game

Plays: 3491
Category: Action
Statetris is an interesting game mixing aspects of the popular game 'Tetris' and geography. Instead of positioning the typical Tetris blocks, you position states/countries at their proper location.
Play Candy BrickCandy Brick Game

Plays: 3488
Category: Strategy
Ever played Tetris upside down?
Play D.N.A Dynamic Neural ActionD.N.A Dynamic Neural Action Game

Plays: 3477
Category: Action
Group together the same color cubes and explose them with appropriate sphere. Play alone or two players offline or online !
Play Pile of BallsPile of Balls Game

Plays: 3443
Category: Puzzles
In this game there will be an area where you drop balls to pile them up. Each time 3 balls will be given and you can rotate or move them before dropping them to the group to pile them up. When 4 or more balls of the same colour are connected, the balls will be destroyed. When the balls become unstable, they will roll down, making the positions of the balls difficult to predict and the game is more challenging. Use the left and right arrow keys to move the falling balls, use the up and down arrow keys to rotate them, and press the spacebar to drop the falling balls.
Play Falling ShapesFalling Shapes Game

Plays: 3390
Category: Puzzles
Falling Shapes is a traditional Tetris game where the objective is to get the highest score by repeatedly collapsing the 6 colored elements from the shapes. The user must arrange the shapes to completely fill a row for it to collapse. The player can choose 10 times to slow down the falling shapes, so the strategy is to budget the slowdowns to use when needed most. The Bonus Bar on the upper left show how many more times the user can request a slowdown of the shapes. The Bonus Bar can be replenished by having 3 successive chained collapses.
Play CascadeCascade Game

Plays: 3386
Category: Shooting
Space Invaders meets Tetris
Play Retro BlocksRetro Blocks Game

Plays: 3358
Category: Puzzles
A truly magnificent remake of Tetris, with smart, clean cut graphics and an ultra modern feel. Expect to loose hours to this game!
Play box2Dtetrisbox2Dtetris Game

Plays: 3350
Category: Action
Simple yet fun physics based tetris and match 3 clone with many achievements, badges and modes for up to three players. 7 game modes, 13 unlockables, 27 badges. Easy to learn. Suitable for short 5 min games and long 30+ min games also. Crazy mode for harcode players.
Play AerionAerion's tetris Game

Plays: 3336
Category: Puzzles
This is our interpretation of tetris
Play Tetris ChallengerTetris Challenger Game

Plays: 3301
Category: BoardGame
Classic Tetris on circuit board.
Play RetroMashRetroMash Game

Plays: 3216
Category: Action
Two rad retro games combined into one awesome pixel fest. Kill the space invaders using the tetris blocks as fast as you can for as long as you can!
Play News - Arcade puzzleNews - Arcade puzzle Game

Plays: 3131
Category: Puzzles
News is an arcade puzzle.
Play T-EXT-EX Game

Plays: 3130
Category: Action
Insanely fast tetris game, how long can you survive? ???????,??????
Play Tetris ManicTetris Manic Game

Plays: 3122
Category: Puzzles
Arrange the pieces of this Tetris horizontally
Play Aplode - Multiplayer PuzzleAplode - Multiplayer Puzzle Game

Plays: 3097
Category: Puzzles
Multiplayer Puzzle Game. Build gapless rows to aplode them and send some bad rows to your opponent. Win your league and buys new blocks & music from the shop. Just get a friend to play with and fun increases exponential! (Single Player available)
Play Builder 3DBuilder 3D Game

Plays: 3076
Category: Action
Fun 3D version of one of the most popular puzzle video games - Tetris. You can rotate figure in horizontal and vertical directions, save game and continue later. Also you can rotate whole game scene so as you want, as you think better. Use short-keys to play quicker and get more points. Game has 6 levels. Each one is harder and quicker then previous.

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