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Play Galactic Odyssey SolitaireGalactic Odyssey Solitaire Game

Plays: 4071
Category: BoardGame
New patience game with two types of gameplay and a lot of levels by You are Galactic Odyssey knocking about the cosmic world. Move from one planet to another and return to the Earth where Penelope is waiting. There are twenty planets with 5 levels in each, so 100 levels in sum for your continuous pleasure. The game combines two types of the popular solitaire: Tripeaks and Match2 with different rules.
Play Anime magical girl dress up gameAnime magical girl dress up game Game

Plays: 4060
Category: Dress-Up
Create your own magical girl,choose her special weapon and help her save the planet!
Play Life Ark 2Life Ark 2 Game

Plays: 4047
Category: Puzzles
There was such joy when this world was seeded and given life by the now legendary Life Ark! But as things go and time passed, the people exploited all resources, polluted the water, land and air and have finally managed to kill the living spirit of the planet. Your very sad task is to solve puzzles and figure out how to build an inter-stellar craft that will take your people to a new home. Good luck, experiment, and hopefully you will find the right sequence that will save the civilization.
Play Japanese BlackjackJapanese Blackjack Game

Plays: 4001
Category: Casino
Now you are present at a great championship, which take place in one Japanese town. The authorities of a card game from the different parts of our planet are here in this town to judge the game. Do you see these tree beautiful ships? They appeared here from the Past, Present and Future. Three experts of the game Japan Blackjack landed in this town too to insert new additions into the game. For example, the specialist from the Past specified each point of the classic game rules, the modern graphics, computer technologies, exotic settings, cards style and Japanese music were brought from the Present and the idea of Japanese Blackjack world championship was taken from the Future. And the game is a result of these parts unification.
Play Planet-FPlanet-F Game

Plays: 3996
Category: Dress-Up
Planet on earth.
Play Magnetic Planetary Defense OneMagnetic Planetary Defense One Game

Plays: 3977
Category: Action
Space rocks are threatening the planet. Push the rocks with your magnets to protect your base.
Play The Last EvasionThe Last Evasion Game

Plays: 3973
Category: Driving
When introductions go awry on an alien planet, it's time to fire up the rocket. As you attempt to escape you must evade incoming asteroids, space storms, satellites and of course the aliens trying to kill you.
Play Darkest DaysDarkest Days Game

Plays: 3951
Category: Action
Darkest Days: Fight for human kind against an unstoppable horde of machines! An advanced AI created by scientists went terribly wrong when it started creating an army of drones to fight against us... Now it has taken over the galaxy and the last remaining planet under our control is being attacked. Earth is about to be destroyed!
Play Moony!Moony! Game

Plays: 3933
Category: Sports
NASA sends a challenge to the most experienced pilots. Moony is definitely going to prove that penguins can fly! Help him to win the challenge - avoid the collision with flying planets as long as you can! Try to earn all of the 3 awards! Send your highscore - be the toughest pinguin!
Play Aliens BustedAliens Busted Game

Plays: 3918
Category: Driving
In the not so far future, it is possible that there will be a cohabitation of this planet by humans and aliens. And if that happens, it will probably be a peaceful one. But what if there will also be some rebel aliens, who think they can do just anything they want over here? No problem, agent Scully will be there, to bust those nasty aliens.
Play Back Home (The Little Prince)Back Home (The Little Prince) Game

Plays: 3893
Category: Puzzles
Back Home is a tiny point and click adventure based on Atoine de Saint Exupéry´s "The Little Prince".
Play MinistroyMinistroy Game

Plays: 3882
Category: Action
Ministroy is a mini vertical shooter. The hero must protect the planet and destroy 20 enemy waves and 4 special bosses. The more accurate, the more points.
Play Space CursorSpace Cursor Game

Plays: 3871
Category: Action
Fly around in space… shooting cubicals
Play Fuzzles Tax MoneyFuzzles Tax Money Game

Plays: 3871
Category: Shooting
You are Mister Fuzzle, one of the wealthiest persons on planet Frizzleworth. You never paid taxes, and now the tax-inspectors are after you!
Play Magi WarsMagi Wars Game

Plays: 3820
Category: Fighting
Magicians killing magicians. It's madness, but the war to be the greates sorcerer on the planet rages on. Can you defeat all others and reign supreme?
Play Dark Streets SolitaireDark Streets Solitaire Game

Plays: 3766
Category: BoardGame
Do not lose the opportunity to play this picturesque cards solitaire game by Totally game includes 20 skill levels. The goal of this solitaire game is to remove all cards from the table.
Play Solar FlareSolar Flare Game

Plays: 3737
Category: Action
Protect the planet earth from devastating solar flares before the planets communications and possibly people lives.
Play Kill the PlutoniansKill the Plutonians Game

Plays: 3732
Category: Shooting
a space shooter game the plutonians didn’t like when Pluto was no longer considered a planet they came to Earth and they will destroy it now, you are the last survivor but... there are so many of them it doesn’t matter, go! Destroy the maximum of plutonians as much as you can! Before you die, make they feel the hell on space!
Play Alien Attack SX3Alien Attack SX3 Game

Plays: 3726
Category: Action
Aliens are attacking planet earth! Shoot down the aliens before they land!
Play Gravitee GolfGravitee Golf Game

Plays: 3720
Category: Action
Ever wondered just what it takes to fling a vessel into orbit? It's irrelevant; you don't need to worry about it! What you need to worry about here is catapulting your giant golf ball with the correct velocity and trajectory toward it's intended target. The aim is to get your ball through the arches on each planet to progress to the next level. Be careful not to overshoot though, as the further away you get from your target, the weaker the gravitational pull!

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