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Online horror Games
Play She is a HeroShe is a Hero Game

Plays: 1947
Category: Customize
With all the robberies and car break-ins going on in this dirty city, the citizens are constantly crying out for help! Now you've become the hero that all the people need, but before you go out and start cleaning up the streets, you're going to have to design your superhero outfit!
Play Pleasant Goat Ladder HorrorPleasant Goat Ladder Horror Game

Plays: 1945
Category: Adventure
There are some goods that need to be delivered to the Castle. On the way, they are blocked off by monsters. You must try your best to protect the goods!

Plays: 1942
Category: Puzzles
Will you escape or will you get trapped in it? Story: I remember I had a strange dream. I was trying to escape a maze. I also remember escaping it. But I don't remember waking up for that dream.
Play Happy Halloween WitchesHappy Halloween Witches Game

Plays: 1938
Category: Action
Incredibly addictive, fun and perfect for moments of boredom. Happy Halloween Witches is a game that the only goal is to survive as long as possible . Avoid and destroy Halloween pumpkins and boss enemy.
Play Full House of ZombiesFull House of Zombies Game

Plays: 1934
Category: Action
The house is full of Zombies!!! Kill them but be carefull, you can kill innocent people!
Play Asylum ZAsylum Z Game

Plays: 1932
Category: Adventure
Escape the creepy asylum!
Play Horror MolesHorror Moles Game

Plays: 1901
Category: Action
Holy guacamoley there is a lot going on in this game! Run for dear life from mummies, bats, pumpkins and other creatures. Your objective: Survive for 5 minutes! Play multiple times to upgrade your guns to make the next playthrough that much more survivable.
Play When Zombies AttackWhen Zombies Attack Game

Plays: 1878
Category: Action
Help Eliam save his farm from the attacking Zombie hordes in this endless zombie survival shooter! Music and sounds licensed from Music composed by Matthew Oates
Play Fear Escape-4Fear Escape-4 Game

Plays: 1871
Category: Puzzles
Fear Escape-4 is a new point and click room escape game developed by Fear Escape-4 has two ways to Escape. Forgot Everything And Run - it means you don't think about anything like how you trapped, where you are now and which place it was. Only you have to find the exit door because it will open only for 20 sec. Face Everything And Rise - it means you can examine everything in that place and go step by step to reach the exit door. And escape from there the choice is yours...
Play Urban SoldierUrban Soldier Game

Plays: 1862
Category: Action
Survive this game by shooting the brains out of hordes of zombies! The urban soldier is in town to take care of business baby!

Plays: 1858
Category: Adventure
Will you escape or will you get trapped in it? Story: I remember I had a strange dream. I was trying to escape a maze. I also remember escaping the maze. But I don't remember waking up from that dream.
Play Treasure ChestTreasure Chest Game

Plays: 1850
Category: Action
Items are falling from the sky in the fifth update of Halloween Night! What will happen when the monsters get a holds of them, will this bring something darker into the world?
Play The Invisible HunterThe Invisible Hunter Game

Plays: 1849
Category: Action
Part two of the Halloween night series, the invisible hunter! A crazy scientific experiment went wrong turning his hard working friend into the invisible hunter. The hunter wanted to make the scientist pay but his memory was broken and now after watching the Nerd. He thinks that he was the one that did this to him!

Plays: 1847
Category: Action
Help the Pumpkin to escape from caves in the halloween's night.
Play SinnerSinner's Sacrifice Game

Plays: 1837
Category: Adventure
A point and click game created in Stencyl, inspired by horror games such as Silent Hill. Puzzles are hard however you can use hints with the penalty of different ending.
Play Whimsically Twisted Cake - TimeWhimsically Twisted Cake - Time Game

Plays: 1836
Category: Customize
Time tics by, taking away youth and innocence as well as chances. This cake is themed on the darker side of the concept of time. Can you make it look creepy enough?
Play Goth DanceGoth Dance Game

Plays: 1830
Category: Customize
Just because goths love to wear black, wear a lot of makeup, dye their hair, and hang around graveyards, doesn't mean they don't love to dance and have fun! Style these two best friends for a great time in a graveyard dance party! Who knows, zombies might rise up out of the ground for an awesome "Thriller" remake!
Play Bathroom BreakoutBathroom Breakout Game

Plays: 1822
Category: Puzzles
You awake in a strange bathroom. You have an eery feeling that you are not alone. Escape as soon as you can before it is too late.
Play Dungeons and MonstersDungeons and Monsters Game

Plays: 1799
Category: Puzzles
You're the last survivor in the dungeon and you must kill the infamous blue and red monsters to escape the dungeon in this point & click horror game!
Play The SurvivorThe Survivor Game

Plays: 1778
Category: Action
You are alone... You have not seen another living entity for many days now... But what you often see are some beings not so living or human... And now they are coming to get you in greater numbers than before! With only a shovel in your hands, defend yourself Survivor! You seem tasty for them...

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