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Online Spaceship Games
Play Space WaySpace Way Game

Plays: 2941
Category: Action
Spaceship driving game. Use right-left arrow keys.
Play Escape From Wherever You AreEscape From Wherever You Are Game

Plays: 2923
Category: Adventure
None of this makes sense: first you are on a spaceship, then a green planet, then a swinging apartment! Try to collect enough items to make your escape...from wherever this is!
Play Astro RunnerAstro Runner Game

Plays: 2895
Category: Action
You are a member of the elite ?Astro Runner? squad (defenders of the peace, weapons of the brave, hope for the hopeless) . While on your latest mission your ship?s guidance systems failed leaving you to navigate the treacherous Asteroid Belt with nothing but your wits and a few charges. Death is undoubtedly your fate. How long will you survive?
Play BomberiaBomberia Game

Plays: 2893
Category: Shooting
You play as a blue droid that launch bombs to eliminate alien flying saucers from invading earth. Try to destroy as many flying saucers as you can and avoid any incoming missiles from ground.
Play Ray QuestRay Quest Game

Plays: 2885
Category: Action
Get ready to fight and power up your spaceship to blast all the enemies in this action-rpg shooter game!
Play Space Trophy: SurvivalSpace Trophy: Survival Game

Plays: 2883
Category: Action
Dynamic space game (helicopter-like) where you can control your spaceship only with left mouse button.
Play Galactic 123 The DeserterGalactic 123 The Deserter Game

Plays: 2883
Category: Action
An action / adventure anime / scifi videogame with a plot. In this episode, follow Azul after he deserted from the Planetian Republic and became an outcast. How to play: Play with keyboard. Use arrow keys (or WASD) keys to move and SPACEBAR (or Z) to fire. Keys 1-3 to change weapons. H to use healthpack. If you unlocked and equipped any extra optional weapons, these are accessed with keys 4-7. Use different guns and unlock extra weapons (many are unlocked in other episodes but can be carriedover thanks to powercodes and the unlock / equip buttons). Episode 4 of the Galactic 123 videogame series. Manga Anime.
Play Alien and spaceship coloringAlien and spaceship coloring Game

Plays: 2870
Category: Customize
Alien and spaceship coloring Game.
Play Retro SpaceshipRetro Spaceship Game

Plays: 2853
Category: Action
In this game you control a spaceship flying through space and you have to kill all the bad guys.
Play SpaceShip Combat ForceSpaceShip Combat Force Game

Plays: 2843
Category: Adventure
Is the battle against the forces of evil , fight with the best spaceship of the universe
Play Space CruiserSpace Cruiser Game

Plays: 2834
Category: Puzzles
It's a puzzle game! Guide your little spaceship to the finish through various levels. How? Move mouse to adjust power and direction, Click mouse to fire your spaceship.
Play Enemy Planet(modified)Enemy Planet(modified) Game

Plays: 2807
Category: Shooting
You have to launch a space ship to travel in space, land on the enemy planet, and destroy rocket launchers using a robot, that is equipped with a laser gun. -Press up/down arrow keys to move the spaceship in up/down directions. -Avoid hitting the rockets and asteroids during the space voyage. -Your satellite is attracted due to gravity pull by the other orbiting planets in space. Avoid hitting them by moving away from them. -After the satellite lands on the enemy planet, press the up/down arrow keys to move the robot in up/down directions, and to avoid enemy rockets. -The laser gun automatically fires and destroys the enemy rockets, asteroids and rocket launchers.
Play trInvasion spaceShiptrInvasion spaceShip Game

Plays: 2798
Category: Action
Awesome arcade
Play Space MinesSpace Mines Game

Plays: 2790
Category: Action
Space Mines is a challenging yet addictive arcade / puzzle game where you compete for the highest score by flying around in your spaceship and collecting space rocks. Avoid the space mines that are on your tail following your every move because they will kill you! You can make space mines collide into one another and destroy themselves...doing so makes it easier for you to collect space rocks and various other powerups that have special effects.
Play Alien FlightAlien Flight Game

Plays: 2769
Category: Action
Your mission is simple, fly through the alien spaceship and blow it up before the aliens can gather their forces and destroy your world. Try not to hit anything as you fly through the ship and watch out for enemy drone bots - they will blast you to hell and back if you give 'em the chance.
Play asteroids zoneasteroids zone Game

Plays: 2765
Category: Action
control with accelerometer or mouse(on th right panel) and survive as long as you can at the asteroids zone . for mobile only!
Play Mars LanderMars Lander Game

Plays: 2754
Category: Action
Land the spaceship on the spot. The speed of the spaceship must not be too high when landing, otherwise the spaceship will crash.
Play Rescue The HouseworldRescue The Houseworld Game

Plays: 2733
Category: Action
Please, rescue the houseworld. You MUST help them, because the old generation want to destroy them. We have a spaceship, that is under construction, but it is our best. We have no other choice,... TAKE IT AND KILL THE ENEMYS. If you kill the enemys, you will get more money to tune it up. It is possible to buy some specialweapons, but they are also under construction.... ...... MAYDAY...... MAYDAY........ THEY ARE COMING.......... OK,... you heard it. TIME TO GO!!!
Play Alien InvasionAlien Invasion Game

Plays: 2732
Category: Shooting
Shoot The Alien Spaceships and keep them from landing on the moon. The longer you can hold them off the better your score.
Play CometronCometron Game

Plays: 2729
Category: Driving
Fly your comet through the depths of the solar system, destroying all planets along the way! However, beware the black holes and lasers that stand in your path.

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