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Play Speed Biker GirlSpeed Biker Girl Game

Plays: 3814
Category: Adventure
A beautiful girl is riding her speed bike through the desert. During her ride she have to be carefull. If she loose her balance she will crash. Help the biker girl to save her balance. Also try to collect the hearts for bonus points
Play Jumpin RideJumpin Ride Game

Plays: 3813
Category: Action
Take to the road with your super-cool, leaping Lambo - Jumpin Ride!! You'll need quick fingers and quick reflexes to get anywhere in this game. Go as fast as you can and jump over of those feeble hatchbacks that are in your way. You may need to slow
Play Scooter RideScooter Ride Game

Plays: 3800
Category: Adventure
Take a ride downtown, but avoid the obstacles on your way. Control the scooter with the mouse. Get to the finish line as fast as you can.
Play Starfish. Bubble BusterStarfish. Bubble Buster Game

Plays: 3790
Category: Adventure
Little starfish's big travel under the sea, full of dangers and mysteries. Get as high as you can, boosting with air bubbles, snatching bonus items, evading other fishes. For the brave ones who get five seashells, bonus stage "Fish Ride" will be available!
Play Pony RidePony Ride Game

Plays: 3705
Category: Dress-Up
The ponies deserves a particular attention and good cares. You have many options in this game to get the pony of your dreams. Get ready for a lovely ride with your cute pony.
Play A Smokey RideA Smokey Ride Game

Plays: 3665
Category: Adventure
Drive with your Hippie Van to the Woodstock festival. Pick up hippies (honk if they're asleep), avoid obstacles and make it to the end within the time limit!
Play Prehistoric Caribbean PokerPrehistoric Caribbean Poker Game

Plays: 3605
Category: Casino
Many years ago people began to tame animals. There were several reasons for it. First of all, cave men became lazy and stopped go hunting; secondly, they were sick to death of going on foot and at lastly children were constantly asking for a little dinosaurs! So the council of clever men was founded. During the day men thought over the plan of taming the animals and it was decided they would get started the next morning. With a beginning of a new day all members of the tribe got ready for a journey to find a herd of herbivorous dinosaurs. The herd required was found and people made a camp near the herd. Firstly the animals showed anxiety: they turned their heads and made disturbed sounds; but in the evening they resigned themselves to the people. Cave men lived many months following dinosaurs. They soon got used to each other. Men could come up to them and they newborn baby-animals thought men were members of the herd. Only daring people decided to break in dinosaurs. At first it was necessary to teach a little dinosaur to eat from a hand then go after a man and at last four men could ride on one animal!
Play Ice RiderIce Rider Game

Plays: 3590
Category: Driving
Ride your bike in Snow path and ice mountains balancing your wheels. Ice Rider got the task to complete levels while scoring more points with each level. Enjoy your Fun ice Ride !
Play Stick BMX MadnessStick BMX Madness Game

Plays: 3575
Category: Adventure
Ride your bmx and collect the diamonds. Explore the levels and find the hammer to open the locked areas, follow the arrows. Good luck!
Play Escape FateEscape Fate Game

Plays: 3561
Category: Adventure
You were along for the ride when things got out of hand. You end up running for miles and end up at this dark old house. You walk inside. It doesn't take long for you to realize that you shouldn't have chosen this place to take refuge. Do you have what it takes to escape fate?
Play Rabbit RevengeRabbit Revenge Game

Plays: 3485
Category: Action
Ride our Magician's frightful dream as his stage rabbits plot their revenge.
Play MaximMaxim's Day Out Game

Plays: 3465
Category: Sports
It's a bright sunny day and you're out in the park along with Maxim, your pet puppy. In this nice little game you've to make Maxim ride a skateboard and jump into the air, to catch the frisbees flying by. You've got 2 minutes to try and grab as many frisbees as you can. Move the skateboard around and time his jump accurately, and Maxim will catch the frisbee for you. If you manage to catch a record number of frisbees, you can post your score to the high score table. Have Fun.
Play Max AdrenalinMax Adrenalin Game

Plays: 3445
Category: Action
Extreme sports maniac Max Adrenalin is up for some amazing stunts, he's crazy enough to ride his bmx on rollercoasters! Make sick jumps on dazzling heights and perform unreal tricks and stunts. Link them in a combo as long as you can, especially when in a boost. And don't forget to scare away the birds by ringing your bell.
Play Midnight Turbo 3Midnight Turbo 3 Game

Plays: 3435
Category: Shooting
You finally own it. The Supra of your dreams. Now let's race it. Let's go!! But the street has noticed. And so have invaders who want to steal your priceless ride...
Play Pit Bike BROTHERPit Bike BROTHER Game

Plays: 3428
Category: Driving
Ride again our ghost on this fast paced Motrobike game with great art style.
Play SantaSanta's Ride Game

Plays: 3411
Category: Driving
Help Santa and Rudolf to collect all the presents and deliver them in time for Christmas.
Play Musteland: The Enchanted LakeMusteland: The Enchanted Lake Game

Plays: 3399
Category: Adventure
Every year, when the first snow falls on the dales, Musteland turns white and the small lake of the mountain known as The Enchanted Lake freezes over. During this time the sage of the village invokes the spirits of the lake to begin a festival. It is now your time to ride up your snow ball and free the drowsy spirits of the lake and make a name for yourself in Musteland.
Play Scooter GirlScooter Girl Game

Plays: 3373
Category: Dress-Up
It's a beautiful spring day and this girl is out taking a ride with her scooter. Later this day, she might meet some friends, so she needs a really nice outfit. Give her a help hand and dress her up in a chic way. Also choose her hairstyle and make her look really cute.
Play Dirty BikerDirty Biker Game

Plays: 3366
Category: Action
Ride and balance your trial through all obstacles and don\'t crash your trial. careful some parts are hard.
Play 3D Quad Bike Racing3D Quad Bike Racing Game

Plays: 3363
Category: Driving
Drift and barge your way to the finish line as you challenge your fellow quad racers for the ultimate victory! Be warned though, you're in for a bumpy ride!

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