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Online combo Games
Play Cross Fire M4A1 ThunderCross Fire M4A1 Thunder Game

Plays: 1911
Category: Action
Heroic weapon M4A1 Thunder God, with silver gun body and blue light, reveals its noble style. Its merits include cool blue muzzle flame, excellent rate, large and super fast cartridge (just 1.60 seconds). So what are you waiting for? Pick it up now to show your marksmanship and eliminate all the terrorists! 1?Try to make more headshot 2?Extra score for combo headshot 3?R to reload
Play Shape Em UpShape Em Up Game

Plays: 1869
Category: Shooting
Battle in 2d space against wave after wave of enemy shapes. Shoot and destroy them all as fast as you can to increase your combo multiplier and upgrade your weapon. Watch out for the black holes and destroy them before they suck you in.
Play Push it!Push it! Game

Plays: 1843
Category: Other
Push you luck by guessing higher or lower to raise your combo and gain huge scores. If you get really stuck, Push it even further with a Number Change
Play Zero Secret of The CaveZero Secret of The Cave Game

Plays: 1838
Category: Action
Zero escape from the caves. Play Zero Secret of the Caves
Play Ninja JumpNinja Jump Game

Plays: 1833
Category: Action
1 click the ninja to jump. 2 more combo jump ,more score. 3 classic mode and arcade mode 4 SPACE pause or resume game
Play MindFlipMindFlip Game

Plays: 1831
Category: BoardGame
In Mindflip, by making different color and order combinations,your goal is to find the secret one within eight tries! After each try, the dots on the right of the screen, White for correct color and Red for correct color and place, will help you guess the right order. There are different themes to choose; from Sea Oysters to Alien Spaceships! For a more challenging experience there is the harder difficulty!
Play SkiSki Game

Plays: 1830
Category: Action
Use the arrows to move arround and collect presents and remember to stay away from the trees. If you collect the next present before your combo time has ended, you'll get (a lot) more points.
Play Match 3 AdventureMatch 3 Adventure Game

Plays: 1805
Category: Puzzles
Play match 3 as fast as you can to make your hero to attack the monster, try to make combo attacks to win the game.
Play Vicious Explosive Circles of DoomVicious Explosive Circles of Doom Game

Plays: 1774
Category: Action
Create awesome explosive chain reactions to score massive points and defend your ship from the obviously vicious circles of mysteries origin.
Play Bomber InvadersBomber Invaders Game

Plays: 1774
Category: Action
Destroy aliens, collect items and shoot the bombs to make a big carnage! 5 planets to discover, 55 levels, several weapons...
Play Fist PumpinFist Pumpin Game

Plays: 1772
Category: Adventure
While walking home from the nightclub, Louie finds the city taken over by aliens! Help Louie defeat the alien party crashers! Hop on enemies and combo for the win!
Play Avalanche ColorAvalanche Color Game

Plays: 1750
Category: Puzzles
How to play: Use keyboard or joystick to control your ship. Left and right movement will move your ship through the different columns, while up and down will change the color on your ship. Press espace to shoot. Avalanche is a fun action game people can just pickup and play. The player has to shoot the various gems that are falling down from the top of the screen. The gems are marked with symbols and the player has to match up the symbol of his ship with the symbol on the gems. The speed of the game will automatically increase during gameplay. Shoot strategically and get combos of 4 similar gems in a row to decrease speed and gain extra points. Combo: 4 similar colors 1000 pts + decreased speed Mega Combo: 5 similar colors 3000 pts + decreased speed x2 Small got back stars: give 1 pts by star 100 small got back stars: give bonus of 55 pts.
Play Superstar Combo (Chinese)Superstar Combo (Chinese) Game

Plays: 1744
Category: Action
Collect the gold stars for points, and the blue superstars for mega points (superstar pickups only count on a clean run). Each time you make it across without hitting a slab, your combo multiplier goes up by 1. If you get hit, your multiplier drops by 3. Earn bonus points for near misses! Score as high as you can in 100 seconds. Press the R key to restart at any time.
Play Music MayhemMusic Mayhem Game

Plays: 1732
Category: Action
Hit the green blocks to score points and build up your combo but don't let them get through or you will lose life. Use powerups to help you and aim for an highscore!
Play Fist PumpinFist Pumpin Game

Plays: 1704
Category: Action
While walking home from the nightclub, Louie finds the city taken over by aliens! Help Louie defeat the alien party crashers! Hop on enemies and combo for the win! Build your own games like this on! Make Your Own Games.
Play ThreeThree Game

Plays: 1665
Category: BoardGame
match rows and columns of 3 or more of the same color to build your combo. Compete to get the highscore and to get the best combo
Play Pudded2Pudded2 Game

Plays: 1603
Category: Action
Controls: Up/down - move up/down left - go Faster Close call bonus: To get the close call bonus, you must be close to an enemy while it passes you. When it does, youll get bonus points. Get this bonus several times in a row to stack a combo. The higher combo youve got, the more points you get. Gameplay rules: You got 2 lives, get hit twice and its game over.
Play SevenYo!SevenYo! Game

Plays: 1598
Category: BoardGame
Seven Yo! is a unique and addictive combination of puzzle game and casino dice game. Easy to play, and a perfect, quick time-waster Place your bets, and try to match up 7s and 11s. It's fun and easy to learn!
Play Winter rushWinter rush Game

Plays: 1594
Category: Action
Nice winter game with beautiful graphic. Drive your snowmobile in winter forest. Try to avoid obstacles and reach highest score.
Play Dropping Eyes CubesDropping Eyes Cubes Game

Plays: 1592
Category: Puzzles
Eyes Cubes are back,but are now dropping from above!Only you can help them drop in the right spots!

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