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Online Spaceship Games
Play Asteroid FieldAsteroid Field Game

Plays: 3094
Category: Shooting
Try not to destroy your sweet spaceship as you speed throught the asteroid field. If any of those pesky asteroids gets in your way let them feel the wrath of your blaster!
Play Asteroid Disc CollectorAsteroid Disc Collector Game

Plays: 3094
Category: Action
Your mission is to collect Alien artefact Energy discs, that are dispersed around a world,which is cluttered with dangerous asteroids.
Play Lunar RaceLunar Race Game

Plays: 3091
Category: Action
Steer your spaceship and destroy all enemies. There are 15 levels of difficulty.
Play EverspaceEverspace Game

Plays: 3083
Category: Action
Everspace is a completely open ended "sandbox" game where you can explore space with realistic gravity and orbits, all planets, moons and stars and nebula's are completely randomly generated and you will never find the completely same planet.
Play VirusVirus Game

Plays: 3066
Category: Action
Viruses have invaded, how long can you last!?!
Play The 3,5 min spaceshooterThe 3,5 min spaceshooter Game

Plays: 3064
Category: Action
Just like any other space shooter very simple and very short Not intended to keep you busy for hours but “entertain” you for example during a TV commercial
Play AutoymaticAutoymatic Game

Plays: 3058
Category: Action
Fly into the Space as deep as you can! Collect resources with a cool manipulator, upgrade your Spaceship and proceed, while you can cope with the ever-growing amount of difficulties on the way; enjoy neat graphics, that will remind you of your childhood's toys; be the best Spaceship commander ever!
Play JetPak DXJetPak DX Game

Plays: 3025
Category: Action
An exciting arcade shooter, in JetPak DX, you play Major Tom, an astronaut who has crash landed his on a meteor and must re-assemble and re-fuel his spaceship in order to escape. Navigate with your JetPak and locate all the pieces of your spaceship but be careful to dodge flying debris.
Play Mission To PlutoMission To Pluto Game

Plays: 3025
Category: Education
Your mission is explore the planet Pluto with your spaceship. You have very limited available oxygen to execute this mission, it's just enough for about 30 minutes.
Play SpaceSurvivorsSpaceSurvivors Game

Plays: 3019
Category: Action
Did you ever dream of appear in the zero gravity? It is partly physic puzzle and partly action. The spaceship was crashed and now you are supposed to evacuate spacemen avoiding different dangers, such as swamping holes, hungry aliens, sharp spikes, blowing fans, etc. There are 20 various cosmic modules (levels) expecting you. Also, there are 2 difficulty modes oriented for either fans of casual or hardcore games. You can always choose the difficulty mode in the settings menu. Are you cool enough to collect all the stars on each level? (However, it is enough to lead every spaceman to the exit to continue.) Good luck!
Play Astroid HunterAstroid Hunter Game

Plays: 3015
Category: Action
Destroy as many astroids without being hit by one. Submit your Highscore to see where you rank against the world.
Play CSS FighterCSS Fighter Game

Plays: 3010
Category: Shooting
Clasic Style Shooter Fighter. Flight your spaceship through hundreds of enemies and survive
Play One-way WormholeOne-way Wormhole Game

Plays: 3007
Category: Shooting
Blast your way through opposing traffic in FPS-style! Well done, you entered a one-way wormhole from the wrong direction. And your spaceship is too large to evade the opposing traffic. You’ll need your blasters…
Play JuanoJuano Game

Plays: 3006
Category: Action
This is a weird game where you are a Head-Spaceship and shoot snot to your corrupted enemies, the Dark Juanos. Survive as best as you can!
Play Star WatchStar Watch Game

Plays: 3002
Category: Action
Guide the spaceship to their home base. Avoid the asteroid.
Play Critter CargoCritter Cargo Game

Plays: 3001
Category: Driving
Carefully stack the alien critters so none fall off the space truck as you move them across a bumpy landscape in this physics puzzle / driving game.

Plays: 2987
Category: Adventure
the spaceship has lost controls, you must orbit planets using only you single direction rocket and the momentum provided by the gravity of the planets.
Play Cosmic CrushCosmic Crush Game

Plays: 2983
Category: Action
Blast your way through these huge chunks of space junk in the form of floating rocks! Don't get caught in their way though. They're bigger, uglier and more careless than you and if you get smashed, say goodbye to your mission! Hold down the space bar for rapid fire, and keep moving unless you want to end up space dust! Good luck!
Play Space PatrolSpace Patrol Game

Plays: 2983
Category: Shooting
Sidescrolling space shooter.
Play Galactic MinerGalactic Miner Game

Plays: 2969
Category: Action
A cool space game, collect all the mineral and upgrade your ship. fullfill your dream to get a huge spaceship

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