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Online Escaping Games
Play parachute escapeparachute escape Game

Plays: 317
Category: Puzzles
Hi players, Parachute escape is the interesting escape game for .everybody. Listen joyfully; the hill climber needs a safety parachute immediately. Because, there, they has been caught by some problem. So you have to send the parachute to hill climber. The parachute has been kept in the box inside the cave. So you need to find it by solving the joyful puzzles by using your helping skills. Have a joyful fun. Good luck.
Play contemporary wood home escapecontemporary wood home escape Game

Plays: 310
Category: Puzzles
theescapegames provides a new escape game to the escape fans. this game contains a exciting puzzles amongst the wooden objects. you need to find the solutions for escape from there. quite skills persons will solve the puzzles quickly in the top & bottom of the contemporary wood home. have a fun. good luck.
Play tony puzzle home escapetony puzzle home escape Game

Plays: 309
Category: Puzzles
This is the time to find the escaping way from the tony house. Because, your mom has left for excursion locked inside with you in home. So, you have to view the foot ball match going to the playground beside from your home. You need to find the main door key first. It has been getting by your talent. So, you should solve the puzzles against the hidden items of your home. Use special skills to solve the hidden puzzles. Have to enjoy the fun. Good luck.
Play outlander home escapeoutlander home escape Game

Plays: 263
Category: Puzzles
Once you entered in that home, never to come out, because, the door will lock automatically. The outlander kept many objects inside safely. Here you need to solve the proper puzzles correctly. Then only you will get a key. Start your play, and escape from there finally. Have a fun.
Play steel home escapesteel home escape Game

Plays: 255
Category: Puzzles
Escape from my steel home, that is fully built by steel. That is his Hometown. Arranged by delightful settings, follow the puzzles, and be enjoy with special items. see your skills come to before of you. Splendid steel home appearance gives a great experience in escaping technology. Use ultimate skills to solve the puzzles. Have a fun. Good luck.
Play spiffy home escapespiffy home escape Game

Plays: 250
Category: Puzzles
I know everybody have escaping skills. But this game has smart puzzles in spiffy way. The home of spiffy gives clear and cute appearance. The way of finding the puzzles inside of spiffy home also gives an exclusive experience. Play and enjoy and escape from there with unexpected fun. Good luck.
Play Paparazzi RushPaparazzi Rush Game

Plays: 246
Category: Adventure
Just picture this: you are a really famous movie star who is one her way to this year's movie awards. You want everything to be perfect on this exciting night in your acting career, so you know that there will be a lot of preparation necessary for you to do before getting there. But here is the tricky part: the press is really curious about what your look will be at the gala, and you want everybody to be really surprised by your beauty, without revealing even a bit. Have fun getting ready for the awards and escaping from the paparazzi in this exciting game called Paparazzi Rush!
Play Kinder Garten KissingKinder Garten Kissing Game

Plays: 211
Category: Other
Hey!!! The Kindergarten warden has given Lisa the responsibility to look after the babies for a while,surprisingly Lisa finds her boyfriend near to the place and makes love with him,now we have to make them enjoy their romantic kisses at the same time should keep an eye on the naughty babies from escaping help Lisa...have fun.
Play Zombie CanyonZombie Canyon Game

Plays: 15337
Category: Shooting
The zombies are rebelling - try to stop them from escaping from the canyon prison and killing the norms at the tops of the cliffs.
Play Hotel Escape: Episode 1Hotel Escape: Episode 1 Game

Plays: 9978
Category: Puzzles
This game tests your ability to use items provided to you and ones that you find and put them to good use to aid youin escaping! A tutorial is supplied with the game at the into! If you need a walkthrough, follow the link below.
Play Blobbit PushBlobbit Push Game

Plays: 9893
Category: Puzzles
Poor old Blobbit, has only gone and collided with an asteroid, forcing him to crash land on a nearby moon, narrowly escaping a visit to Blobbit heaven. This in itself would be bad enough but his cargo of Baby Blobbits have been thrown from his ship and have been scattered all over the place. So unless he can rescue them , repair his ship and get off this rock things are going to get a whole lot worse! (pssst. Don't mention the Vernimbs!) Blobbit Push, 50 levels of Blobbitastic Puzzle Action complete with detailed graphics, and stupendous sound, from the team that brought you Blobbit Dash.

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