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Online square Games
Play NeoniumNeonium Game

Plays: 3458
Category: Action
This is a game where you defend your tower from 40 waves of geometric shapes, ranging from a puny square to a missile firing octagon. There are 6 guns in total, plus huge sweeping laser available for purchase among many other upgrades.
Play Magnetic BallsMagnetic Balls Game

Plays: 3424
Category: Action
Drag the Magnetic ball and release it to draw the path for the red ball to move. Click the play button. If the red ball hits the green square you get points, and go to next level.
Play Wonderful SudokuWonderful Sudoku Game

Plays: 3380
Category: BoardGame
Plunge into the world Chinese style together with fine puzzle game to Sudoku. Prove that you can quickly solve logic puzzles.
Play LaserblockLaserblock Game

Plays: 3378
Category: Strategy
Get the blocks to hit the correct coloured lasers!
Play Teleporter TwinsTeleporter Twins Game

Plays: 3337
Category: Puzzles
The goal of the game is to help boxes find their lost little children. It is a hard job. but with the help of Teleporter Twins, many impossible tasks can be finished now.
Play DominoDomino Game

Plays: 3331
Category: BoardGame
Domino is a simple, enjoyable game that everyone can play, no matter how old he is or how much experience he has in the game. The traditional domino set consists of 28 dominoes, colloquially nicknamed bones, cards, tiles, tickets, stones, or spinners. Each domino is a rectangular tile with a line dividing its face into two square ends. Each end is marked with a number of spots or is blank. The game can be played by two, three or four players.
Play Cute Robots In LoveCute Robots In Love Game

Plays: 3324
Category: Dress-Up
We have two cute robots here who are in love with each others and you have to make them the way you want. Square, round, rectangular all size can be added.
Play WallWall Game

Plays: 3319
Category: BoardGame
In this classic game your objective is to form a square by strategically placing lines in random or strategic order. You will be playing against (Artificial Intelligence) AI. So be careful as it can easily trick you. Good Luck
Play Pong-a-RollPong-a-Roll Game

Plays: 3298
Category: Action
In this adventure of epic proportions, hit the squares to rack up the most points!
Play Hungry Hungry Square 2Hungry Hungry Square 2 Game

Plays: 3290
Category: Adventure
Hungry Hungry Square 2 takes in all the feedback given from the original.
Play Stone and LightStone and Light Game

Plays: 3277
Category: Puzzles
Stone & Light is a simple puzzle game, in which you must arrange colored stones of different values on a grid in order to match up with certain requirements.
Play Turbo Color MatchTurbo Color Match Game

Plays: 3275
Category: Puzzles
Move your mouse over the play area to move your square. Match the color of the target square in the top-right corner by collecting the required drops. Your current drop level and the required drop level are shown in the top-left corner. Your color squares are outlined in white. Black and white pluses add to each color Black and white minuses subtract from each color See how many levels you can beat!
Play Sponge Bob Quick Dress UpSponge Bob Quick Dress Up Game

Plays: 3237
Category: Customize
Another good sponge bob dress up game enjoy ...
Play Squares vs CirclesSquares vs Circles Game

Plays: 3228
Category: Action
Move the the shapes with the mouse and try to touch the yellow ones and avoid the blue ones.
Play Shikaku RectanglesShikaku Rectangles Game

Plays: 3208
Category: Puzzles
Some of the cells in the grid are numbered. The objective is to divide the grid into rectangular and square pieces such that each piece contains exactly one number, and that number represents the area of the rectangle. The game has many solutions, but only a randomly selected by computer is correct.
Play Move The DiceMove The Dice Game

Plays: 3203
Category: Action
You will get more points per dices as the game goes on. Your score will also slowly rise, and as the game goes on, your will rise faster. Avoid BAD DICE (RED) and catch GOOD DICE (BLACK) Bonusups: +1000 points : adds 1000 points to your score Invincibility : makes you invincible for 6 seconds Slow motion : slows the game down for 6 seconds Mini dice : makes your dice 40% smaller Bonusdowns: -1000 points : subtracts 1000 points from your score Evil dices : all of the dices are enemies for 6 seconds Speed : speeds the game up for 6 seconds Big dice : makes your square 40% bigger
Play Shope GameShope Game Game

Plays: 3193
Category: Other
A fun, friendly and addicting game.
Play Ball in a MazeBall in a Maze Game

Plays: 3184
Category: Action
Drag the ball with the mouse and hit the blue square.
Play 2018 Football Mini Square2018 Football Mini Square Game

Plays: 3167
Category: Sports
mini square,60,000 million people like it.
Play OvermazeOvermaze Game

Plays: 3166
Category: Puzzles
You have to move the walls to let the orange square come into green square. The orange square should not be confronted with the walls.

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