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Play Spike-On-A-SpringSpike-On-A-Spring Game

Plays: 3737
Category: Action
Spike-On-A-Spring is a little and very simple game in which you control a spike on a spring (duh), and use it to pop balls that falls from the sky. There are powerups and other little features that makes the game quite interesting. I’m willing to enhance it according to the feedback it receives. Graphics is horrible at the moment, because I focused more on gameplay (and because I’m a programmer, not an artist!).
Play The Brain ExperimentThe Brain Experiment Game

Plays: 3734
Category: BoardGame
In this game you have to solve a lot of interesting brain baffling puzzles. Every level you'd be given a completely different puzzle, solving which would take you to the next level.
Play SantaSanta's Cap Game

Plays: 3720
Category: Strategy
Hi,Merry Christmas Click,the caps in the same color that connected by crossline can be cleared. Simple game,but interesting and challenging!
Play Baloons 3DBaloons 3D Game

Plays: 3701
Category: Adventure
The game is very interesting and challenging. After a couple of plays the player get the idea and start feel the 3D space and the game become even more interesting.
Play Kachbo eWallKachbo eWall Game

Plays: 3700
Category: Action
An interesting maze game, played with the mouse reaching from start to destination.
Play Tile BallTile Ball Game

Plays: 3696
Category: Puzzles
no one can defeat this so all you genius who think they can finish any game well hahahahahahha go home and have a nice cup of tea because this is going to take long!!!
Play Leaf HopperLeaf Hopper Game

Plays: 3692
Category: Puzzles
This game is a puzzle based game with a grasshopper character. The aim of this game is to make this tiny grasshopper reach to a single leaf Each time a level is generated randomly
Play chestnut avenue (101)chestnut avenue (101) Game

Plays: 3691
Category: Puzzles
First game of the "Chestnut Avenue" series in which you'll have to solve some interesting puzzles in order to get out of the house.
Play Fruit Picking BirdFruit Picking Bird Game

Plays: 3654
Category: Action
Play some very interesting games to get some points for a dress-up shopping spree.
Play The KingThe King's League: Odyssey Game

Plays: 3652
Category: Strategy
Like its predecessor, The League: Odyssey offers a tiny army for your battling needs. An attempted murder on the King has led to the death of Whitney, the Royal Knight. In search of a worthy person to take up the role as a Kurestal Knight, a new league is announced. Fight your way from the humble Hamlet Tourney till the League for a seat at the Kurestal Round Table. With more classes, quests and unique features, The League: Odyssey promises an upgraded league experience. Sieges can be launched to conquer more territories, but beware you might be attacked too. Units have been given a shiny new look, and new unique characters are up for grabs. For those who enjoy the extra bonuses from questing, a few interesting factions are offering quests this time around. So wait no more, put on that armor and sign up for the league right this instant!
Play BasketBall-3BasketBall-3 Game

Plays: 3646
Category: Action
This is a simple and very interesting game in which you have to set the power and angle of the ball and throw it towards the basket accurately.
Play Pet ShopPet Shop Game

Plays: 3640
Category: Adventure
Pet Shop is a very interesting game, incredibly colorful which will bring your attention to the maximum, especially if you are a person that loves pets. Go to the Pet Store and select your pet and trust me you won’t make a mistake whatever your choice is, because the cat and the dog are adorable! First you must clean your pet with the products for cleaning. Nobody likes dirty pets, right? After that it is time for eating so you need to give him food and last but not least is the clothing! Pick your pets style and you both are ready for a walk! Pretty!
Play Bubbles SmileBubbles Smile Game

Plays: 3630
Category: Puzzles
Bubbles always burst, but they can smile thus. Remove a lot of smiling bubbles, drop down to reach the goal of chamomile. You are waited by set of interesting levels. Dial as many points.
Play Statetris GermanyStatetris Germany Game

Plays: 3583
Category: Action
Statetris is an interesting game mixing aspects of the popular game 'Tetris' and geography. Instead of positioning the typical Tetris blocks, you position states/countries at their proper location.
Play Emperor of illusionsEmperor of illusions Game

Plays: 3570
Category: Adventure
This is a rpg game. You have to choose one of three characters: Warrior, Archer or Mage. After that you will be an interesting and exciting trip, adventure, battles with monsters and variety of enemies.
Play Starwars matchingStarwars matching Game

Plays: 3570
Category: Puzzles
This a matching game setting starwars as background with beautiful icons and stars background. Easy and interesting. You can even find little secret in the game. have fun.
Play TailTail Game

Plays: 3566
Category: Action
A interesting retro-themed game where the player controls two glowing tails that create beautiful patterns. As the tails zip through their world, the player must make sure to avoid the malicious red bulbs and grab the glowing green bulbs at the same time!
Play Two heartsTwo hearts Game

Plays: 3547
Category: Puzzles
Find five differences on two pictures. Interesting game, the beautiful images, great hanging in your free time.
Play RugbyRugby Game

Plays: 3539
Category: Sports
Play some very interesting games to get some points for a dress-up shopping spree.
Play Factors in SpaceFactors in Space Game

Plays: 3536
Category: Driving
This Game is interesting education game. the player must move space sutlle and shoot someting for win. You can see the instruction in this game

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