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Play spite the wizardspite the wizard Game

Plays: 3518
Category: Action
The game is about retribution between a good and a bad wizard. You play the good wizard who has the ability to transform into a fireball. The fireball explodes on contact. In the game you must avoid contact with enemies and walls while collecting magical signs that strengthen your attacks. Once the player feel he is strong enough he can explode on his enemies, consequently destroying them. The game has sixteen levels. A store is available, in which you can buy up to five different explosions and three kinds of upgrades; to the radius of the explosion, its strength and striking points, with points you earn while playing.
Play DigisporesDigispores Game

Plays: 3515
Category: Puzzles
Don't let any of the DIGISPORES touch you! Blast them all, and watch them explode. Things will get faster, and faster, and they never stop coming!
Play Space MadnessSpace Madness Game

Plays: 3514
Category: Action
brutal space shooter game
Play Wind FallWind Fall Game

Plays: 3509
Category: Action
Your fishing vessel has floated directly into the path of an intense storm. Strong winds hurl aquatic life and debris into the air! Take control and collect as many fish as you can while avoiding debris that threatens to destroy your ship.
Play War of the WordsWar of the Words Game

Plays: 3504
Category: Action
Practice and perfect your typing skills! Fifteen levels extreme typing!
Play failunafailuna Game

Plays: 3502
Category: Action
The goal of the game is to collect green orbs and avoid red ones, green orb explode and release items that give you extra times.
Play VarasVaras Game

Plays: 3461
Category: Action
You control a turret, and as you destroy enemies they explode into a billion particles! highly addicting!
Play SSSG - Escape 2.0SSSG - Escape 2.0 Game

Plays: 3457
Category: Adventure
Sneaky is in trouble! This time he is stuck at a beach house and he can't leave! He has an ankle bracelet attached to him and if he leaves the premises the bracelet will explode! Find clues, items and solve puzzles to get him out alive!
Play Stop BoomStop Boom Game

Plays: 3445
Category: Action
Story: A terrorist has planted bombs in different parts of the city. You are the firefighter who got to know about it accidently.... But there is no time to inform the police as bombs are going to explode very soon. It's time for you to show some courage.... You need to defuse the bombs and save the city. To do so you need to shoot water over the burning thread of the bomb, that the terrorist has ignited.
Play Drop Dead: Players PackDrop Dead: Players Pack Game

Plays: 3436
Category: Action
30 new scenes to make the dolls explode, from the fans of Drop Dead series.
Play Block destruction shooterBlock destruction shooter Game

Plays: 3424
Category: Action
Shoot all those cubes to beat the score
Play Going the Distance 2: OMGITSTOOLATEGoing the Distance 2: OMGITSTOOLATE Game

Plays: 3421
Category: Action
A Shen Games Sequel. You are Alexander Shen and on a space station that is about to explode. You have 60 seconds to rush past all other passengers on your ship to the last remaining escape pod. Can you make it?
Play DefensorDefensor Game

Plays: 3378
Category: Action
The enemy missiles are atacking your six cities. Your only defense is dropping some bombs to kills them. The ship defines where the bomb will explode
Play Aardvark BubbleJoke ShooterAardvark BubbleJoke Shooter Game

Plays: 3365
Category: Action
Shoot the Bubbles they blow up and you get a new joke
Play RedNeck Jokes ShooterRedNeck Jokes Shooter Game

Plays: 3354
Category: Action
Shoot the bubbles see a new joke A fun game and a good laugh
Play Arctic Scrambled EggsArctic Scrambled Eggs Game

Plays: 3332
Category: Action
You are the penguin that need to destroy all enemies using just the blowing eggs. Those enemies are animals that can even chase you or go through the walls! There is many levels, try to reach the last one.
Play Fr33zFr33z Game

Plays: 3315
Category: BoardGame
Christmas match 3 game with cool new features and ways to play. Swap, twist, crossover and explode tiles to fill Santa's sack before he gets down the chimney. Avoid the Grinch, thaw frozen tiles, detonate bombs, and let Santa guide you to a High Score. 25 levels in the normal game, and unlock endless play at level 10.
Play Firework ColumnsFirework Columns Game

Plays: 3292
Category: Action
Rearrange the virtual skies with bursts of colour!
Play Madpet MinefieldMadpet Minefield Game

Plays: 3276
Category: Action
New Madpet adventure is here, this time your will have to go on your skateboard through the minefield!
Play Hostage CrisisHostage Crisis Game

Plays: 3275
Category: Action
Hostage Crisis is a top down shooter that allows you to shoot bullets around corners and blow up every wall in the game to create your own path. The game features 14 levels and several achievements to earn for performing various stunts.

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