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Online energy Games
Play Collapsed House EscapeCollapsed House Escape Game

Plays: 2721
Category: Adventure
You wake up in a old collapsing house, explore rooms, collect energy balls and escape!
Play Alien InvasionAlien Invasion Game

Plays: 2706
Category: Action
You as an alien have invaded earth, Use your energy blast in order to take over the planet earth Aka your dinner, now get busy with it!
Play Mountain BikeMountain Bike Game

Plays: 2700
Category: Driving
Ride a BMX bike on the beauteous hilly terrain and reach the end of track before the energy bar approaches zero to explore more new exciting levels. Every stage you need to be very careful against the challenging rocky surface and use your skills wisely to avoid crashing as you have limited lives. Pick up the energy pills to recharge your energy level. Have Fun!
Play Energy PlumberEnergy Plumber Game

Plays: 2648
Category: Puzzles
Connect the tubes to turn every thing on!
Play Zap Aliens by FlashGamesFan.comZap Aliens by Game

Plays: 2644
Category: Action
Kill all aliens and let pass astronauts to gain score and bonuses. Get Alien with underpants to gain one of the seven bonuses available. Try to end level gaining all twelve achievements!
Play Smart Girl Make UpSmart Girl Make Up Game

Plays: 2627
Category: Dress-Up
The little girl is cute, smart, lively and full of energy. Giving her an amazing make up now! You can change her hairstyles, colors and also choose anything for her. You will be her good designer soon!
Play Lumen MazeLumen Maze Game

Plays: 2619
Category: Puzzles
Lumen is a nanobot that carries the last spark of energy. He must deliver it to the broken core to restore it.
Play Nom Nom CatNom Nom Cat Game

Plays: 2614
Category: Adventure
Run as far as you can ! You have to eat some sushi to keep enough energy. Without energy you lose. The boost consumes a lot of energy (use it with caution).
Play The Tank BuilderThe Tank Builder Game

Plays: 2613
Category: Action
Build your own custom Tank, then smash your enemies! Create your own weapons and buildings. This game was developed with the intention of being the most customizable already created. Two months of developing. Really addictive! Use WASD to move and mouse to shoot. FEATURES > A Weapon Maker where players can DESIGN their own weapons, and establish their shot power, energy use, fire rate and so on. > A Free Play system, where the user can play and see the the difficulty increasing progressively. > 40 levels. > 22 different enemies and infinite possibilities of Tanks to draw. > An elaborate save game system. > Achievements system implemented. > Mute Button > Player can pause at any time (press Space, ESC or P) > Minimap
Play Armor Hero - Hard Battle - Invincible Version(EN)Armor Hero - Hard Battle - Invincible Version(EN) Game

Plays: 2552
Category: Action
Armor Hero Action Game - Hard Battle This is the invincible version. You won't die, just enjoy the game! This time Armor Hero lost all of his weapons and abilities. So Flash Armor must find his weapons and abilities during the battle of the monsters, and finally kill the boss. Arrow Keys: Move Up Arrow: Jump A: Fist/Sword Attack S: Shoot Energy Wave Down+A: Energy Shield Up x 2: Double Jump
Play Cool Cheerleader Dress UpCool Cheerleader Dress Up Game

Plays: 2528
Category: Dress-Up
Stacy is a sweet cheerleader of the highschool football team. She has a show today so she needs your help in order to pick a super-nice outfit and some colorful pompons. Being a cheerleader is not only about popularity. It\'s not an easy job to do: it requires a lot of discipline and energy. And of course, a lot of coolness. Give Stacy a boost!
Play Lazy Goat and Big Big Wolf Soccer WarLazy Goat and Big Big Wolf Soccer War Game

Plays: 2517
Category: Sports
Do not let Big Big Wolf get the football. Pick up Energy Bottle to speed up; Evade cheese and mushroom which will slow down Lazy Goat.
Play FrisbeeFrisbee Game

Plays: 2505
Category: Action
Use the mouse to set the angle and power of your throw. (A longer arrow means more throwing power.) Click to throw. If Pepper catches it, great! Hit the circle of treats (in the sky) to get bonus points. To see the circle of treats before you throw, or to see where Pepper is before you throw, click Full View. If Pepper can't catch the frisbee, you lose energy. You start with 5 energy points. The game is over when you're out of energy.
Play OmikronOmikron Game

Plays: 2501
Category: Adventure
A classic 2D platform game.
Play Particle StormParticle Storm Game

Plays: 2495
Category: Action
Protect your Energy Source! Defend your way through up to 50 challenging levels fighting wave by wave of enemy hoards...
Play KOF VS Zombies  KOF VS Zombies Game

Plays: 2463
Category: Action
Discripition: Zombie invaded their home, there are no plants but KUSANAGI. Will KUSANAGI defend their home? Good luck!
Play Gangnam Go Go GoGangnam Go Go Go Game

Plays: 2438
Category: Adventure
This great adventure game with hot Gangnam style will bring you a lot of fun! Try it!
Play TripleDropTripleDrop Game

Plays: 2434
Category: Puzzles
In this match three game you need to rotate triplets of differently colored balls to form lines of three balls of the same color in either of the three directions. The game provides a time based mode and an energy based mode. Playing through a game will add points to your overall experience and with every level gained you get more energy for the next game. The game provides ten languages, automatic language detection, progression by levels based on score, and three separate leaderboards (skilled, timed, level).
Play RudolphRudolph's Red Race Game

Plays: 2431
Category: Shooting
Rudolph with his nose so bright and loaded with lasers must guide Santa on an action-packed Christmas delivery run whilst collecting red objects to keep his speed and energy up. There are lots of obstacles attempting to thwart you including mischievous kids and vicious flying creatures. Whilst you lead Santa, will you go down the path of naughty or nice? Deliver presents or deliver bombs, your choice!
Play StrangersStrangers Game

Plays: 2430
Category: Shooting
Online game about how robots capture the planet! You do not allow strangers to attack the online home planet? In this game you have to destroy the "alien", the more so for it yet and points give! Control the robot and watch them in order to reserve his energy is not exhausted! But do not forget that this is just a game ....

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