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Online break Games
Play Jail BreakJail Break Game

Plays: 5566
Category: Action
Try to escape from prison, make sure you dont get caught.
Play Simple BlocksSimple Blocks Game

Plays: 5543
Category: Puzzles
Destroy similar colored blocks by clicking on them. To pass to the next level you must destroy all blocks.
Play Frog PrinceFrog Prince Game

Plays: 5525
Category: Dress-Up
The prince has been transformed into a frog by a witch. He needs a kiss from the princess to break the spell. He needs a good looking to meet the princess and receive the kiss.
Play No Escape From Ball And PaddleNo Escape From Ball And Paddle Game

Plays: 5475
Category: Action
Almost everyone played one of the Arkanoids. At least once. But most clones have same gameplay: paddle at the bottom, walls around. Break all bricks and move to next level. "No Escape" tries to give some new breath to the great idea. Here your paddle is not attached to the bottom of the screen and can freely move around. Also there is special "hardcore" mode which introduces inertia to the paddle control. But the most pleasant modification is that you don't have to break ALL bricks. Just navigate the ball to the EXIT icon.
Play Break OutBreak Out Game

Plays: 5321
Category: BoardGame
It's hard ball but with a different, every brick does something different some good, some bad.
Play Boundaries Of Truth (Part 1: Lucid Dreaming)Boundaries Of Truth (Part 1: Lucid Dreaming) Game

Plays: 5296
Category: Adventure
This is a Jump & Run game which is different to normal games, because it has no normal and easy graphics, music... The sound and graphics are full with details and I invest a lot of time and a lot of love in it. It has also a interesting story about the hero, who can´t sleep since 5 days. The goal is to find power-ups to break new ground. There are also keys, which tell you more about the story...
Play bubble eraserbubble eraser Game

Plays: 5234
Category: BoardGame
Erase the groups of bubble by targeting with mouse.
Play turtle breakturtle break Game

Plays: 5153
Category: Action
it's funny game! I hope you like it! mission mode is 50 levels! challenge mode is 99 levels! the game have 9 items for the fun, sponsers need add cpmstar,when sponsered! if you have question email to our team:
Play House, M.D. - Brainstorm Mini-GameHouse, M.D. - Brainstorm Mini-Game Game

Plays: 5148
Category: Puzzles
Help Dr. House break through his mental blck!
Play Cookie CruncherCookie Cruncher Game

Plays: 5137
Category: Action
A simple but addictive 60 second cookie munching game with cute cartoon graphics. Featuring 3 difficulty modes and an extra 100 cookie mode, Cookie Cruncher offers short "lunch break" length gameplay and highscore fuelled replayability making it easy to pick up and almost impossible to put down.
Play Brick ManiaBrick Mania Game

Plays: 5121
Category: Adventure
Fun Arkanoid/Break out game.
Play Robot BimmyRobot Bimmy Game

Plays: 5100
Category: Action
Help Bimmy break the world record for the highest any robot has ever climbed up a series of magical beanstalks.
Play bubble shotbubble shot Game

Plays: 5100
Category: Puzzles
Throw and break the groups of balls by targeting with mouse.
Play Clinic EscapeClinic Escape Game

Plays: 5088
Category: Action
You have to escape the looney bin! You can pick up and throw various items at the clinic staff. Each item has its own damage power. You can increase your strength by killing enemies and therefore pick up and throw big items. Hold UP or DOWN when throwing to affect the direction. Use madness to break through the enemies. Note that madness makes you invulnerable and stuns enemies, however you cannot kill enemies in madness mode. Be careful, your madness reserve is limited. Use items to destroy doors.
Play God Of Armor - Invincible VersionGod Of Armor - Invincible Version Game

Plays: 5073
Category: Action
Inch Studio Original Game - Armor Hero God of War Aliens are attacking the planent of Armor Heroes. You're the God of War that must destroy them. [This is the GOD version, you have 100x attack power.] Arrow Keys: Movement A: Attack S: Limit Break (has Cooldown) D: Defend (Consumes Defend Bar) Green Bar - Defend Bar, auto recover when not in use.
Play BallFrog 2BallFrog 2 Game

Plays: 5057
Category: Puzzles
Break your way through 30 levels worth of targets in this Puzzle Bobble / Peggle style game. Destroy all the targets in a single turn for massive points! Reach the end and see how well you did on the scoreboard.
Play Code BreakersCode Breakers Game

Plays: 5053
Category: Puzzles
You have a special mission. You have to break code sequence, before your time run out. First combinate codes with correct color, later becomes some harder combinations and combos. There are lot of levels, upgrades and achievements. Break the code to the system, time is running.

Plays: 5042
Category: Action
Physics "Break castle" game! Clear USA from the invasion of monsters... Beautiful graphycs. Many cannon types, enemys, achievents, elements for build own levels ... and others!
Play Brick BreakerBrick Breaker Game

Plays: 5038
Category: Puzzles
Hit the ball with your paddle using the arrow keys. Use the ball to break all of the bricks.
Play OvermustaschOvermustasch Game

Plays: 4988
Category: Adventure
The Coffee Story is a simple and short point and click adventure game you can play while the coffee runs through... Now go and take a little coffee break.

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