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Online targets Games
Play Skeet BlueSkeet Blue Game

Plays: 3371
Category: Shooting
Skeet Blue - Aim and fire with mouse. Score as much as possible.
Play Xmas TargetsXmas Targets Game

Plays: 3278
Category: Action
Shoot all the Xmas targets to get the best high score to win!
Play Shuriken ShowdownShuriken Showdown Game

Plays: 3277
Category: Puzzles
Throw shurikens, smash targets and unleash kunai in this fun skill/puzzle game! Features 40 levels and a limitless shuriken mode.
Play Color FinderColor Finder Game

Plays: 3276
Category: Shooting
How fast can you find and shoot all the targets? Its a nice skills game where you have to find the correct colors and shoot them as fast and accurate as you can, Good Luck!
Play TargetmasterTargetmaster Game

Plays: 3273
Category: Shooting
Shoot all the targets on the screen without missing any!
Play Target bashersTarget bashers Game

Plays: 3247
Category: Puzzles
Targets will appear and throughout the levels, they appear for shorter times. If you get too many misses, you will lose. Objective is to get the highest score possible.
Play FallFall Game

Plays: 3230
Category: Action
How far can you fall? Collect powerups, hit the targets, and avoid obstacles while trying to reach the other side while the entire stage morphs and twists around you
Play Highway RevengeHighway Revenge Game

Plays: 3215
Category: Driving
He used to be the best professional driver out there, but his rivals framed him and he had to spend several years in jail. But now he's out and he wants revenge! Give him a hand and take down all the targets. Try to keep your car health intact for as long as possible. Use the arrow keys to play and good luck!
Play Prototype BPrototype B Game

Plays: 3187
Category: Action
Lock onto multiple targets and fire a barrage of bullets to wipe them out. Collect the fuel from the enemies in order to survive as long as possible. Pretty effects and great sounds make this simple game enjoyable over and over again.
Play Zombie3D InvasionZombie3D Invasion Game

Plays: 3137
Category: Shooting
Shoot the zombies as they approach see how many you can kill
Play The Strangers 3The Strangers 3 Game

Plays: 3134
Category: Shooting
You have been called in by General Daniel to take out some hostile targets in enemy territory. You will have three weapons at your disposal... show your team that you have what it takes to meet your objectives. Make sure to use the right weapon for close-range and long-range combat!
Play US Combat OperationUS Combat Operation Game

Plays: 3128
Category: Shooting
Description: A campaign started recently, You are a part of US Combat operation. You need to terminate the operation by shooting your targets down. You have limited time to complete the entire task otherwise you are killed. Completing your task before time will earn you extra bonus points. Best of luck!
Play Super G BobSuper G Bob Game

Plays: 3090
Category: Action
Super G Bob is a funny cartoon shooting game. There are 10 levels with cool and funny targets, help bob to shoot them to reach the next level. Every level requires a different number you have to shoot. Shoot the ducks, cactusus, snails and other funny cartoonish characters. This is an awesome and funny shooter game. Super G Bob has two guns that he will fire on your command. Try to avoid the falling obstacles (like eggs etc) and score as many points as possible. Can you score more than 3500 points? Challenge your friends on facebook to play this game too! Try it, it's very funny!
Play Alien X Target BlastingAlien X Target Blasting Game

Plays: 3089
Category: Action
Aliens have crash landed and are now trying to escape. Shoot as many as you can
Play Quickshot PurpleQuickshot Purple Game

Plays: 3053
Category: Action
Quickshot Purple - Shoot as many targets as you can. Will you get the victory award by scoring 50,000 points? Or even better than that, will you score highest from among all players? - Play with mouse.

Plays: 3045
Category: Shooting
Shoot the targets before you run out of time!
Play Goods TrainGoods Train Game

Plays: 3016
Category: Driving
Goods Train is a new game with superb levels in the game. Drive the train and take the goods to the station. But be careful you have to complete the task to win the game. You are assigned different targets in each level. Good Luck!!
Play Nail HouseholdNail Household Game

Plays: 2991
Category: Strategy
It is war against the relocation team! Summon family members to defend their property, Each family member has his or her own form of defensive action. - PAPA opens fire with rifle: Single target high damage - BABA throws Motolov Cocktail: Multiple targets low damage - MAMA tosses slippers: Single target medium damage - COCO tosses dumb bells: Single target high damage plus slowdown to surrounding targets, attack speed is slow. - DIDI fires with crossbow: High attack speed single target low damage. - JIJI throws firecrackers: Large radius Multiple targets medium damage. 5 level ups for each unique character. Select different character groupings to battle with the relocation team, the 7th wave will be an inexhaustible wave relocation terror.
Play Target FinderTarget Finder Game

Plays: 2977
Category: Action
Test your skill in this game about concentration and planning, use all your knowledge to watch out for the brick wall, Play it to learn the art of concentration and become a master at it, good luck you will need it!
Play Shooter Triple PackShooter Triple Pack Game

Plays: 2963
Category: Shooting
3 mouse shooter games in one! Use your aim, reflexes, and speed to excel at these addictive games.

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