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Play Aliens VisitAliens Visit Game

Plays: 1739
Category: Action
First flash game with dynamic shadows. Dynamic shadows, opportunity to improve weapon and enemies of the crowd. Kill all and stay alive
Play WorldAlpha SniperWorldAlpha Sniper Game

Plays: 1713
Category: Action
A war is raging on WorldAlpha and the military needs your help in clearing enemies from the city streets and the enemy's military compound. With 5 sniper rifles to choose from, gather your gear and be the crack military sniper that your country needs you to be. This is the first minigame for the WorldAlpha MMO.
Play Hunting On The MarsHunting On The Mars Game

Plays: 1664
Category: Action
Hunting On The Mars is an shooting based thriller with a bit of horror. Player is attacked by the weired creatures like aliens on mars. He needs to shoot and kill them if he needs to get back to his home on earth. You are blessed with just a simple rifle to attack them and save your lives. Only thing you can do is just aim at them and shoot them.
Play AntiTerrorist Sniper KingAntiTerrorist Sniper King Game

Plays: 1380
Category: Shooting
Anti-Terrorist Sniper King is coming , invicible version with more can get all kinds of upgraded AWP sniper rifle,so as to improve the shooting speed, increased magazine capacity.
Play Zombie rifleZombie rifle Game

Plays: 1323
Category: Action
Zombies are coming. Stop this roaring crowd with his gun.
Play CS-King of Zombies ShootingCS-King of Zombies Shooting Game

Plays: 1286
Category: Shooting
Due to an accident of a biochemical laboratory,a large number of staff became zombies. An outlet for you block the laboratory, prevent zombies out of the lab, pay attention to shoot the heads of zombies to stop .some zombie requires more times of shooting the head otherwise you can not kill them .
Play Snipe The SpiderSnipe The Spider Game

Plays: 1145
Category: Shooting
You have been list in the forest with only a sniper rifle as protection. A group of evil spiders has closed around you and you are trapped! Shoot the spiders to escape from the forest!
Play Buxle The DescentBuxle The Descent Game

Plays: 1115
Category: Action
A Cave with 300 people need your defense against all the Zombies. If You miss a zombie alive in the cave, then they will return with at least 10 more zombified people. It may become impossible to stay alive!
Play Zombie rifle 2Zombie rifle 2 Game

Plays: 1111
Category: Action
Save your girlfriend from lusty zombie hordes.
Play ModernDuckHuntModernDuckHunt Game

Plays: 1069
Category: Action
Ducks are infected by a virus now they want to kill the little Birds. Help those little birds with your shotgun and your rifle.
Play Stickman WarzoneStickman Warzone Game

Plays: 1055
Category: Action
Stickman first person shooter game. Play as stickman on a mission to survive the enemy attack. Shoot your way through 10 waves of enemy assault, unlock 12 trophies and beat the highscore.
Play Snipe The FupaSnipe The Fupa Game

Plays: 1014
Category: Action
You are lost in the fupa world, and end up in the middle of a desert, You hear nearby fupas speaking to one another, Take your rifle and put your aim to the test against the fupas! Good Luck!
Play Military Combat 3DMilitary Combat 3D Game

Plays: 1012
Category: Action
3D First Person Shooter with amazing graphics. Protect your base from invading enemy soldiers, adapt your playstyle during the game - learn how to move around effectively and flank your enemies. Share your highscore with the world and become the master of FPS gaming

Plays: 968
Category: Fighting
The king of weapons is the sniper rifle, the king of the war was the sniper.
Play Snipe The SpiderSnipe The Spider Game

Plays: 895
Category: Shooting
You have been list in the forest with only a sniper rifle as protection. A group of evil spiders has closed around you and you are trapped! Shoot the spiders to escape from the forest!
Play Combat Shooter 3DCombat Shooter 3D Game

Plays: 874
Category: Action
Enemy mercenaries captured the martian base and your mission is to use your modern rifle to destroy them, collect ammo boxes to survive and find the exit on each level.
Play Fruit SniperFruit Sniper Game

Plays: 859
Category: Action
Do you like to destroy? Then this game is for you. What could be more fun than to shoot some fruits? In Fruit Sniper you will find 6 kinds of fruits flying on a variety of trajectories and loaded rifle. Remember. the smaller you shoot the fruit - the more points you get. If you are lucky to shoot alarm clock - you'll get 5 seconds. Ammo ends quickly, so do not forget quickly reload your gun. Shoot everything that moves, get score points and get into the top 10. In next update: - more fruits; - more weapons; - more fruits explosions; - more fun.
Play Formula AssassinsFormula Assassins Game

Plays: 855
Category: Driving
Your car has some technical problems. The accelerator and the brake no longer respond to your commands. To complete the race you can only use the steering wheel, your skills and your brand new sniper rifle. Z to turn right and X to turn left. MOUSE CLICK to shoot the enemies. Good luck, assassin! Tips & help: info (at)
Play Hugo with AK47Hugo with AK47 Game

Plays: 794
Category: Action
You are homeless guy named Hugo and you must use your assault rifle to defend youself from hordes of crazy attacking enemies and bosses, try to aim and shoot fast in order to survive and complete each level.
Play Call to ActionCall to Action Game

Plays: 732
Category: Action
Use your tactical assault rifle to shoot enemy elite forces, try to aim and shoot as fast as you can in order to survive and successfully complete each level.

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