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Play Poker FrenzyPoker Frenzy Game

Plays: 2839
Category: BoardGame
Unleash your poker skill to rumble in this unique poker game . Make Poker Combo as much as you can , and achieve the best score amongst all the poker maniacs.
Play Puru Puru Harvest MatchPuru Puru Harvest Match Game

Plays: 2805
Category: Action
Puru Puru comes with new match 3 puzzle game. Play this new game play puzzle game. Harvest as many vegetables :)
Play Oh, Buoy!Oh, Buoy! Game

Plays: 2801
Category: Puzzles
Oh, Buoy! is a falling-block puzzle game. The idea is to drop blocks of 6 different colors into a pool of water and match them up to score points. Bubbles will rise up from the bottom of the pool to add complexity. You can use those bubbles to score larger combos, but only if they’re the same color as the blocks that you’re dropping on them. How to Play: Line up 3 blocks and/or bubbles of the same color in a row to cause them to pop. Any adjacent blocks will also pop when this happens, causing much higher combo points. Get as many blocks and bubbles of the same color together to get larger point combos (which will give you bonus time on timed mode).
Play Book WormsBook Worms Game

Plays: 2800
Category: Action
Bookworms is a sort of a snake game... Eat the books in the right order to score a chain combo, grab apples for extra point, beware of getting hit by the walls or your tail.
Play Combo DefenderCombo Defender Game

Plays: 2799
Category: Action
Shoot down your enemies, and make massive combos.
Play PeanutPeanut Game

Plays: 2734
Category: Other
You play the part of a bored guy waiting in a bar for your mates. Just as you were getting really bored three of the nut brothers, Goolie, Scratch and Sniff challenge you to a game of table nutball (a traditional squirrel game originating in the squirrel capital, Nutzville). The rules are simple, flick as many nuts in the goal as possible. Extra points are gained for hitting the defenders and even more for a combo hit (aim for the nads).
Play Christmas SkatingChristmas Skating Game

Plays: 2734
Category: Action
Move the girl with the arrow keys to catch the flakes Your combo increases with each cought flake untill you fall down You must glide to go up or down
Play Christmas DrawChristmas Draw Game

Plays: 2699
Category: Action
Clear the Christmas symbol by find two or more symbol of the same type then draw a line with your mouse to connecting them. The Christmas symbol will drop from top to the bottom so think fast You can score more point if you get combo. combo is connecting more than two the same type symbol at the same time.
Play Flash FiveFlash Five Game

Plays: 2629
Category: BoardGame
The goal of Flash Five is to create as many (and best) poker hands as possible within the level time frame. Each level is 60 seconds. Creating a poker hand that matches the level goal(s) will allow you to proceed to the next level when time runs out. Combo points are awarded for matching goals in a row. Each poker hand is scored based on the strength of the hand (ie a Pair is the lowest where as 5 of a Kind is the highest). Flash Five includes an integrated (and optional) high score list to view scores from players around the world. View the top 10 players and see how you rank up with the in game rank system.
Play CombollComboll Game

Plays: 2609
Category: Action
A fun casual highscore game. Make combos by bouncing on the same colors and don't fall of the screen.
Play M.ModeM.Mode Game

Plays: 2568
Category: Shooting
One beautiful day, Thomas the horse was sucked from his green pasture and transported into the Bizzaro dimension where horses shoot plasma balls, strange music permeates through the air and jiggly wiggly creatures float around trying to kill them. Your objective is to help Thomas fight off the hordes of bizarre creatures, get combo bonuses and try to get the bestest high score you can get!
Play Fear Arena Unlimited 2Fear Arena Unlimited 2 Game

Plays: 2557
Category: Action
Use your demonic mac 10s, or your UHC 870 shot gun to punish the demons from affar or your swords to hack em to pieces ONCE AND FOR ALL! More bosses, more moves, more combos.. have fun!
Play Combo Out MiniCombo Out Mini Game

Plays: 2553
Category: Other
Combo Out Mini is a Breakout clone where players can create their own levels for use on their site.
Play Kash For ChickensKash For Chickens Game

Plays: 2546
Category: Action
Pata (People for the Awesome Treatment of Animals) wants this chicken establishment out of business by sending waves of lethal chickens your way. Upgrade, earn massive combos, and stop Pata!
Play Candy TilesCandy Tiles Game

Plays: 2541
Category: BoardGame
Click on matching tiles of delicious candy icons. Play the 3 levels, score big and reveal funny graphics in each level.
Play ColorainColorain Game

Plays: 2512
Category: Action
Change colors fast in order to achieve success! Collect drops of the same color platform in order to score big points! Max out your score!
Play Shooting GameShooting Game Game

Plays: 2512
Category: Action
Shoot the red targets to get score, the reload to get more ammo. The more combo you get the faster the targets go and if you miss the combo goes to 0. The score is x10 your combo.
Play Pet PartyPet Party Game

Plays: 2504
Category: Action
Pet Party is a classic match-3 game like Bejeweled. Get combos to clear levels and achieve new symbols. Challenge against time to get highest score!
Play PlanetariumPlanetarium Game

Plays: 2490
Category: Puzzles
Approximately 4.6 billion years ago a giant molecular cloud collapsed causing the creation of our solar system. Among the astronomical objects which consist our solar system are some planets which will soon or later collide with our planet killing us all.
Play Combo KingCombo King Game

Plays: 2469
Category: Action
Use your reflexes to press the corresponding keys as they move over the green band. There is Single Player mode with 10 levels and Multi Player for you and a friend. There is also Combo Mode for those who feel they can get the highest score!

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