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Online banana Games
Play Banana CakeBanana Cake Game

Plays: 544
Category: Other
Here is a fun recipe of the easiest banana cake that you will ever make. Carefully slice the banana, add flower, eggs, butter, milk and prepare them following the recipe. Bake the mixture into the oven and by the end of the game you will have a moist and delicious party dessert!
Play Ski and BananaSki and Banana Game

Plays: 541
Category: Adventure
Ski and bananas plus ice cream. Looks like there are no connection? Guess what! It's time to gather all the bananas, avoid all the spike and doors. And the goal is to go for the banana split ice cream. Yummy, and don't forget to get the highest score possible.
Play BananaBanana Game

Plays: 530
Category: Education
banana game is one of Chinese school games,fresh and beautiful game screen and chinese language pronunciation,the gameplay is very simple,mouse to drag the box to spell out the banana,this game for all cute kids and friends like china.
Play Banana ColoringBanana Coloring Game

Plays: 514
Category: Customize
Very funny banana coloring game
Play Emrat e pemëve në gjuhën anglezeEmrat e pemëve në gjuhën angleze Game

Plays: 500
Category: Education
Ky është një kuiz për pemët se si quhen në gjuhën angleze. Testoni veten se sa dini rreth emrave të pemëve se si quhen në gjuhën angleze.
Play Monkey In BananaMonkey In Banana Game

Plays: 498
Category: Adventure
Monkey in bananas game. Run and take banana.
Play Frosted Chocolate Chip CheesecakeFrosted Chocolate Chip Cheesecake Game

Plays: 491
Category: Other
It’s time to a have a snacks in the evening. What to cook?. Let’s prepare a delicious frosted chocolate chip cheesecake. It will be very tasty than a normal cakes.
Play MonkeyBananaMonkeyBanana Game

Plays: 476
Category: Action
it is a turn based game about monkey and banana
Play Delicious Chocolate Banana MuffinsDelicious Chocolate Banana Muffins Game

Plays: 462
Category: Other
Everyone likes to eat cake. Cake and chocolate is a favourite snacks for children. Let’s cook a different snacks for children by a mix of chocolate and banana. Have a energetic day with Chocolate and banana muffins.
Play Banana Cream Cheese CakeBanana Cream Cheese Cake Game

Plays: 454
Category: Dress-Up
Banana Cream Cheese Cake game play with your mouse.
Play Banana Splits VilleBanana Splits Ville Game

Plays: 454
Category: Customize
What's the best way to get over a breakup? A banana split! Sure, you might have broken up with the love of your life five minutes ago, but when you sit down and share this banana split with your BFF, the tears will fall away as you scarf down the ice cream and laugh away the heartache.
Play Banana HunterBanana Hunter Game

Plays: 430
Category: Action
in this game you have to catch the bananas falling from the top
Play Call of bananaCall of banana Game

Plays: 402
Category: Action
Hi to everyone, This is my first game. I'm a noob, but my next games will be better! Make 100 points, to win!!
Play Banana Girls ClosetBanana Girls Closet Game

Plays: 393
Category: Dress-Up
? ???? ??? ??? ?? ?? ???? ??? ?? ??? ???? ?? ????.?? ??? ? ?? ??? ?????? ???? ???????.
Play Banana pan cakeBanana pan cake Game

Plays: 389
Category: Other
Play Baking Banana Walnut BreadBaking Banana Walnut Bread Game

Plays: 386
Category: Customize
One of the best ways to escape the cold of the Winter is by baking warm and delicious treats to enjoy by the fireplace. Grab your apron and prepare to bake tasty banana walnut bread, perfect for enjoying with a cup of hot chocolate or coffee. Follow the instructions to prepare the yummy batter, then toss it into the oven and watch the banana walnut bread loaf rise to perfection in this fun online cooking game for girls!
Play Chocolate Banana MuffinsChocolate Banana Muffins Game

Plays: 378
Category: Dress-Up
Bake your own chocolate banana muffins! In this game, you will learn how to put together and bake your own chocolate banana muffins. Use your mouse to click on the knife and cut the chocolate. Then you must click on the ingredients to add them to your bowl. Click on the spoon to mix everything together! Then, cut up the bananas and blend them in the blender! Add the ingredients with the bananas. Then add everything together, put the mix into the muffin holders, and bake them in the oven! Watch as your muffins rise and bake into deliciousness! After they come out of the oven, put them on the plate and pour some sugar on them and enjoy! You have just made your very own chocolate banana muffins!
Play Fruit Catch 2Fruit Catch 2 Game

Plays: 362
Category: Action
Catch the falling fruits with your basket. Get score for catching fruits. Get highscore and register your name in highscore leaderboard.
Play Tasty Nutty Banana MilkshakeTasty Nutty Banana Milkshake Game

Plays: 338
Category: Education
Here is a simple and easy to prepare recipe for you. Try this healthy and tasty nutty banana milkshake in your home. You don't need anyone's help to prepare this coolest banana milkshake. All you have to do is, read the given recipe and play this recipe game to prepare this easiest healthy drink. Have it and feel stronger!
Play Catch ItCatch It Game

Plays: 338
Category: Action
Catch bananas and get points for catches. You will lose life/try for dropping banana. Catch maximum banana and earn badges and points.

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