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Play Flu AliensFlu Aliens Game

Plays: 1006
Category: Shooting
An army of aliens are attacking our world and only you can see them because you’re a tiny robot made by the people of earth to fight the alien’s back. Will you stop them or fail? Also you can upgrade and buy new ship.
Play MadvilleMadville Game

Plays: 1002
Category: Action
This is a story of a Hero! When aliens invaded he was the only one to fight back. Relive his life battle by battle until you find out why he is tied up in a straight jacket at an insane asylum. Earn money and research points to upgrade your hero before battles.
Play Buldozer BrothersBuldozer Brothers Game

Plays: 998
Category: Action
Leave a cave before oxygen will end. Destroy blockages to clear a way!
Play Bullets And BlocksBullets And Blocks Game

Plays: 966
Category: Action
Upgrade your tank-block and shoot enemy blocks
Play Pixel RaidPixel Raid Game

Plays: 965
Category: Action
Defend yourself against waves of a variety of enemies by shooting them, collecting power-ups and causing chaos with bombs. Upgrades are available as you progress through the game, and the Gun can be customized in-game; choose from a variety of skins to enhance your gaming experience!
Play Idle FarmerIdle Farmer Game

Plays: 939
Category: Strategy
Hybrid between active and idle-type game where you earn money by harvesting and selling your crops. Rise your skill, buy better tools and compost (power-ups), and be loved by the girls of the village! Will you be able to earn enough money to build a good house and start a family?
Play Tower of KanthorTower of Kanthor Game

Plays: 900
Category: Action
The evil Kanthor lives on top of the tower. Fight your way up to destroy him!
Play Tales of Space Heroes 3Tales of Space Heroes 3 Game

Plays: 868
Category: Shooting
Pick from four pilots and nine war ships, Fight in five playable modes in the battle against the aliens!
Play Lost ProbeLost Probe Game

Plays: 826
Category: Adventure
Operate a probe suspended on a long chain. Rotate the world to change the direction of movement of a probe. Investigate caves in the strange biomechanical world and collect energy of stars.
Play AstrodiggerAstrodigger Game

Plays: 808
Category: Action
his is an arcade/puzzle game where you collect diamonds on levels. You can dig only down, never up. Spend your score to buy temporary upgrades and protective suits in a shop. Collect precious minerals for additional score.
Play Amber HelixAmber Helix Game

Plays: 807
Category: Shooting
Join the captain in his glorious quest to find the Amber Helix.
Play GalaxiesGalaxies Game

Plays: 764
Category: Action
Get your fleet of spaceships to the other side of each galaxie. Avoid asteroids, spacemines and dozens of planets. Watch out because the gravity of the planets constantly pull you in. Upgrade your fleet with several weapons and performance upgrades that will help you in your space adventure.
Play EnhancedEnhanced Game

Plays: 763
Category: Action
Sci-fi “run & gun” platformer game. This is a story about enhanced soldiers confrontation. Take control over enhanced soldier and lead her through 21 game level, wiping out all enemies on your way. You can make 18 upgrades to unlock new abilities and earn 24 achievements.
Play Pixel WarriorPixel Warrior Game

Plays: 750
Category: Action
Take on hordes of pixel ships in this shooter/bullet hell!
Play Totem JumpTotem Jump Game

Plays: 714
Category: Action
You control a totem, and your goal is to reach the sun, bringing a sacrifice to the gods to save the universe. Collecting coins and buying upgrades climb higher and higher.
Play BobeediaBobeedia Game

Plays: 705
Category: Action
A strategy fighting game where you need to create an army of robots and creatures to fight hostile creatures from Bobeedia. There are 31 levels to beat. Follow the tutorial for more information how to play.
Play Mad BlockMad Block Game

Plays: 684
Category: Action
A funny bricks break with AI enemy and shooting upgrades. Upgrade for more amunition and accurate weapons. Control with keyboard or mouse
Play Square InvadersSquare Invaders Game

Plays: 679
Category: Action
Fight square invaders in square galactics and upgrade your spaceship
Play Idle PlanetIdle Planet Game

Plays: 679
Category: Strategy
Idle Game where you evolve your own Planet to the best Planet in the Universe!
Play Glean 2Glean 2 Game

Plays: 677
Category: Action
Traverse terrestrial aquatic and aerial alien planets. Mine and scrounge for resources while fending off the local wildlife. Research and craft upgrades to delve deeper and unlock all of the logs, and continue the story of Glean. This sequel greatly expands upon the original with two new environments, dangerous alien creatures, new resources and a completely revamped research and crafting system. The game auto-saves every time you enter your ship.

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