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Online shape Games
Play MaMa Game

Plays: 3271
Category: BoardGame
Ma is the digital version of game Ma and Boy, one of the first not square shape pieces sliding-game.
Play Game 9Game 9 Game

Plays: 3258
Category: Action
9 takes place in a world parallel to our own, in which the very legacy of humanity is threatened. A group of sapient rag dolls, living a post-apocalyptic existence find one of their own, 9 (Elijah Wood), who displays leadership qualities that may help them to survive. There are at least several malevolent creatures up against this group; namely, the cat-skulled creature from the short film, a split-headed flying being that resembles both a bat and a manta ray in wing shape, and an insectoid creature with jointed legs and a pod-like body.
Play Pimp my avatarPimp my avatar Game

Plays: 3251
Category: Customize
A powerfull face creator : Tons of layers to let you build your own face or any fun monster of your choice! Handle colors, eyes, face shape, mouth, noze, rotate any part and resize each details.
Play Messy ShapesMessy Shapes Game

Plays: 3233
Category: Puzzles
Box2D-Match3 game. Sounds crazy? It is! Give it a try! MessyShapes sends a stream of random cute shapes falling from the sky……all with their own personality! Your mission (should you choose to accept it) is to destroy them by clicking on at least 3 touching shapes of the same color. Careful though……if you click on a shape that isn’t touching at least 2 others of the same color, that shape will ‘freeze’ into an ice block that can only be destroyed by the bombs you get in power-ups! However you go about destroying these little critters, don't let them fill your screen!! If too many pile up, you get a 10 second count down to clear those dastardly shapes sharpish!! Don’t want to lose to a bunch of cute shapes now do you?? Good Luck!
Play Crazy Shape RunnerCrazy Shape Runner Game

Plays: 3220
Category: Action
Dodge waves of various shapes with increasing speed and difficulty in this addicting dodge'em up game!
Play Sponge MakerSponge Maker Game

Plays: 3192
Category: Customize
An avatar maker wich you can creat a polygonal shape, add a face, color it and it background with gradient and them download it imediatly!
Play Shape-O-RoidsShape-O-Roids Game

Plays: 3186
Category: Shooting
Top down arcadey shooter, arrow keys for moovement, spacebar to shoot, Kill the rhomboids!
Play Shape JugglerShape Juggler Game

Plays: 3179
Category: Action
Juggle with shapes clicking on them and earn points. Shape will get smaller each time you hit it untill it disappear. Don't let them fall or you loose one life. One life is added every 100 points you gain.
Play Kerry WorkoutKerry Workout Game

Plays: 3152
Category: Other
Help Kerry into shape with some advanced aerobics.
Play StakateStakate Game

Plays: 3122
Category: Puzzles
Fill the shapes with your blocks as fast as you can.
Play Pottery WheelPottery Wheel Game

Plays: 3112
Category: Rhythm
Practice your pottery skills and try to make clay pots with this fun mini game. Be careful, push to hard and they’ll break
Play Dungeon KnightDungeon Knight Game

Plays: 3112
Category: Puzzles
Dungeon Knight is a puzzle game. You control the fearsome knight with the great -but as it seems, totally useless- sword in a quest to save the princess from the dungeon. As expected, the dungeon is inhabited by slimy monsters. And just because the sword cannot seem to do much more than keep the monsters a bit away, all you can do is to avoid them. Until they realise that you do not pose much of a threat of course. Or do you? Of course you do! Even if your equipment might not be in a state to take advantage of your brawns, your brain is in perfect shape and you can outsmart these green drones at any time. Just guide them to their own death by bumping them to each other. Or just outrun them.
Play Build A CakeBuild A Cake Game

Plays: 3111
Category: Customize
Create a delicious and colorful cake in this fun food game. First pick the shape and style of the cake you want to make, then you choose the flavor of the cake and the delicious filling before finally decorating it with sprinkles and other great bakery decorations.
Play MendMend Game

Plays: 3057
Category: Action
Mend broken hearts by matching the heart piece to the missing shape in each heart.
Play Shape DefenseShape Defense Game

Plays: 3018
Category: Shooting
A game so good, you'll need a stick to beat it! Use your mouse to destroy all the shapes in the given amount of time.
Play Rainbow Cat AdventureRainbow Cat Adventure Game

Plays: 3016
Category: Adventure
This is a adventure and puzzle game, the Rainbow cats can shift shape to be different props to across the obstacles. Both of the rainbow cats should cooperate with each other to pass every level. In this game, you will enjoy the puzzle and shape shift and have a adventurous journey to rainbow castle and find holy water.
Play Spin the WorldSpin the World Game

Plays: 3014
Category: Action
Spin the World to save the planet Earth. The year is 2012 and this IS the apocalypse that everyone has predicted. But they never expected something so horrendous as this! The evil planet Tesserak has come to destroy the Earth after transforming it into a cube. Can you defend the Earth against Tesserak and its evil minions before its to late? To fail is to doom the Earth, but to win will let the Earth live another day and eventually return to its natural spherical shape.
Play Shape Shooter 3Shape Shooter 3 Game

Plays: 2984
Category: Shooting
Fight off wave after wave of attacking shapes in this fast-paced, arcade style shooter.
Play Red Shape AlertRed Shape Alert Game

Plays: 2984
Category: Action
Red shapes are invading the world of shapes. Remove certain blocks and use gravity to get rid of all the red shapes off the screen.
Play Decoration Nails StudioDecoration Nails Studio Game

Plays: 2966
Category: Other
A new nails salon opened in town and you think to make a visit today and arrange your nails. But you get in a dilemma as any girl, before going to the manicure, how to shape your nails this time. Well, now you have the opportunity to simulate every model and color for your nails to figure out which suits you best. You can try different colors for nails, different rings and bracelets that you can choose the colors and lots of stickers.

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