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Online mole Games
Play Funky mole coloringFunky mole coloring Game

Plays: 974
Category: Customize
Funky mole coloring Game.
Play Mole BusterMole Buster Game

Plays: 888
Category: Puzzles
Swap one tile with an adjacent tile to form a horizontal or vertical chain of three or more tiles.
Play Ben Mole cave distanceBen Mole cave distance Game

Plays: 827
Category: Action
Ben The Mole cave distance. Help the Mole to fly as long as possible through tunnel. Collect fuel to fly further and to score more points. Do not crush into wals, it will take your power down.
Play Mole Folk DrillDownMole Folk DrillDown Game

Plays: 613
Category: Puzzles
A clan of moles decides to put their best talent to good use and make money setting up a mining operation. Of course, mining takes time and licenses take money, but it all comes with time and hard work. See how far you can get, collect rocks, ores and gems and improve your workforce in this game about moles, minerals and motorized drills.
Play Smack The PoliticianSmack The Politician Game

Plays: 604
Category: Strategy
Much like the classic game whack a mole -- Smack a politician! Be careful not to miss!
Play Mole AttackMole Attack Game

Plays: 597
Category: Action
Can you and your faithful shotgun save the carrots from massive mole invasion? Those nasty little critters are trying to steal the carrots by any means, and you are the only one who can stop them. Try to keep moles away as long as possible and show what you are made of! Only the best of the best will get their names to the glorious leaderboard, so be one of them!
Play Monster Bash Monster Bash Game

Plays: 595
Category: Puzzles
Help the little girl find her kitty! But watch out: monsters are lurking everywhere! You will encounter 5 frightful foes: pumpkinheads, zombies, mummies, werewolves, and frankenstein monsters. Destroy them before they attack! Be quick, as more and more monsters will pop out of their hiding places. Unlock all levels in the graveyard to accomplish your mission!
Play Space MoleSpace Mole Game

Plays: 512
Category: Action
Help our mole find the treasures and collect the stars to buy a new house. The game has a 360 direction gravity, which will adventure you through the different planets and inside them. The game has 42 levels, with 4 bosses and also 5 endings! There is a total of 20 treasures. Can you collect all the stars in this galaxy?!
Play VolleyballVolleyball Game

Plays: 502
Category: Action
Mole Volleyball...Play and have fun!
Play Holey MoleyHoley Moley Game

Plays: 499
Category: Action
A Wac the mole game with powerups. Do we need to say more?
Play Mushroom HuntingMushroom Hunting Game

Plays: 472
Category: Adventure
Cory and his friends embark on a bold quest to help their friend Dendry, a baby walking tree in need of nourishment! Help them search for nutrient-rich mushrooms in the ancestral Monkey Village, the lush Carrot Hills, and the sunlit Wavy Woods. Collect the mushrooms quickly, for dangerous animals lurk about and their ailing friend awaits their safe return!
Play Santa SmasherSanta Smasher Game

Plays: 438
Category: Action
Bust your holiday stress with Santa Smasher, the Christmas-themed whack-a-mole arcade game. Go 8 rounds of increasing speed with 8 characters – extra points for accuracy. High Scores + Achievements/Awards.
Play Save a MoleSave a Mole Game

Plays: 354
Category: Other
Enough wakcking! save the moles from their doom in this high reflex game. Aim for the highscore in normal mode or test yourself in the time trial.
Play Mole: The First ScavageMole: The First Scavage Game

Plays: 350
Category: Adventure
Help this hungry mole find the shortest route between him and some yummy veggies!
Play TurbomoleTurbomole's Xmas Run Game

Plays: 279
Category: Action
Help mole to pass throught levels filled with candy sticks and various obstacles.
Play FTV Whac-A-Mole (Mandarin)FTV Whac-A-Mole (Mandarin) Game

Plays: 7612
Category: Fighting
Based on whac-a-mole concept, the game is simple but fun to challenge. When the six bad guys (as indicated in the instruction) are hit, the player could get 100 points, however, you may lose 100 if making wrong hit selection to the good guys in the drama.
Play Bye Bye Mr MoleBye Bye Mr Mole Game

Plays: 3593
Category: Shooting
The goal is simple: shoot as many moles as you can!
Play Whack a Mole RevengeWhack a Mole Revenge Game

Plays: 2432
Category: Action
A super mole is taking his revenge for all the moles whacked over the years. You control the humans and must get them out of harms way when needed. Keep them and over time you get points.

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