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Play The Cursed LaserThe Cursed Laser Game

Plays: 4893
Category: Shooting
You have been charged with a cursed laser. If this laser overheats it will explode, destroying you and who knows what else. You must decide if you will use this laser for good or for evil. If you choose the path of good then you must attempt to keep the laser from overheating without killing anyone. Firing the laser, which can be done with any button, lowers the heat, but be careful not to kill any civilians. Kill four civilians and it's game over. If you choose the path of evil then you must attempt to kill all the bystanders without letting the laser overheat. Firing the laser, with any button, causes its heat to rise . Try to not let any bystanders get past while also not letting the laser overheat.
Play Zuma-DeluxeZuma-Deluxe Game

Plays: 4884
Category: Action
In this Zuma game click "New Game" text to start the game. Balls are getting closer to you slowly. To block this gather at least 3 different colors and explode.Aim with your Mouse and send the ball with left Mouse click.Enjoy!
Play Bubble Beach 2Bubble Beach 2 Game

Plays: 4747
Category: Action
Fire bubbles into other bubbles of similar colours. Connect 3 in a row to see them explode! If you start to run out of bubbles to shoot at, press space to increase the speed of descent of the bubbles.
Play Snowflake FactorySnowflake Factory Game

Plays: 4659
Category: Action
Create your own snowflake. Then spin, rotate, melt or explode it.
Play Bug Kill ZoneBug Kill Zone Game

Plays: 4633
Category: Action
Kills as many bugs as you can
Play Imperfect BalanceImperfect Balance Game

Plays: 4612
Category: Puzzles
Unbalance your way to victory and riches! Make towers fall, constructions collapse and shapes explode in this spinoff of Perfect Balance.
Play SpookySpooky's Adventures:Creepy Halloween Game

Plays: 4514
Category: Shooting
Destroy all the evil pumpukins in spooky's adventure to save his girlfriend.
Play MKBMKB Game

Plays: 4494
Category: Action
Two bombs explode at mega kuningan, jakarta. As Indonesia anti terror elite team you have missions to investigate it.!
Play Chicken Eat Ice CreamChicken Eat Ice Cream Game

Plays: 4418
Category: Action
Use mouse drag slingshot to adjust angle power,release mouse to launch chicken,click chicken icon blow screen to choose different chicken.Yellow one is normal;Black one is bomb chicken can explode a large field and woodwall and mudwall;Red one is firechicken can burn around;Blue one can lay eggs and egg can hit ice cream.
Play Iron Serpent: DefenseIron Serpent: Defense Game

Plays: 4287
Category: Strategy
Tower defense game, about expedition on other planet. Scientists finded there very aggressive monsters, that want to destroy your base. You must defend it!
Play Fluid Blast!Fluid Blast! Game

Plays: 4269
Category: Action
Adrenaline blasting fluid action!
Play Blob BotBlob Bot Game

Plays: 4269
Category: Action
The platform game is under attack by a bunch of Blobs! Use the Anti Blob Bot to Defeat them all before they take over all of the levels! Explode the Blobs by shooting at them before they reach the ground.
Play BombyJumpBombyJump Game

Plays: 4103
Category: Action
Explode the bomb to jump.
Play Police & GangstersPolice & Gangsters Game

Plays: 4067
Category: Action
You are the police officer, who is the ounly one that can catch the bank robbers. Try to catch the thiefs, which try to run away with the stolen money from the bank. Be aware of the traffic in the city! And try to not damage your car! Lets see how long you can drive and how many gangsters you can catch. Shoot the cars of the thiefs and explode them. A cool action game!
Play Destroyer Attack 2Destroyer Attack 2 Game

Plays: 4056
Category: Action
Destroy all the subs! Use your Destroyer to drop deep charges on the subs, explode them before they kill you!
Play BlontopsBlontops Game

Plays: 3974
Category: Action
Blontops is an action game, where the player tries to explode the incoming balls, before they hit the bottom of the screen.
Play Armored FighterArmored Fighter Game

Plays: 3960
Category: Shooting
You are a giant armored robot, and you must shoot all that attack you. There are many upgrades and many possible kits to use. Play through all 10 levels.
Play Foolhardy CabbyFoolhardy Cabby Game

Plays: 3943
Category: Driving
Foolhardy Cabby is a new car racing variation by . Drive the taxi; don't be afraid to damage other cars and to explode the bombs. Rush at full speed just avoid turning upside-down. Complete all levels, take maximum score and publish the best results.
Play ExplodaballExplodaball Game

Plays: 3927
Category: Other
Try your hand at minesweeping, the cool way - sweep your mouse across the minefield and blow them all up as quick as you possibly can!
Play Island DefenderIsland Defender Game

Plays: 3892
Category: Action
Destroy the attacking missiles with your own missiles by catching the attacking missiles in the blast radius of your own missiles. Use the Z, X and C keys to launch missiles which fly to the crosshairs (controlled by the mouse) and explode. If one of your subs is hit you loose all remaining missiles in that sub for the rest of the attack wave. Enemies get more numerous and faster as the game goes on. You get extra missiles for the rest of the game each time you destroy all enemies but you also have a limited number of missiles to defend with so use them wisely. Once all islands are destroyed the game is over.

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