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Play Mech Wars 5000Mech Wars 5000 Game

Plays: 2970
Category: Action
You have just landed on a desert planet to do a recon mission for the high command. Suddenly you are set upon by a horde of alien mechs. Defend yourself and escape to warn the high command of the danger. Don't let us down marine! Build your own games like this on!
Play Tower Tank DestructionTower Tank Destruction Game

Plays: 2928
Category: Action
A neighboring country has just declared war and your command center is right on the border! Protect against an onslaught of enemy tanks. Use 8 tower types and 19 upgrades strategically in this non-stop isometric tower defense.
Play Mech Wars 5000Mech Wars 5000 Game

Plays: 2896
Category: Shooting
You have just landed on a desert planet to do a recon mission for the high command. Suddenly you are set upon by a horde of alien mechs. Defend yourself and escape to warn the high command of the danger. Don't let us down marine!
Play Autumn WarAutumn War Game

Plays: 2840
Category: Action
Command your troops as they battle hordes of zombies!
Play Rumble BugsRumble Bugs Game

Plays: 2763
Category: Strategy
Great clash between bugs! Command your army and conquer the enemy! Sponsored by:
Play UltranoughtUltranought Game

Plays: 2756
Category: Fighting
Command a mighty ultranought and send out fleets of warships to take out the enemy base.
Play Hydro Tank Chinese VersionHydro Tank Chinese Version Game

Plays: 2746
Category: Action
Hydro Tank Chinese Version is a shooter game where you have to command a hydro tank and defend the earth from the bugs invasion.
Play Robotic UprisingRobotic Uprising Game

Plays: 2745
Category: Action
Sometime in the late 90s, robots become self aware and decide they don't want to be slaves of humanity. Take command and defend humanity against the Robotic Uprising
Play Ultimate Space InvaderUltimate Space Invader Game

Plays: 2720
Category: Shooting
Ever wanted to be the enemy? Command a fleet of 8 unique ships in an attempt to defeat the ever persistent Defender ship. Fly past the defender to earn points and currency. Kill the defender by running into it or shooting it. Do you have what it takes to be a fleet commander?
Play Modern Armies RTSModern Armies RTS Game

Plays: 2709
Category: Strategy
A flash based real time strategy game, with dozens of units, and huge maps to conquer! Find a location. Build your base. Prepare for enemy attacks, and invade the enemy's bases! New conquest mode in single player. Distribute your troops throughout the world map for best attack position and best defense against enemies. Multiplayer mode upcoming.
Play Tower DefenceTower Defence Game

Plays: 2660
Category: Action
You are commander of defensive forces.You must defend all 12 sectors of village from invaders. You have building materials, 3 types of towers and mad-kamikaze-villagers at your command. Good luck!
Play Chess Masters Jigsaw PuzzleChess Masters Jigsaw Puzzle Game

Plays: 2634
Category: Puzzles
The incredible game of chess can be traced back to have originated in the 6th century in India. Beloved by many, this strateg board game requires sharp wit and a true warlord's command. Enjoy the wonderful image of this modern chess board in play after you solve this inspiring puzzle game. Enjoy this interesting puzzle game, and if you enjoy strategy games visit
Play Nuclear EnduroNuclear Enduro Game

Plays: 2630
Category: Adventure
There was an explosion at the big nuclear power station and because of the noxious radiations in the air the world is in a big danger! It is a real disaster and somebody most save the world! Be that hero and get as fast as possible to the power station's command desk to start the special program that can neutralize the radiations! Ride your bike as fast as possible and avoid the dangerous obstacles on your way! Good luck!
Play Uh Oh! Flying Saucers!Uh Oh! Flying Saucers! Game

Plays: 2570
Category: Action
Save the city and blast the flying saucers out of the sky!
Play Hordes and LordsHordes and Lords Game

Plays: 2531
Category: Action
Command hordes of armed soldiers and send them into medieval battles in this real- time tactical game.
Play Space Ship DefendersSpace Ship Defenders Game

Plays: 2497
Category: Action
Take command of your unit to defeat the enemy aliens and take down their ship! 8 Upgradable troops, tons of cool medals to earn and 10 levels full of awesome aliens!
Play Sqaudz 2Sqaudz 2 Game

Plays: 2489
Category: Action
Tactical turn based action strategy game. Build and command your Sqaudz to defeat the rebels or take on your friends in two player mode.Randomly generated maps for unique game play and re-playability.

Plays: 2432
Category: Adventure
Lunar odyssey is a Lunar lander type game but with little more challenge than the old one you have to land on the moon and also redock to the command module at the right velocity,be carefull do not forget to check your fuel meter and not to be out of fuel before redocking!
Play Blowing Pixels: Planet DefenderBlowing Pixels: Planet Defender Game

Plays: 2421
Category: Shooting
Blowing Pixels: Planet Defender is an arcade shooter that's strong on strategy with a retro soul, featuring stunning explosions and great effects. The player has to defend his planet from asteroids, ufos and alien bombs falling from the deep space. GAME FEATURES: - stunning explosions - 3 difficulty levels - 3 planets - 15 waves of enemies - 26 different enemies - upgrades - powerups - 2 music tracks The game has been developed by Lowpoly Studios and sponsored by
Play Gunship: Desert AssaultGunship: Desert Assault Game

Plays: 2372
Category: Action
Destroy enemy aircraft, avoid scud missiles. Catch supply power ups to restore health or destroy all enemies in the area. To rescue POWs destroy enemy buildings and fly down and pick them up. Defeat 10 enemy tanks to bring out the enemy command chopper and destroy it to end the mission.

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