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Play Bubble FishBubble Fish Game

Plays: 4520
Category: Shooting
In Bubble Fish game you have to shoot your bubble fishes to other bubble fishes. If you can 3 colour of fish bring together, the colour of group is destroying. And this is the aim of game. In ocean you have to destroy all bubble fishes for the next level. If you see some bubble on your gun, you have to make something.
Play Fairy MakerFairy Maker Game

Plays: 4509
Category: Customize
In this dress up game you can create your own fantasy fairy. You customize her look including her hair, hair colour, facial features and skin colour, then dress her up. You can even change the background and print her out in colour or black and white.
Play PoppersPoppers Game

Plays: 4505
Category: Puzzles
Use the mouse to pop groups of Poppers. There must be atleast two Poppers of the same colour touching to pop them. Score the highest score possible, and don't let the Poppers hit the top. Good Luck!!
Play Color BlocksColor Blocks Game

Plays: 4417
Category: Puzzles
Use your hand/eye co-ordination in this addictive puzzle game where you help a frog jump on the coloured blocks. Use the number keys to match the block you're jumping on and arrow keys to jump in a certain direction.
Play superballsuperball Game

Plays: 4336
Category: Action
Super ball, small colourful balls, and board form the whole game. Super ball constantly rebounds from the board that shifts between different status. When Super ball absorbs a specific small ball, the board changes in legth, speed and resilience. You need to navigate the Super ball to left or right for avoiding falling from the board. Small balls are important, because they prevent the board from becoming thiner and thiner. Watch your bottom, and set higher scores!
Play Disney Cars Hidden LettersDisney Cars Hidden Letters Game

Plays: 4261
Category: Puzzles
The letters are hidden in the pictures and are a slight shade unique or lighter from the colour of the a part of the image that they are hidden in. Whenever you find a letter you merely click on it together with the mouse icon and it is going to reveal itself obviously and indicate on the bottom proper corner from the game display in red color the list of alphabetical letters which have not however been found. It really is not tough to locate them all you've to do is be patient and scan by means of the photo on section at a time and you'll locate yourself spotting them one particular by one particular.
Play Mr Agnry Faic 2Mr Agnry Faic 2 Game

Plays: 4227
Category: Puzzles
In Mr Agnry Faic 2 you can change your colour with quick select using A S D F G turning yellow, green purple, blue and red. there a four mini-games which add up your score in total. the game is all about colours! oh and there's a happy faic too...
Play Colour ConnectColour Connect Game

Plays: 4147
Category: Puzzles
Classic casual game: it is easy to understand, simple to pick-up and play, and the randomly generated puzzles present a challenge that is difficult to master.
Play Drop CrashDrop Crash Game

Plays: 4119
Category: Action
Click touching colours and stop from touching the top! Although watch out, blocks come from below! The longer you survive for you will face extra colours and faster speeds
Play Bricks n MatchBricks n Match Game

Plays: 4068
Category: Puzzles
A colour matching brick game with personality
Play Candy ColorCandy Color Game

Plays: 4046
Category: Puzzles
Collect all the candy in this fun puzzle filler remake. To change color of the current streak click on a colour of the candy and the streak will change. Fill all the candy with the same color to proceed to the next level!
Play Marble RollerMarble Roller Game

Plays: 4024
Category: Action
A fast-paced arcade version of an old favourite! Blast through the oncoming wall by matching marbles of the same colour. Use "aftertouch" to control the ball and steer it into tight places - it can even go backwards.
Play Colour TrapColour Trap Game

Plays: 4013
Category: Puzzles
Will you be tricked by the mixture of colors, words and color terms? In this game, your goal is to select the correct writing colors of the given words. At each level of the game you will be given a color term at the upper part of the screen, but its writing color may be different from the term itself, for instance, you may be given a word "red" but it is written in black color. Then You need to pick the writing color of the word from a number of choices at the bottom of the screen, and in the example above, you need to pick the word "black" regardless of its writing color. A timer at the top of the screen will show the remaining time, and when time is up, the game ends. Think carefully to avoid the delusions!
Play Bubble Boom BoomBubble Boom Boom Game

Plays: 4001
Category: Action
Connect minimum of 3 same colour ball.
Play ColourshiftColourshift Game

Plays: 3998
Category: Puzzles
A puzzle game with a colourful twist! Try to light all the lights by connecting to them the correct source... or connect sources together to make new colours. Features three modes of gameplay, and an achievments system.
Play Enchanted Coloring BookEnchanted Coloring Book Game

Plays: 3975
Category: Customize
Color the enchanting image of the Prince and Princess as the fairies watch from the forest.
Play Splatz!Splatz! Game

Plays: 3965
Category: Puzzles
Splatz! is a fun, pure, one-button puzzle game. Addictive and satisfying paint splatting action. Chain your splatz up to get those Blues!
Play Moblifun Gamble ColoursMoblifun Gamble Colours Game

Plays: 3938
Category: BoardGame
Gamble Colours is an colour gamble game. Every game you get 10 turns and 3 spins per turn. There are 10 bars that give you an colour and number. How more colours from the same colour the better. How higher the numbers the better. Score so many points as possible and get an high score.
Play Biffs Box Panic!Biffs Box Panic! Game

Plays: 3880
Category: Action
Pick up the boxes and pile at least 3 of one colour up to remove them. Kind of tetris game with different controls.
Play ColormixerColormixer Game

Plays: 3820
Category: Puzzles
Adapt your color to the given original by using the primary colors. In three different modes you have to be fast an accurate. In Memory-Mode you can test your mind. You will get better, soon. Beat the highscore! Have fun and success!

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