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Play AscendanceAscendance Game

Plays: 2669
Category: Driving
Ascendance is a Flash game where you race out of a collapsing ravine in an attempt to reach the surface.
Play GridTwisterGridTwister Game

Plays: 2512
Category: Puzzles
Twist any block of 4 squares clockwise in an attempt to get the highest numbers into the multiplier squares.
Play 009 Galaxy Fireballs009 Galaxy Fireballs Game

Plays: 2506
Category: Action
Collect Brush to start drawing Press mouse button to draw the shape. Save your shape and brush from burning balls, it will burn it, and you will lose one life. You can attempt 8 shapes in a level to draw the required pixels. You have total 8 chances to play this game, means if burning balls hits you 8 times, game will be over. Use different strategies and skills to collect maximum score by playing maximum levels.
Play Quintarow OnlineQuintarow Online Game

Plays: 2482
Category: BoardGame
Quintarow Online is a multiplayer competitive online game by Cranktrain, where you attempt to outwit other players and be the first to score five in a row.
Play QuentinQuentin's Escape Game

Plays: 2458
Category: Adventure
Based on "The Sound and The Fury" by William Faulkner, play as Quentin as you attempt to escape the destruction caused by your sister, Caddy, and her sins.
Play Crazy RoomCrazy Room Game

Plays: 2425
Category: Action
You do not know why, but someone has put in a room without exit. Before you time to react, some turrets out of the walls ... you have to escape from there! This is my first attempt at game made in Flash, I hope you like v1.1-- Fixed score bug --------------Español--------------- No sabes por qué, pero alguien te a llevado hasta un extraña habitacion sin salida. Antes de que te de tiempo a reaccionar, empiezan a salir torretas de las paredes... tienes que escapar de allí. Este es mi primer juego realizado en Flash, espero que les guste. v1.1-- Arregalo bug en la casilla de puntuación
Play Revenge of the MarshmallowRevenge of the Marshmallow Game

Plays: 2423
Category: Action
Control a fire-breathing cow as you attempt to save the world from a giant evil Marshmallow of DOOM!
Play PongPong Game

Plays: 2372
Category: Sports
This is my attempt at the re-make of the classic pong game.
Play Mars War TDMars War TD Game

Plays: 2311
Category: Action
Once there was a war maniacs,he launched a world war,he attempt to rule the entire world.To crush his ambitions, you must organize your line of defense to resist his army.You must do everything possible to hold your base,the peace of the world is in your hands.
Play Mario Zero GravityMario Zero Gravity Game

Plays: 2292
Category: Action
How far can Mario move along in zero gravity world? Help Mario while his enemies attempt to avert him.
Play Concentration ChineseConcentration Chinese Game

Plays: 2274
Category: BoardGame
Match pairs in this cool memory game. The goal of the game is to find all the matching pairs from the set of cards. Click on a card and it will turn face up, then attempt to find its match by selecting another card. If the value of the two cards matches then a pair has been found and the cards are removed. If the value of the two cards does not match then both cards are turned face down.
Play Lucky GuessLucky Guess Game

Plays: 2263
Category: Puzzles
Time to put the fortune cookies aside as you grab a hold of your own fortune! Your goal in this game is to find out the hidden number by spending the smallest amount of money. When the game starts, you will be given $20000, which is shown at the bottom of the screen. You need to make use of the money to bid the randomly selected number which lies within the range of 1 to 30. Each of the available numbers comes with a price, which is shown above the corresponding number. You can start by clicking a number you like, and the correct range which the hidden number lies within will be retained, for example if you bidded 16 and the hidden number is larger than 16 but smaller than 31, the numbers from 17 to 30 will be kept on the screen. Then you can refine your guess according to this information until the answer is revealed. Note that the prices of the numbers will fluctuate with every guess you make, and if you have run out of money, you lose. May Fortuna bless you with good luck!
Play Simon SaysSimon Says Game

Plays: 2199
Category: Puzzles
The classic '80s electronic memory game comes online and gets an update! Match the sequence of tones and flashing lights in an attempt to score the longest sequence.
Play Star BomberStar Bomber Game

Plays: 2168
Category: Action
Sometime in the future... In a galaxy not too far from here... The Freedom Alliance is in the final throws of an epic battle with the evil galactic dictator Zarxis... The Freedom Alliance has at great human cost obtained blue-prints of Zarxis' ultimate weapon, dubbed the "Deconstructors", they are able to destroy entire planets with their formidable weaponary... The alliance is relying on you, Duke Flystalker, to use your elite piloting skills and your ability to tap into the cosmic harmonics by feeling "The Source", in order to attempt a series of daring bombing runs, destroying the "Deconstructors" and thus freeing humanity from Zarxis' evil rule of tyranny...
Play Space InvadersSpace Invaders Game

Plays: 2123
Category: Action
We have resurrected this absolute classic of the popular 70’s game exclusively for doof! (Minus the mullets and resignation of presidents). Take control of your moving laser cannon and furiously unleash your unlimited supply of ammunition on those pesky aliens. But don’t be fooled by their cute yet expressionless faces, as they can give as good as they get… Just don’t get caught in their line of fire. Remember, the more aliens you shoot, the faster the remainder approach (probably in a last ditch attempt to bring you down with them!) Blister-inducing fun from start to end… How long will you last?!
Play Safe LandingSafe Landing Game

Plays: 2074
Category: Action
A challenging mini-game in which you attempt to land on planets with a rocket. Inspires a zen-like sense of patience and humility in the player.
Play Space Race: Taken To The Next LevelSpace Race: Taken To The Next Level Game

Plays: 2051
Category: Action
Space Race is a score based game where you must guide your ship from the start to end of an obstacle course. This game is certainly not a walk in the park, do not give up on your first attempt!
Play MarblesMarbles Game

Plays: 1945
Category: Action
Are you one of those annoying people who incessantly tap their fingers on table-tops and other work surfaces in a vain attempt to inject some rhythmic variety into your life? Well stop tapping and start clapping, because all those years of practice may finally pay off! Put your dilapidated digits to good use in this fantastic game.
Play Cave CopterCave Copter Game

Plays: 1911
Category: Action
Attempt to fly your helicopter out of a never ending cave, the longer you survive the more points you will score. Upload your best distance to the global high scores table to see how you compare to the rest of the world!
Play SlingerSlinger Game

Plays: 1904
Category: Puzzles
Using "A", "S" and "D" sling the 3 coloured balls in an attempt to collect all the triangles in enough moves

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