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Online Legend Games

Plays: 1963
Category: Action
The Monkey King of legend return ! (very good graphic style )
Play Heaven BallHeaven Ball Game

Plays: 1882
Category: BoardGame
Once upon a time so many people heard a legend of heaven castle. where it have a game which it will changed their happier if playing it, but if someone lost at the game, they will falling down to the earth where they should try to live there and become kind to so many people. cause if they die, they have a chance to enter the heave castle again or other side of that, it's really heat there.
Play Legend of VrazLegend of Vraz Game

Plays: 1876
Category: Action
The Legend of Vraz features a fun filled exciting gameplay amidst fantasy worlds created with stunning hand painted 2D art and inhabited by mesmerizing characters.
Play Legend Hero MatchingLegend Hero Matching Game

Plays: 1804
Category: Puzzles
Click on the same hero pictures that are not blocked by others to remove them in a limited time!
Play Nimble PiggyNimble Piggy Game

Plays: 1635
Category: Action
Nimble Piggy grew magic beans in the garden. Legend said that treasures can be found on the top. Piggy wants to go up to look for it. But those nasty monsters block the way and even the mighty Cthulhu is on the Piggy`s way. Another exciting game provided by the Nimble Piggy!
Play Dungeons Of Battles 1.0 :The Legend Of GunnerDungeons Of Battles 1.0 :The Legend Of Gunner Game

Plays: 1635
Category: Action
Dungeons of Battles is a battle type of game.There are 6 roles of it, the Legend of Gunner is the very first version of them, which has a completed role, while other roles will be soon introduced in subsequent versions. BTW, there will be a great change in the next version.
Play Formula LegendFormula Legend Game

Plays: 1509
Category: Driving
Race around the 3D tracks as you try and pass 6 other racers. You have to qualify 4th place or higher to unlock next cup!
Play Trendy Kung Fu LegendTrendy Kung Fu Legend Game

Plays: 1504
Category: Action
Play Kungfu legend dress up game with variety of fighting costumes and variable warrior weapons
Play Mega SlimeMega Slime Game

Plays: 1463
Category: Action
The year is 8xxx, slime world is a peaceful place to live but to the unknowing there is darkness growing. An evil call Oda that was sealed away is now about to break his hundred year seal. Only the legendary Mega Slime can stop this evil. Long ago he locked himself away with the evil to save the world. But now that the seal is broken and Oda and his army are back, it’s up to Mega Slime to stop them and save the world! Side Note We plan to update this game. But right now we wanted to keep the game memory low. Because we wanted you guys/gals to help us with ideas. The lower the memory cost the more we can add to it later. We hope that this idea can bring the players and developers closer so we can all enjoy much better games. If this idea works we plan on doing this again on some of our biggest projects. Thanks for the help guys/gals.
Play The Legend Of Jonny-OThe Legend Of Jonny-O Game

Plays: 1421
Category: Action
it is a fun and simple game
Play Legend Clown DressupLegend Clown Dressup Game

Plays: 1419
Category: Customize
? ???? ?? Legend Clown Dressup? ??? ?? ?? ???? ??? ?? ??? ???? ?? ????.?? ??? ? ?? ??? ?????? ???? ???????.
Play legend of bloomy 1legend of bloomy 1 Game

Plays: 1406
Category: Action
this game is about bloomy a superpowerd flower. he is awesome help him out.
Play Legend of beautiful girlLegend of beautiful girl Game

Plays: 1360
Category: Dress-Up
???????? ? ?????,??,?????????????????????,?????????

Plays: 1357
Category: Action
Play Legend ZhaoyunLegend Zhaoyun Game

Plays: 1331
Category: Fighting
Only zhaoyun fights with enemies bravely can he save Liubei's son and wife. Come on!
Play Legend of PandoraLegend of Pandora Game

Plays: 1200
Category: Action
Save the world in this retro-fashioned Zelda-like adventure game with tons of enemies, weapons, quests, level up system, and a huge world to explore!
Play Super Mega SlimeSuper Mega Slime Game

Plays: 1162
Category: Action
Story The year is 8xxx, slime world is a peaceful place to live but to the unknowing there is darkness growing. An evil call Oda that was sealed away is now about to break his hundred year seal. Only the legendary Mega Slime can stop this evil! Update Added background to every level Changed or added stuff to every level Made some of the level easier or harder Changed the spike color to an easier color to see Fixed the enemies AI Added and moved all enemies on every level Fixed a bug with boss 1 Fixed a bug with boss 4 Main character movement speed is faster now Fire power can run out of power Made the text easy to read Fixed the how to play texts Changed the main menu to make it easy to find everything Added item that gives life +1 Added item that gives power +10
Play Planting the SeedsPlanting the Seeds Game

Plays: 1153
Category: Dress-Up
Johnny Appleseed was an American legend who planted an apple tree every step he took. But he's not as well known as Janie Appleseed, who not only planted a seed after every step, but she actually watered them! :) Dress up this new American folk hero!
Play genjis_wargenjis_war Game

Plays: 1137
Category: Action
Samurai of legend
Play Nothing but NetNothing but Net Game

Plays: 1123
Category: Action
Take over the court and become a legend with incredible shots! Your goal in this game is to throw the ball into all of the baskets. You will be given 9 baskets in front of the backboard while 3 of them will be moving. An arrow-shaped power gauge will be located at the bottom of the screen, and you may change its position by moving your mouse. Click inside the power gauge and hold to set the power of your shot, then release the mouse to shoot the ball. If you can make nothing but net shots, i.e. the ball enters the basket directly without hitting anything, you can receive a higher score. Your current number of goals and nothing but net shots are shown on the right, while the time you have spent and the total number of shots are recorded on the left. Experience the thrill and dynamic passion of one of the world's most beloved sports!

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