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Online Dash Games
Play Dot DashDot Dash Game

Plays: 1957
Category: Action
In this fast-paced challenging game, dash your dot through the level as many times as you can while avoiding the enemy dots. Each time through the level a new enemy dot spawns, making it harder. Use your special moves to dash as long as you can!
Play Boulder CrashBoulder Crash Game

Plays: 1935
Category: Action
This is a Atari Boulder Dash clone, with own graphics and levels. I hope you´ll like it.
Play Desert DashDesert Dash Game

Plays: 1794
Category: Adventure
Race your speeder across the desert collecting points.
Play Disc DashDisc Dash Game

Plays: 1700
Category: Action
Shoot the the discs
Play Dash FowardDash Foward Game

Plays: 1698
Category: Adventure
Chinese version.
Play Disc DashDisc Dash Game

Plays: 1669
Category: Shooting
Shoot the Discs and get the poins
Play Notepad DashNotepad Dash Game

Plays: 1661
Category: Action
Run as far as possible!
Play Bosses ForeverBosses Forever Game

Plays: 1612
Category: Action
Test your skills against bosses who adapt to your gameplay style. Climb the tower and fight boss after boss to reach the top. Each boss learns from how you play, gaining new abilities and becoming stronger based on your playing style! Dash and jump to avoid attacks, or wall jump to gain an advantage. You might even try to outsmart yourself!
Play Muffin DashMuffin Dash Game

Plays: 1603
Category: Puzzles
You are in charge of the shipping department of Muffin Dash Inc. Check the daily order and get the muffins ready for delivery before the time runs out.
Play Dimension DiverDimension Diver Game

Plays: 1569
Category: Action
Dimension Diver is a solid platformer that plays out similar to games you've played before, only this time, you also have a Dash technique which allows you to string together combos of enemy pops (kills). There's plenty of levels and extra content to unlock once the game is complete. There's also various modes of difficulty. Check it out!
Play Block DashBlock Dash Game

Plays: 1470
Category: Action
Make as much points as you can in this match 3 game by swapping colored blocks to make rows of three or more.
Play Deep Space DashDeep Space Dash Game

Plays: 1464
Category: Action
Take control of your deep space dasher, and dodge your way through the layers of ship security. Collect power cores and complete challenges along the way to buy helmets to enhance your abilities. AVOID EVERYTHING!
Play Knight VS GiantKnight VS Giant Game

Plays: 1445
Category: Action
You Play as a White Knight with a rusty Sword to slain the Mighty Giant ,To Defeat The Giant the knight must ready him self prepare to fight with the giant by constantly upgrading weapon and skill on the Black Smith Instruction: User ASWD for Direction Movement Up = W Down = S Right = D Left = A Attack = Left Arrow Special Attack = Down Arrow Sprint = Right Arrow
Play CrateRunCrateRun Game

Plays: 1424
Category: Action
Play the role of Cratey, a defenseless little white crate. Dash from level to level avoiding deadly falls, spikes, and bullets. This isn't going to be easy...
Play Legend ZhaoyunLegend Zhaoyun Game

Plays: 1366
Category: Fighting
Only zhaoyun fights with enemies bravely can he save Liubei's son and wife. Come on!
Play Mario Dash to PrincessMario Dash to Princess Game

Plays: 1330
Category: Adventure
Use mouse to break the chains to help Mario dash to his princess!
Play Ninja the ExplorerNinja the Explorer Game

Plays: 1310
Category: Action
Play as a ninja exploring a mysterious island. Your foe lies at the north-west corner of the island, and you must choose a path to reach there. Use your sword and dash attack to make your way across the island.
Play The Silk RoadThe Silk Road Game

Plays: 1239
Category: Action
The silk road is important for many merchants, but now are full of dangers because of banditti. Let's eliminate all of them to make the road safe again!
Play Rock Rush: Classic 3Rock Rush: Classic 3 Game

Plays: 1210
Category: Action
Fresh off the code press from us at Retrocade is Rock Rush, our very own Flash version of the classic Boulder Dash! Dig through bug-infested caves dodging boulders, triggering magic walls, and collecting diamonds until you have enough to open the exit. But it doesn't stop there. Depending on which version of Rock Rush you play there may be even more challenging elements to figure out before those gems come within your grasp... CLASSIC III: The Boulder Dash series was incredibly successful and spawned many variations and sequels. These levels were taken from the third official follow-up and should provide a good challenge for players of all skill levels.
Play Duckpond DashDuckpond Dash Game

Plays: 1162
Category: Action
Control your Rubber ducky by pulling its rubber band. Collect all the flowers, but make sure to do it in the right order, and don’t run into the wasps or whirlpools!

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