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Online ufo Games
Play 3D Water Maze (Molehill)3D Water Maze (Molehill) Game

Plays: 3363
Category: Action
Escape the water maze.
Play Light PowerLight Power Game

Plays: 3362
Category: Action
Controll a spacecraft to collect light spots for energy. Avoid bad energy and the void.

Plays: 3350
Category: Action
no description
Play SheepductionSheepduction Game

Plays: 3347
Category: Action
The aliens are trying to steal our sheep and we don't like it. Take their UFO's down to protect our sheep from being abducted!
Play UFO jumperUFO jumper Game

Plays: 3345
Category: Action
UFO jumping is a platform game where you need to collect different gems. Stay on the clouds and jump from cloud to cloud as the screen scrolls. Your objective is to get as much points.
Play UFO riotUFO riot Game

Plays: 3339
Category: Action
Shoot enemy UFO's
Play Super Cow CopterSuper Cow Copter Game

Plays: 3308
Category: Shooting
Cow shoots mile at UFO's
Play Shoot The UFOShoot The UFO's Game

Plays: 3273
Category: Shooting
Shoot the UFOs before they destroy you.....
Play 69Corvette69Corvette's Arcade Game

Plays: 3254
Category: Other
69corvette's Arcade by 69Corvette. Includes Classic game PONG, my original game UFO Adventures, and a get-to-the-exit game Bo-ombo. In UFO adventures the Humans (the mouse player) will try to stop the UFO (keyboard player) from collecting all the planets; the HUmans will draw barriers with a limited amount of ink. Enjoy!
Play Saucer Shootin 1.5Saucer Shootin 1.5 Game

Plays: 3251
Category: Action
Can you survive 5 waves of an alien invasion as they try to take over your trailer park?
Play Rescue ET (yingbaobao)Rescue ET (yingbaobao) Game

Plays: 3234
Category: Driving
According to game design, yingbaobao, by chance, we obtain high-intelligent aliens with a link, and become a partner Quickly learn a very sophisticated yingbaobao UFO driving skills, and partners have been very precious gift, a flying saucer, it will be yingbaobao happy bad ... in this game, the yingbaobao needed to rescue those driving UFO , alien friend in trouble, take them back to their homes, Hush ~ ~! This is a secret, you must Privacy yo ~ ~ you are willing to help the yingbaobao and her alien friend? Come, take your mouse + keyboard, enter yingbaobao in the game world, with her an adventure! Instructions: W ------- UFO up S ------- down UFO A ------- UFO left drift D ------- UFO drift to the right Spacebar ----- rescue from the UFO issue at the bottom of light, where the UFO ET breath When the specified amount of ET after the successful rescue, there will be room for a black hole, driving into the flying saucer, you can return to his homeland ET Special Note: UFO very rare, to be especially careful not to hit the barrier!
Play BoxAliensBoxAliens Game

Plays: 3218
Category: Action
BoxAliens is cool shooting game, in which the aliens are attacking the planet! Kill as many BoxAliens as you can and submit your score to see who is the best BoxAliens exterminator!
Play Air DefenderAir Defender Game

Plays: 3155
Category: Shooting
An arcade game where the player tries to destroy as many enemies while dodging or destroying enemy bombs. The player scores 20 points for each enemy destroyed and 10 points for each enemy bomb destroyed. Each time the player fires 1 point is deducted from his score. Being hit by an enemy bomb costs the player 1 life (they have 3 total).
Play Baby AlienBaby Alien Game

Plays: 3133
Category: Customize
Make the baby alien ready to go!
Play Battle Star Collateral DamageBattle Star Collateral Damage Game

Plays: 3128
Category: Action
Batter Star machine gunner must destroy enemy forces and reach the rank of 12 star General.
Play Alien AnnihilatiionAlien Annihilatiion Game

Plays: 3111
Category: Shooting
Alien Annihilation is a space shooter game where you must blow up UFOs to save the planet. Follow them from earth to their home planet where you must defeat the final boss. Complete bonus rounds for extra points.
Play MeteorMeteor Game

Plays: 3101
Category: Action
You must defend moon base alpha from 5 waves of meteors that are heading to the moon! Use the mouse to aim and click to fire your gun. Lose all 3 of your domes and it’s game over. Shoot the satellites and ufo for extra points, and getting a chain reaction will boost your score significantly.
Play lost watchlost watch Game

Plays: 3095
Category: Puzzles
ben 10 lost watch ufo alien kidnapping game
Play Alien X Target BlastingAlien X Target Blasting Game

Plays: 3089
Category: Action
Aliens have crash landed and are now trying to escape. Shoot as many as you can
Play Tricky TreadzTricky Treadz Game

Plays: 3061
Category: Action
Blast away UFOs and mines and collect cash! Control the tank like a radio-controlled tank toy... one button controls the left tread, another controls the right tread, and another fires.

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