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Play Target PracticeTarget Practice Game

Plays: 2445
Category: Shooting
Test your target practice skills with this game.
Play The U-Boat Dr. Musto 424The U-Boat Dr. Musto 424 Game

Plays: 2273
Category: Action
You steer the U-Boat Dr. Musto 424 which must make way to falling down barrels and assert itself against hungry sharks!!!....
Play Star CrystalsStar Crystals Game

Plays: 2239
Category: Action
Star Crystals is an addictive puzzle / arcade game. Make matches of 4 or more by placing your crystals into the grid using your keyboard. Play Puzzle mode and clear all the crystals in each level. Play Endless mode to destroy crystals by matching similar colors or destroy the crystals by activating powerups that drop into the grid such as the color bomb and the lightning bolt.
Play Kid Chaos UltraKid Chaos Ultra Game

Plays: 2233
Category: Adventure
Dr. Shimura has upgraded you for battle against Dr. Gerbasco's evil robotic army. Equipped with Dr. Shimura's latest invention, the Flux Sword, you must destroy all robots in your way and save the city!
Play Dr. CofuDr. Cofu Game

Plays: 2226
Category: Puzzles
Dr. Mario with a twist! In this game you move the viruses around and place them horizontally by the matching colored capsule.
Play Scratch the Bounty HunterScratch the Bounty Hunter Game

Plays: 2221
Category: Adventure
Join Scratch and Cudgel on a harrowing adventure to find, capture, and collect the bounty on the evil Dr. Grimalkin.
Play First Flight DRFirst Flight DR Game

Plays: 2200
Category: Fighting
The objective of this first flight flash game is to help the little birds reach the other side of the screen untill they safely land on one of the baloons!
Play RollRoll Game

Plays: 2118
Category: Action
Roll is a simple game where you try to get the ball to the exit point. You face obticals and dangorous traps. Can you make it? Get to level 27 and you win.
Play Dr. Sweetvalley and the Broken Time MachineDr. Sweetvalley and the Broken Time Machine Game

Plays: 2112
Category: Puzzles
Dr. Sweetvalley was performing a test run with his time machine. He ended up crashing the time machine and now he is trapped in the space time continuum. The situation seems desperate, but not all hope is lost. Dr. Sweetvalley managed to put together a small probe from the wreckage parts he can use to salvage all the lost time machine parts. Your job is to guide the probe and find the time machine parts scattered around numerous levels. Good luck!
Play Dr.InfectorDr.Infector Game

Plays: 2068
Category: Action
Infect the earth with a virus till your health is zero.
Play Escape the Ship of DoomEscape the Ship of Doom Game

Plays: 2013
Category: Adventure
Dr. Minstrel has caught you again - and trapped you on his boat! Use your best nautical skills to save your butt once again, lest you sleep with the fishes!
Play Being One - Episode 5Being One - Episode 5 Game

Plays: 1982
Category: Action
You escaped the orbital space station and survived the explosion. Dr Rycroft left co-ordinates and now you want to investigate what experiments he performed on you. Beware though it seems he has surrounded himself with hi-tech defenses.
Play Treasure ChestTreasure Chest Game

Plays: 1949
Category: Action
Items are falling from the sky in the fifth update of Halloween Night! What will happen when the monsters get a holds of them, will this bring something darker into the world?
Play The Invisible HunterThe Invisible Hunter Game

Plays: 1905
Category: Action
Part two of the Halloween night series, the invisible hunter! A crazy scientific experiment went wrong turning his hard working friend into the invisible hunter. The hunter wanted to make the scientist pay but his memory was broken and now after watching the Nerd. He thinks that he was the one that did this to him!
Play The Cursed PalaceThe Cursed Palace Game

Plays: 1863
Category: Action
After receive a transmission from Dr.Karen, you head to an ancient fortress in an effort to rescue her. You must navigate through the various sectors of the island, while battling its denizens and avoiding its many dangers. Along the way, you will uncover items that will allow progress to new locations of the fortress and grant you new abilities. The impressive map contains over 100 rooms, continue points scattered throughout, and 3 different difficulty settings. There are over 15 enemy types and 1 final boss, unlimited continues.
Play BoopzBoopz Game

Plays: 1790
Category: BoardGame
Break as many Boopz as you can while trying to clear the rows and columns in order to get more pushes and a higher score.
Play Reconstruction 2.0Reconstruction 2.0 Game

Plays: 1705
Category: Shooting
After accidentally unleashing the zombie apocalypse, mad scientist Dr. Franklin Stain must rebuild his labs, and research weapons with which to send the dead back to their graves. (This is a remake of 1.0 with better graphics and game play improvements, so you aren't missing a previous installment its called 2.0 for clarity's sake)
Play Blob WarsBlob Wars Game

Plays: 1661
Category: Action
Blob Wars is a turn based strategy game, where you have to save Blob Land, a peaceful planet inhabited by blobs. Dr.Evil sent his minions to create havoc and destruction and only you can stop them. Prove to the world, and to yourself, that you are the legendary savior the prophecy foretold!
Play Kid ChaosKid Chaos Game

Plays: 1654
Category: Action
You are Dr. Shimura's greatest invention and protector of Chaos city. The evil Dr. Garbasco has returned and set his robots loose on the city. You must defend it at any cost!
Play Dr ClumsyDr Clumsy Game

Plays: 1652
Category: Adventure
Dr clumsy joined a tourist group to visit pyramid. Unluckily, someone opened the switch which activated all traps nearby Pharaoh and all mummies back to life. Dr clumsy must save those tourists who were all in danger! Come on!

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