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Online Bullet Games
Play Chinese DinnerChinese Dinner Game

Plays: 3594
Category: Action
Use sharp shooting and ace piloting to evade the sadistic and merciless "Bouncing Chef of Destruction". Shoot the Chef with SpaceBullets to score points... or see how he likes the devastating impact of a Braincrusher bomb... but don't lose your cool. One errant shot can turn this shooting gallery into a Cyber-Galactic nightmare. When the Chef starts bouncing off the walls, its only a matter of time before he turns you and your ship into Chop Suey!
Play AdrenalineAdrenaline Game

Plays: 3575
Category: Action
Go bullet crazy as you blast your way through tons of enemies!
Play Cool FightingCool Fighting Game

Plays: 3482
Category: Action
Fighting game, matrix light with slow motion, bullet dodging and more cool stuff.
Play Dogfight AlphaDogfight Alpha Game

Plays: 3455
Category: Action
Dogfight Alpha is a bullet hell type game in the vain of many classic arcade shooters, the aim of the game is to last as long as you can avoiding the barrage of ammunition coming your way, and defeat your opposition in a blaze of glory. Can you prove your wings and become top dog-fighter?
Play CaliberCaliber Game

Plays: 3452
Category: Action
With three different modes including: Survival Mode, Free Range Mode, and Training Exercise mode. In Survival Mode select your load out, pick a primary weapon and a sidearm and different perks that fit your playing style and attempt to last the longest competing for the highest score of zombie killing bloody mayhem. Fight against zombies with over 34 different unique guns for the highest score with an accurate ballistics engine or go to the range and test them all and try training exercises. In Free range mode take full advantage of the heavily optimized ballistics bullet and firearm simulating engine. its almost like going to the range with out leaving your computer! And in Training exercise mode increase your operator status and reaction time in an intense battle for the fastest and most accurate time. This is a CPU intensive game, although it is heavily optimized if you notice any performance issues its recommended to switch to low quality at the menu.
Play Defend Of The Ghost Sword(EN)Defend Of The Ghost Sword(EN) Game

Plays: 3352
Category: Shooting
DNF - Ghost Sword Defense Instruction: This game includes 8 different ages, 40 levels, 32 characters, 37 different weapons, spells and effects. Try to unlock 34 achievments! Countless upgrades and special effects! You're a ghost swordsman who can equip 3 different weapons: Throwing weapons, bows and guns. Your goal is to defend your base from enemies! Hold left button to charge up strength, release left button to launch weapon. Left click will shoot arrow or bullet, you'll reload when you're empty. Press 1 to use primary weapon, press 2 to use secondary weapon. Press space to use special weapon. Click on different worlds to choose different backgrounds. When your blue bar is filled up, your weapon will cause additional damage: Fire, Poison, Explosion and Holy. Click on spell button to use different spells, each age has its own type of spells. Press P or click the menu to pause the game.
Play Bullet SurfBullet Surf Game

Plays: 3335
Category: Other
Ever wonder what it would be like to be on a bullet? Well now you can find out. Kind of. Ride bullets and grabs as many packages as you can. Hone these skills and become the best bullet surfer ever...
Play BadCompany3DBadCompany3D Game

Plays: 3261
Category: Shooting
3D Shooting Game.
Play Ricochet Kills 3 LPRicochet Kills 3 LP Game

Plays: 3257
Category: Puzzles
Bounce your bullets off the walls to kill all bad guys. They must die beautifully.
Play BulletBullet Game

Plays: 3252
Category: Action
This game is a realistic shooting range with several intense challenges. Using your Scar-H assault rifle try to complete Sniper Vs Sniper, Beat the clock, Shoot the melons and many more challenges. The game is addicting and has a cool slow motion element that gives the game some bloody action! There are even some extra achievements you can try to acquire and some performance stars to unlock.
Play Pew-PewPew-Pew Game

Plays: 3223
Category: Shooting
Dodge the bullets, try not to die.
Play Sea Guard ExtremeSea Guard Extreme Game

Plays: 3218
Category: Action
You are sent to defend the sea line at all cost.
Play CarnagedonCarnagedon Game

Plays: 3189
Category: Action
Carnagedon is a free to play mmo top-down shooter. The game takes place after a nuclear war where three races (humans, mutants and zombies) fight each other for survival and domination of the few natural resources of the planet. This is the beta release of the game, please provide feedback so i can inprove it. Developed by: Oficial website:
Play Hell StormHell Storm Game

Plays: 3162
Category: Action
Hell Storm is a retro-style shoot em up game with four missions, several bosses, one big boss and countless enemies! Choose your fighter and go!
Play Bullet For My LifeBullet For My Life Game

Plays: 3120
Category: Shooting
Can you survive the endless onslaught of jet fighters that you will encounter during your journey as an elemental air pilot?? There are three jets and fighter pilots to choose from. Each plane has different characteristics, specials and elements. In the end can you destroy the elite air pilots?
Play Deadly 360Deadly 360 Game

Plays: 3109
Category: Shooting
It’s a space shooter with 5 unique ennemies, 3 Mini-Boss and 1 unique Boss in which you have to upgrade your tower to survive.
Play Battleship StrikeBattleship Strike Game

Plays: 3078
Category: Action
Conquer the oceans with this battleship game. Defeat either an AI or a co-player with your ship to ship guns!
Play Little BulletsLittle Bullets Game

Plays: 2994
Category: Action
A little small bullet hell game to test your reflex. Go and shoot down as many enemy as you can! Control: Play with mouse.
Play Shoot the BaddiesShoot the Baddies Game

Plays: 2982
Category: Shooting
Drag the trigger around the circle and click. If your bullet hits a baddy you win a point.
Play Assisted DefenseAssisted Defense Game

Plays: 2943
Category: Shooting
The goal of this game is to defend your main gun. Use your mouse to aim at the enemies which are coming to you. Upgrade your gun to make it easier to defeat the enemies!

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