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Online targets Games
Play AE Obama TargetsAE Obama Targets Game

Plays: 6395
Category: Shooting
Try to knock down all shooting marks. More accurate you hit them — more points you get.
Play Soldiers RTSSoldiers RTS Game

Plays: 6369
Category: Shooting
A real-time strategy game of terrorists, war, and military combat. Soldiers is an RTS game of *short levels* and military strategy. In it, you play as a commander controlling your units, executing attacks, and surviving firefights against swarms of NPC terrorists and paramilitary units. Use your soldiers to defeat each level, manage items, and eliminate enemy targets in this action-shooter with small, yet innovative puzzle elements across 30 levels.
Play Nail Household ExpansionNail Household Expansion Game

Plays: 6218
Category: Action
It is war against the relocation team! Summon family members to defend their property, Each family member has his or her own form of defensive action. PAPA opens fire with rifle: Single target high damage - BABA throws Motolov Cocktail: Multiple targets low damage - MAMA tosses slippers: Single target medium damage - COCO tosses dumb bells: Single target high damage plus slowdown to surrounding targets, attack speed is slow. - DIDI fires with crossbow: High attack speed single target low damage. - JIJI throws firecrackers: Large radius Multiple targets medium damage. 5 level ups for each unique character. Select different character groupings to battle with the relocation team, the 7th wave will be an inexhaustible wave relocation terror.
Play SnowBall ThrowSnowBall Throw Game

Plays: 6086
Category: Action
How good is your aim? Throw snowballs at Christmas themed targets. Hit Santa and get bonus coins to throw at! Throw as many snowballs as you can and get your high score!
Play Shooting targetShooting target Game

Plays: 6072
Category: Shooting
Shooting Target. The targets will randomly appear. Shoot as close to the middle as possible to get more points.
Play Sniper: Year OneSniper: Year One Game

Plays: 5950
Category: Shooting
Take out your targets fast and efficiently. A tactical sniper game that requires fast thinking and accuracy.
Play Professional AssassinProfessional Assassin Game

Plays: 5851
Category: Shooting
The aim of the game is to shoot the targets that are moving around the assault courses. Make sure you hit enough targets to progress to the next level! Try to earn over 2000 points on a level to to unlock the bonus mod with AK-47!
Play 8-Bit Shooter8-Bit Shooter Game

Plays: 5687
Category: Shooting
Remember the days of 8-bit games with this great shooter! And now you're equipped with your mouse!
Play Target MayhemTarget Mayhem Game

Plays: 5684
Category: Action
Target Mayhem - Shoot the targets closer to the bullseye is more score. You have 60 secs to shoot the targets
Play Dart WheelDart Wheel Game

Plays: 5586
Category: Shooting
Click to throw darts at the targets. Hit closer to the center for more points, and please don't hurt the poor fellow.
Play Sniper MIssion: CitySniper MIssion: City Game

Plays: 5556
Category: Shooting
Go through the amazing 3d city sniping out the practice targets with your sniper scope!
Play Quickshot EliteQuickshot Elite Game

Plays: 5487
Category: Action
Shoot as many targets as you can. Special targets give special bonus.
Play Marksmen HunterMarksmen Hunter Game

Plays: 5449
Category: Shooting
This city is littered with marksmen. No like! Eliminate tiny targets with precisely placed bullets. Watch carefully; they are very sneaky enemies!
Play Quickshot YellowQuickshot Yellow Game

Plays: 5396
Category: Shooting
Shoot as many targets as you can and score as much as possible. Will you be the Quickshot Yellow Champion? More difficult than green.
Play Target ShooterTarget Shooter Game

Plays: 5383
Category: Action
A fun clone of Wiiplay Shooting game made in flash Features: -The game includes 4 phases: Balloons, Targets, Disk and Coins.
Play FBI Chase 2FBI Chase 2 Game

Plays: 5229
Category: Driving
This time, you are on another mission.Chase your targets and hunt them down.Press space bar to shoot the terrorists. Collect points on your way to score high.Watch your health bar at the bottom screen. YOu have limited time to take them down otherwise you loose.
Play Ghost ShooterGhost Shooter Game

Plays: 5206
Category: Shooting
Shoot the ghost as they come up, see how many you can get in 60 seconds
Play Quickshot OrangeQuickshot Orange Game

Plays: 5204
Category: Shooting
Quickshot Orange - In this game, you aim and shoot at targets. Will you score best among all players?
Play Hit the targetHit the target Game

Plays: 5201
Category: Shooting
Shoot quickly trying to hit as much targets as you can. Hit the targets on the center and avoid reaching the wall.
Play BallFrog 2BallFrog 2 Game

Plays: 5057
Category: Puzzles
Break your way through 30 levels worth of targets in this Puzzle Bobble / Peggle style game. Destroy all the targets in a single turn for massive points! Reach the end and see how well you did on the scoreboard.

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