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Online mole Games
Play Whack A MoleyWhack A Moley Game

Plays: 3184
Category: Casino
Release your pent up stress. Whack that critter!
Play Whack!Whack! Game

Plays: 3169
Category: Other
Test your speed and reaction with this fast paced whack-a-mole style game.
Play Wordz ManiaWordz Mania Game

Plays: 3147
Category: Puzzles
Link letters (horizontal, vertical and diagonal) in this addicting word game! Try to make a word so long as possible!
Play Quick Whack MoleQuick Whack Mole Game

Plays: 2933
Category: Puzzles
You have 100s to whack moles appeared. Moles will come out more quickly as time goes by. Have fun!
Play Mole HunterMole Hunter Game

Plays: 2737
Category: Action
Hit the moles to score points.
Play Avenge!Avenge! Game

Plays: 2688
Category: Action
Take revenge from who stole your land!
Play SkillShowSkillShow Game

Plays: 2672
Category: Other
Take the ultimate test of skill at the SkillShow! Tonight's events feature robots, penguins, lasers, fire dodging, magnets, Crush-a-goat, mine cart drop, Balance-The-Pig, electric laser raceway, Dragon Sheep Drop!?, wack a mole, koalas & fire, ducks jumping saw-blades, Blowfish! and more. Press play and enhance your skills today!
Play hammer jerryhammer jerry Game

Plays: 2644
Category: Action
Simple 'whack a mole' style game. . . but with Jerry fire: left mouse movement: mouse
Play Whack - A - BombWhack - A - Bomb Game

Plays: 2554
Category: Action
Well, it's just like a good old game of Whack-a-Mole except this time it's TNT. Instructions: Use your Mouse to move around your mallet and Left-Click to whack! You need to whack the top of the TNT before the fuse burns down or you'll lose a life. Be careful not to hit a Nitro as that'll lose a life for you too. You'll get a bonus life at 10,000 points. Controls: Mouse - Navigate Menus / Control Mallet [P] Pause / Resume
Play Whack A Garden PestWhack A Garden Pest Game

Plays: 2551
Category: Action
Those pesky pests are in your garden again. Your goal is simple, you must whack a these pests over the head.
Play Material Mole 2Material Mole 2 Game

Plays: 2469
Category: Driving
Material Mole is back and he's better than ever. Deliver the goods from one point to another, however each level has hidden gems and items to find. Can you find them all?
Play Whac-A-BuddyWhac-A-Buddy Game

Plays: 2454
Category: Action
This is a take on the classic whac-a-mole arcade game. Now link into Facebook and start whacking your buddies!
Play Sardine SmashSardine Smash Game

Plays: 2419
Category: Action
Menewsha’s own pesky trouble-maker, Peeblo the Imp, needs to practice destroying angels if he’s going to rank up in the fiery dimensions! Play a spin on the classic whack-a-mole game by using the sardine to smash the angels and help him gain experience! Be careful of the hazards!
Play UnevolveUnevolve Game

Plays: 2378
Category: Action
Come one, come all, to play Unevolve! The mysterious game that has enthralled generations. Take your mallet in hand heartily, and TURN THE HUMAN RACE INTO CABBAGES. Will you be the first one to reach a perfect final score of 25,000,000,000?!
Play KrecikKrecik Game

Plays: 2361
Category: Action
Control mole (named Krecik) and try to collect as many colored blocks (tetris blocks) and survive as long as possible. Watch out for falling blocks - they kill the mole. Do not be lazy too, because over time increases the level of play (speed) and declining condition of the Mole. You can climb up and down the Mole sadly only goes off after a certain lapse of time. Collect bonuses, red add points (from 200 to 500), green add life and vitality and blue reduce the level of play (speed, from 1 to 3). Unfortunately, in the middle of the board harvested bonuses disappear.
Play WheacAMoleWheacAMole Game

Plays: 2332
Category: Action
I love Wheac-A-Mole. I wish this game helps your good feelings and stress reduction.
Play Whack-A-DoofWhack-A-Doof Game

Plays: 2276
Category: Action
Ever get that feeling where you just want to beat the crap out of anything cute? Yeah, so do we. Dispose of all your day's frustrations in this frenetic and frenzied bash-em-up classic. Don*t be fooled by their delightful little faces, these lowlifes are as annoying as nappy rash. Thump their stupid heads back to where they belong by hitting the corresponding numbers on your keypad.
Play hammer jerry 2hammer jerry 2 Game

Plays: 2243
Category: Action
Simple 'whack a mole' style game. . . but with Jerry fire: left mouse movement: mouse
Play WhackemonWhackemon Game

Plays: 2132
Category: Action
Whackemon is a recreation of one of the best sub-game's in Mystical Ninja on the SNES. The idea of the game is to whack the critters that pop up before they disappear. There are 3 game modes, Timed Attack, Persecution and Whackathon, details are given in the game.
Play FatlicksFatlicks Game

Plays: 2120
Category: Action
Fatlickers is a cute reworking of the classic Whack-a-mole formula. Just move your mallet between the four holes using the arrow keys, and press 'D' to whack the Lickers! Hit them and increase your score, get licked by them and lose a score! Beat the Hi-Score and award yourself a prize! (like having another go ;-)

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