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Online frog Games
Play Frogs Frogs 'N Snakes Game

Plays: 4419
Category: Action
Hop around the cute little frog pond to try and get the worldwide high score by eating flies while avoiding snakes!
Play Stick-Point-Oh! 2! - The Hidden CavernsStick-Point-Oh! 2! - The Hidden Caverns Game

Plays: 4222
Category: Action
You are a tiny stick man, with an unusually large head, and big guns! Choose from a variety of crazy weaponry, like Fire Toads and the Worm Blaster from the shop to dispose of your foes!
Play Umbrella TrickUmbrella Trick Game

Plays: 4221
Category: Other
Umbrella Trick Game is a unique adaptation of the classic combination games. The theme is monsoon with sounds and graphics adding to the essence. User has to match the umbrellas and move the floating boat to its destination. User has to keep a check on the rainbow timer which cruises faster with levels. The froggy will help the user at time of crisis and a hint will be poped out incase the user can't think of any options. Excellent game play with unlimited levels will make this game a regular traffic spot for online gamers.
Play Bubble UpBubble Up Game

Plays: 4156
Category: Action
In Bubble Up!, you control Jane, a cute little girl that tries to get to new heights in her dreams. To help her, you must make her jump on soap bubbles that appear in the air. Pay close attention to the bubbles with costumes in it! These costumes give Jane small powers for 20 seconds. Be quick and clever, this way you can take Jane even higher! Good Luck!
Play Frog in troubleFrog in trouble Game

Plays: 4131
Category: Adventure
Try to get your frog safety on the top of the stage. Avoid any things like: cars, water, oil, trains, etc.
Play Flies and FrogsFlies and Frogs Game

Plays: 4040
Category: Other
You've got a couple of hungry frogs here, and plenty of flies. Feed them!
Play Puzzle The Princess and the Frog - 1Puzzle The Princess and the Frog - 1 Game

Plays: 4029
Category: Education
The Princess and the Frog Puzzle
Play JabbaballJabbaball Game

Plays: 4028
Category: Sports
Rules are similar to football, but you have to hit not into gates, but into goalkeeper. But Jabba team also may hit your gates(screen).
Play Frog The FlyFrog The Fly Game

Plays: 3945
Category: Action
The goal of the game is for the frogs to catch as many flies as possible by jumping from a lilypad to another.
Play Poke-A-FrogPoke-A-Frog Game

Plays: 3855
Category: Action
Poke as many frogs as you can before time runs out, but watch out for the frowny face frogs! If you get enough points you will move on to the next round, and the frogs will get faster!
Play Frog AdventuresFrog Adventures Game

Plays: 3811
Category: Adventure
Click on a lotus leaf to make the frog jump to that leaf. The previous leaf will then disappear. Continue jumping one by one, until there are no leaves remaining to win that level. Note: Frog cannot jump backwards or diagonal. Frog can only jump Left, Right or Forwards. Enjoy!
Play The FroginatorThe Froginator Game

Plays: 3784
Category: Puzzles
This small froginator snake wants to push the king of the frogs from the throne to. It understands itself automatically, which the frog king has so some against it. In 10 level you are exposed to its bad cunning. Catch the frog army of the frog king and defeat it. You are the Froginator.
Play Magic Muffin FrogMagic Muffin Frog Game

Plays: 3783
Category: Puzzles
Jump through 30 levels to get to lick the magic muffin. The gourmet frog wants to taste it! Contains an editor.
Play Crazy Frog 2Crazy Frog 2 Game

Plays: 3755
Category: Action
Try to get your frog as far as it possible. Avoid every fish and collect dragonflies.
Play Frog gameFrog game Game

Plays: 3647
Category: Shooting
Simple and fun timekiller which allows to relax and... kill several frog. Devoted for all office workers!!!
Play Jumpin Frog 2Jumpin Frog 2 Game

Plays: 3566
Category: Action
Depending on the direction required for the frog to jump and land on a leaf, and earn ten points, press and release the mouse at a suitable position. In case of a miss the frog loses one life. If the frog loses five lives the game ends.
Play Save The FrogSave The Frog Game

Plays: 3562
Category: Adventure
Some strange guy kidnapped your friend! You must help him now. Follow the vehicle to his lair and save the frog.
Play Froggie the Fly CatcherFroggie the Fly Catcher Game

Plays: 3506
Category: Shooting
Catch as many flies as you can!
Play Survival FlySurvival Fly Game

Plays: 3489
Category: Action
Be a fly,and fly around collecting stars to score points, and most importantly avoid getting caught by one of the two evil frogs.
Play Frog ColoringFrog Coloring Game

Plays: 3476
Category: Customize
Color the frogs with beautiful colors.You can use mouse to pick colors from the color palette then paint the frogs.

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