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Play IgnitionIgnition Game

Plays: 5575
Category: Puzzles
A unique style addictive puzzler. Build special types of chains, earn bombs and use them collecting more score. Your only goal is to make as much score as possible. You have to compete with time while making good decisions. There are 2 game modes: Time stress: You get time after each exploded fuse. Always take a look at the timer and do not let it to reach zero. Survival: Fuses are coming unstoppable. Prevent columns from reaching the top of the table. Auto-save functionality enables you to continue your game in a later time. Get multipliers, explode bombs and have fun!
Play The Expendables quizThe Expendables quiz Game

Plays: 5560
Category: Education
Try this great quiz and learn new amazing facts about the movie The Expendables. How much do you know? Complete the quiz and you will be able to compete against others on the leaderboards. How well do you know your action heroes?
Play Seltzer GullSeltzer Gull Game

Plays: 5427
Category: Shooting
A space invaders type game, only its seagulls instead of aliens, poop instead of falling bombs, and seltzer pills to make the seagulls blow up! Have fun with acid-base chemistry!
Play Magic Cristals Spin and MatchMagic Cristals Spin and Match Game

Plays: 5355
Category: Action
Awesome action puzzle game to enjoy and enjoy. New levels coming soon!
Play Save PlanetSave Planet Game

Plays: 4891
Category: Fighting
Do you care for planet Earth? Do you really care? There's only one thing wrong with this place - too many people. But here's your chance to do something about it! Take this very unique button - the SAVE PLANET button, and hit it to prevent overpopulation. Each time you use it, it sends Apocalipse to man kind. Can you save planet?
Play Flying BlindFlying Blind Game

Plays: 4847
Category: Shooting
A new space plane with indestructible armor has been forged. It's called the Blindfold-class star fighter... for good reason. Unfortunately, the engineers neglected to put any windows or view screens on board. Fly through without seeing what you're doing and then play back your game play to see what happened.
Play Round aboutRound about Game

Plays: 4506
Category: Action
simple yet addictive, try to keep up with the turning stick and battle the rising water levels and raging winds.
Play Fruit DodgeFruit Dodge Game

Plays: 4490
Category: Adventure
Take to the skies in this arcade masterpiece. Dodge as the Gods throw Apples and Bananas at your humble flying craft. What lies in stall for you young pilot nobody knows!
Play The Chain Reaction TutorialThe Chain Reaction Tutorial Game

Plays: 4436
Category: Puzzles
A basic chain reaction game in AS3 with url-scanning to implement different APIs. Chec out the tutorial at
Play Ball BlastBall Blast Game

Plays: 4389
Category: Action
Click to create an explosion of balls. Get ranked on your explosion size.
Play Air Combat TrainingAir Combat Training Game

Plays: 4316
Category: Action
This is an air combat simulation and your goal is to chase down 3 spy jets that stole secret information from the AJ Command Center. You are given limited reousrces so use them wisely.. Only your fuel is replenished every round.
Play RocketJumpRocketJump Game

Plays: 4291
Category: Action
RocketJump is a challenging platformer that involves rocket jumping through obstacles to reach the end of the game. As the game gets harder, your timing, precision, and puzzle-solving abilities will be tested.
Play Bomb DefuserBomb Defuser Game

Plays: 4282
Category: Action
How many bombs can you defuse before blowing up!
Play Jungle RescueJungle Rescue Game

Plays: 4245
Category: Action
Fly into the heart of the ActionJetz Jungle and save the POWs.
Play Dead EndDead End Game

Plays: 4196
Category: Shooting
It's an anti-terrorist Black Ops mission, soldier. Take no prisoners.
Play Humans VS MonstersHumans VS Monsters Game

Plays: 4156
Category: Action
Humans vs Monsters is an exciting defense game. You have to place troops to defend your military bases from incoming hordes of Monsters. Destroy all monsters and not let them to enter in your base. You can place your units but also make them move along the territory so they can help the troops in need. Each monster that enters your base will cost you a life. During the battle you can buy and sell units and military vehicles such as jeeps and tanks and improve the combat quality and power of your soldiers. Unforeseen events such as "fire rain" could hit and destroy your army. Resist to the end! 32 waves of attacks, 6 different types of monsters, 3 different battlefields wait for you!
Play Metal Arena 2Metal Arena 2 Game

Plays: 4140
Category: Action
You must kill to level up and gain more power to defeat the enemies in superior Arenas, you may need to play an Arena some times to level Up enought to survive in the next Arena.
Play BFD (Bovine Flatulent Defense)BFD (Bovine Flatulent Defense) Game

Plays: 4138
Category: Strategy
You play as a dairy farmer in a time when hostile aliens are invading the Earth. The only weakness that the aliens have is to the flatulents produced by bovine mammals... cows. You control the cows, equipping them with various weapons, and fighting various enemies leading up to a mother-ship battle.
Play Defence AttackDefence Attack Game

Plays: 4110
Category: Shooting
Defend the city from The Scorpio Bombs! The Scorpio Bombs are hell-bent on destroying our city. Destroy them before they land and wreak havoc!
Play Pirate Attack!Pirate Attack! Game

Plays: 4081
Category: Action
Yahrr! Three pirateships are attacking you! You have to defend your ship against incoming canonballs! rrrr!

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