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Play Ball Breaker!Ball Breaker! Game

Plays: 7310
Category: Action
Break your way through in the puzzler. Row after row of balls descend, and you only options : smash them, break them, or blow them up!
Play Baby BoomBaby Boom Game

Plays: 7044
Category: Puzzles
Try not to blow up the baby in this 4-part puzzle game
Play Llama CopterLlama Copter Game

Plays: 6878
Category: Action
Fly your llama copter through the tunnel of walls. Don't hit the walls or your copter will explode!
Play Laser DodgeLaser Dodge Game

Plays: 6815
Category: Action
Fast paced laser dodge game! Dodge lasers while defending yourself using various powers. 3 difficulty levels!
Play DonDon't Press The Button Game

Plays: 6673
Category: Other
Don't Press The Button!
Play Speed CollapseSpeed Collapse Game

Plays: 6651
Category: Action
classic collapse game with speed
Play Black Beards GoldBlack Beards Gold Game

Plays: 6615
Category: Action
Black Beard has lost his treasure! he cannot remember what chest he put it in! Help Captian Pete get to the treasure before black beard does!, watch out for skeletons that point in the direction of the treasure and scrolls that tell you how far! Beware some chests contain gun powder and may explode! Also can you find the hidden diamond? Black beard is also looking for his treasure get it before he does! or it's walking the plank for you!
Play Spore CubesSpore Cubes Game

Plays: 6613
Category: Puzzles
One of the first great Flash puzzle games, this classic game addicted so many with its release in 2000. Click the groups of same-colored cubes to explode them. By strategically selecting which groups to destroy, try to clear the entire playfield of ALL cubes.
Play BoomshineBoomshine Game

Plays: 6610
Category: Action
Click on the screen to start a chain reaction. Explode as many white dots as the level requires.
Play Insane CollapseInsane Collapse Game

Plays: 6463
Category: Action
Explode matching blocks before they get to the top.
Play Drop Dead 2Drop Dead 2 Game

Plays: 6443
Category: Action
Fling ragdolls and watch them explode! 6 worlds, lots of new hazards, the bloodiest ragdoll game ever is back! Contains editor. Share your levels on the Drop Dead 2 forum.
Play Word ReactorWord Reactor Game

Plays: 6262
Category: Action
Word Reactor is a word game with physics. Connect falling blocks to form words and make them explode. Reuse letters before they explode and score bonus points. You can also grab blocks and move them around or throw away. In challenge mode you will also encounter immovable blocks. But beware of the restless laser!

Plays: 6257
Category: Driving
you have to lead the car following the track until finish by turn car in left or right.
Play FireWorkOutFireWorkOut Game

Plays: 6247
Category: Action
Be a pro fireworker in this wonder- and colorful New Year game! Mark as many rockets as possible with your mouse and explode them by hitting your mouse button!
Play OddObject BATTLE!OddObject BATTLE! Game

Plays: 6149
Category: Action
Battle for you freedom and a high score in the farthest reaches of space against the evil odd objects!!!
Play Explode-a-TonExplode-a-Ton Game

Plays: 5981
Category: Puzzles
Rid the world of explosives, by blowing them up! This new action puzzle game is about detonation and racking up explosive combos!
Play Christmas Grinch BlasterChristmas Grinch Blaster Game

Plays: 5816
Category: Action
Blast those nasty Grinchs away, see how many you can hit. Save Christmas have fun destory all the grinchs
Play Artillery RushArtillery Rush Game

Plays: 5791
Category: Puzzles
Discover the World War 2. Destroy as many enemy soldiers as you can. Blow up bridges, buldings, towers to complete each level. Try to earn as many stars as possible.
Play Bomber BlasticBomber Blastic Game

Plays: 5791
Category: Action
The fantastic Bomber Blastic. Test your skills and master the art of explosions. Complete 50 levels and defeat 5 Bomb Bosses! Ignite the bombs to create explosive chain reactions.
Play IgnitionIgnition Game

Plays: 5609
Category: Puzzles
A unique style addictive puzzler. Build special types of chains, earn bombs and use them collecting more score. Your only goal is to make as much score as possible. You have to compete with time while making good decisions. There are 2 game modes: Time stress: You get time after each exploded fuse. Always take a look at the timer and do not let it to reach zero. Survival: Fuses are coming unstoppable. Prevent columns from reaching the top of the table. Auto-save functionality enables you to continue your game in a later time. Get multipliers, explode bombs and have fun!

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