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Play My Princess - Dark VillageMy Princess - Dark Village Game

Plays: 2448
Category: Adventure
Occus King has offer Bobs to rescue the princes from Blood Devil. but Bobs still not good on fight, so the King offer to Bobs to pass Dark Village at first. by kill all enemy there. then Bobs fight skill will be increasing. After Bobs has passed all section. Blood Devil was know if Bobs growing strong, so Blood Devil leaving Dark Village with the princess Dinz and hide to another secret place. When you finishing this games don't forget to wait for next version. Enjoy ^^
Play Space InvadersSpace Invaders Game

Plays: 2435
Category: Action
This is the classic Atari sensation space invaders. Blast the aliens, rack up your score, and make sure to survive for the next round.
Play Cave SwirlCave Swirl Game

Plays: 2433
Category: Action
The swirl has you! See how long you can survive in this addicting game!
Play MoonFallMoonFall Game

Plays: 2429
Category: Action
Days ago, without warning, and without explanation, our moon began to fall apart. Earth is being bombarded by chunks of the moon, which has been named "MoonFall". Every city on earth, save one, has been destroyed. It's up to you to defend the last city still standing! You are humanity's last hope!
Play Sector 21Sector 21 Game

Plays: 2424
Category: Puzzles
An addicting puzzle platformer in pixel style. Complete all 30 challenging levels by jumping, flipping gravity and avoiding obstacles. Change gravity by pressing the space or S button. That way you can walk on the ceiling to avoid the spikes. Set a new fastest time in each level. It will become more difficult each level, can you complete them all with the least amount of tries?
Play Jet BikeJet Bike Game

Plays: 2414
Category: Action
To complete a lap steer your jet bike between the buoys in the correct order. Laps must be completed within the given time to qualify for the next course. There are five courses in each championship. Press P to pause.
Play ClusterzClusterz Game

Plays: 2393
Category: Education
Join the competition for the best bubble player title in this new free online web game Clusterz! If you like arcades, this addictive mix of classic shooter and billiards is going to make you one of the Clusterz! addicts. Remove all color bubbles by matching three or more bubbles of the same color. Black bubbles are not removable. Isolated bubble disappears from the field. The game is over if bubbles reach the bottom. All the bubbles change their color randomly if you let a shooting ball fall down. So pay attention to your opponent's progress and do your best!
Play Floors Escape 4Floors Escape 4 Game

Plays: 2387
Category: Adventure
Advance to the next floor by solving the puzzles! You can pick certain items up and use them from your inventory. Keep the Floors Escape app, so we can notify you of new floors. ? Addicting mini puzzles! ? Gorgeous graphics and different themed floors! ? Constant updates of New Floors for Android!
Play Ninja Cat and Zombie DinosaursNinja Cat and Zombie Dinosaurs Game

Plays: 2387
Category: Action
Zombie Dinosaurs have invaded Paris! Ninja Cat needs to kill them with shurikens and katana. Type or die. Original idea, lots of action, addicting gameplay and polished execution!
Play Sushi DashSushi Dash Game

Plays: 2381
Category: Other
Sushi Dash is totally addicting puzzle game fun. An addicting time-waster of gourmet sushi matching. Use mouse clicks to swap adjacent sushi blocks to form a 2x2 square of the same kind.
Play Floors Escape 2Floors Escape 2 Game

Plays: 2377
Category: Adventure
Advance to the next floor by solving the puzzles! You can pick certain items up and use them from your inventory. Keep the Floors Escape app, so we can notify you of new floors. ? Addicting mini puzzles! ? Gorgeous graphics and different themed floors! ? Constant updates of New Floors for Android!
Play Number HunterNumber Hunter Game

Plays: 2374
Category: Action
Like a jealous, but equally pretty twin sister of Letter hunter, Number hunter is here to satisfy those of you with a slightly more numeric approach to life. Whatever that means. Click on the numbers in sequence as quickly as you can, as things heat up really quickly in this game. And there’s no breathing space either, it’s relentless! How far can you get??
Play Chaos Of ManaChaos Of Mana Game

Plays: 2366
Category: Action
Astonishing eye catching RPG. Excellent graphics and addicting story with even a mini game in it (llama races)! The user can fully customize his character: proffesion, stat points, hair style, facial details, abilities, wives, items and even affinity with evil or goodness amongst other.
Play Youda BeaverYouda Beaver Game

Plays: 2361
Category: Action
Overcoming your fear can be fun! This shaggy beaver goes to extremes to face his awkward fear of water: travelling the rivers while balancing on a log. It’s an addictive challenge to keep the log on speed, balance the beaver and dodge all dangers in this whirling adventure. On your journey you encounter other funny animals, beautiful sceneries and finally inner peace. Overcoming your fear can be fun! This game contains: Unique gameplay and a high replay value Addicting highscore-game principle Use either tilt controls or onscreen buttons Discover different worlds with unique beautiful scenery Meet all sorts of funny creatures Gamecenter integration Enjoy!
Play The Search for WondLaThe Search for WondLa Game

Plays: 2351
Category: Adventure
A Spot-the-Difference Game based on the novel The Search for WondLa by Tony DiTerlizzi. Absolutely addicting fun for kids or adults and ideal for parents and their children to play together!
Play Flying Gold Collector!Flying Gold Collector! Game

Plays: 2346
Category: Other
This is my first flash game so don’t be to harsh. This game is about a gold collector ? the black sphere with the yellow/blue gold pouch in its center. To get a point for your score move the gold collector over the coin, to not get a point but to increase your power get the black sphere. As your score gets higher you will pulled with more and more force towards the south east. If you go out of the boundries you will restart the game and you will loose 2 score points.
Play WordcraftWordcraft Game

Plays: 2345
Category: BoardGame
Wordcraft is a new highscores word search puzzle game with 3 game modes, 2 languages English and Czech, 170 000 possible words and 3 leaderboards! SIMPLE LOOK BUT EXTREMELY ADDICTING GAME!
Play Virtua: CanVirtua: Can't Stop Game

Plays: 2339
Category: Action
Race bike in virtual world - try to find a way out from of this world or challenge another player in deadly arrival. Step by step opening new levels of game, you see that each level is not similar on previous and it is more difficult than it. The idea of game is based on a film "TRON"(1986) (fight of gladiators - race), nevertheless is unique game, with a very addicting gameplay.
Play Bounded BallsBounded Balls Game

Plays: 2322
Category: Puzzles
The game consist to place all the red balls on the red side and all the blue balls on the blue side. Simply!
Play Monkie MOBILEMonkie MOBILE Game

Plays: 2308
Category: Action
Enjoy this simple but very addicting high scores game with beautiful cartoon graphics and jungle sounds!

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