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Online stress Games
Play Masters of MayhemMasters of Mayhem Game

Plays: 5009
Category: Adventure
Have you ever played a multiplayer game alone? Sounds stupid? Well, here it is. The world's first single player multi player game - Masters of Mayhem. Navigate your players through the game and collect as many coins as you can. But be careful. Keep at least one of your players on the screen or you will lose a life. There are loads of items you can collect and each of them will have a different effect on either the player who picked it up or the whole game behaviour. You can clone your players, let them fly for a certain amount of time or drive them temporary mad by picking the right item. If you like Doodle Jump and you love a bit of stress then this game is for you. Are you a master of mayhem?
Play 52 Taps52 Taps Game

Plays: 4915
Category: Education
Concentrate and tap/click the letters and numbers in the correct order. Start with A and 1, and finish with Z and 26. It doesn't matter if you finish the letters or the numbers first. You have 5 minutes to finish the game, be the quickest to into the highscores. Advanced players can reach up to 30 correct taps per minute. Train daily to recieve good results!
Play Poke teh PookPoke teh Pook Game

Plays: 4874
Category: Action
(Español abajo) Description ======== Click the Pook body as many times as you can within the given time, then submit your points to the Hi-Score table. Español Instrucciones ========== Haz click en el Pook tantas veces como puedas en el tiempo dado, luego envia tus puntos a la tabla de Hi-Score.
Play Smiley TripleSmiley Triple Game

Plays: 4265
Category: Puzzles
Find a triple of smilies in time. Each smiley has four aspects (color, hair, eyes, mouth). Find three smilies where each aspect is either the same, or totaly different. The clock is running!
Play rlax Chinarlax China Game

Plays: 4095
Category: BoardGame
Play PaintBallPaintBall Game

Plays: 3910
Category: Shooting
Relieve some stress with paintballs. Just point and click your stress away.
Play Speedy Salad Cooking CreationSpeedy Salad Cooking Creation Game

Plays: 3820
Category: Dress-Up
Your salad bar is very busy and there is not too much time for you to create each salad. In this game you will be racing against the clock to create your salads for your very own restaurant. To complete this game you will be going through the steps of creating a salad under pressure in order to simulate the stress you might find in a kitchen at a restaurant. If you think you can handle the high speed cooking, give this game ago!
Play BakerBaker's Store Game

Plays: 3768
Category: Adventure
How will you deal with the stress of running a successful bakery store? Serve your customer's requirements as fast as possible unless you want to start losing profits. When you are out of ingredient, make a call to your supplier. Have fun !
Play A  puzzle to mental exercise and improve intelligenceA puzzle to mental exercise and improve intelligence Game

Plays: 3698
Category: Puzzles
A puzzle to mental exercise,improve intelligence,and reduce stress.
Play Save FionaSave Fiona Game

Plays: 3678
Category: Action
Save Fiona is a casual game with eye-catchy graphics of marine life with addictive yet easy to learn gameplay. Fiona is a cute little fish who is yet learning to swim. The task of the player is to help her swim without being hit by any sea object. Its a relaxing and stress relieving game.
Play How Awesome Is Your Computer?How Awesome Is Your Computer? Game

Plays: 3499
Category: Other
Ever wanted to find out how good your computer is compared to others? This is your chance!
Play Hot Blood BoxingHot Blood Boxing Game

Plays: 3209
Category: Sports
A great stress reliever! Box against the computer or bring in a friend.
Play Squash The TomatoeSquash The Tomatoe Game

Plays: 3198
Category: Action
Superaddictive! Release your rage squashing tomatoes. IMPORTANT: Don't try at home with real tomatoes.
Play Whack A MoleyWhack A Moley Game

Plays: 3184
Category: Casino
Release your pent up stress. Whack that critter!
Play War with StarsWar with Stars Game

Plays: 3151
Category: Action
When you are tired and stressed, please rest and relaxation with entertainment games "War with stars" fatigue and stress will no longer exist.
Play Mouse Move ManiaMouse Move Mania Game

Plays: 3056
Category: Action
See how fast you can move your mouse
Play BadabulBadabul Game

Plays: 2910
Category: Action
Choose the dandy, the jumper, the flyer or the fighter and catch the bubbles before they reach the top. Kill or avoid the monsters. Upgrade your hero and unlock difficulty modes.
Play Flip and MatchFlip and Match Game

Plays: 2869
Category: Puzzles
With only 1 chance for each stage, can you take the stress to solve the puzzle as it gets tougher? Test your mind to the limit here!
Play Sgei Writin +1Sgei Writin +1 Game

Plays: 2815
Category: Other
An upgrade to the popular ‘Sgei Writin’. Take to the skies in your trusty little plane and scrawl to your heart’s content! **New features : multi-color smoke, scrolling BG, enhanced physics.
Play WheacAMoleWheacAMole Game

Plays: 2332
Category: Action
I love Wheac-A-Mole. I wish this game helps your good feelings and stress reduction.

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