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Play mystic digitsmystic digits Game

Plays: 1882
Category: Education
Mystic Digits is an awesome design of a game to test the player's speed of calculation and concentration levels. Correcected to the level of 0.01 seconds to accurately calculate the speed of player's additions. An awesome challenge for every one and gaming way of education to children.
Play Angel RescueAngel Rescue Game

Plays: 1858
Category: Action
Rescue all cute angels by touching them! Don't touch any evil guys! use mouse to control
Play Battle Engine Rpg Flash GameBattle Engine Rpg Flash Game Game

Plays: 1734
Category: Action
For the lovers of simple yet fun rpg games, this is for you. No storyline, just pure upgrades and customization of your character and battles.. battles and battles.
Play Mini RacerMini Racer Game

Plays: 1656
Category: Driving
Mini racer game were you have to win enemy.
Play Leave Me AloneLeave Me Alone Game

Plays: 1651
Category: Action
"Leave Me Alone" is a fast-paced platforming game where you must run from the demons chasing you. As you explore the space, collect fragments of yourself and escape the demons forever.
Play Animal Freedom 2Animal Freedom 2 Game

Plays: 1634
Category: Puzzles
a very lovely puzzle game! Free all animals on the board by matching them in pairs!
Play SantaSanta's Christmas Presents Game

Plays: 1499
Category: Education
Train your memory with this simple game. Repeat a sequence by tapping on four Santas just like in a classic Simon game. The better your memory gets, the longer sequences you will be able to repeat. Each time you play, there's a new set of presents in front of Santas.
Play Fireball SquareFireball Square Game

Plays: 1440
Category: Action
Dodge fireballs
Play Square ArenaSquare Arena Game

Plays: 1417
Category: Action
run squary, run.... as fast as you can. Select you team and join the global battle.
Play Sonar2Sonar2 Game

Plays: 1400
Category: Puzzles
Sonar is a puzzle game, navigate your way through the maze and try to conserve your sonar usage to reach the portal!
Play CircularCircular Game

Plays: 1387
Category: Action
A different kind of mouse avoider / collector game: Extend the tube and don't let the blues touch you. Requires skill and concentration.
Play MatchingHandsomeFaceMatchingHandsomeFace Game

Plays: 1295
Category: Action
a little fun puzzle game! Finding all handsome faces in pairs on the screen!
Play Cockroaches in TexasCockroaches in Texas Game

Plays: 1286
Category: Action
Fun game where you have to kill cockroaches. Many different levels, funny music, different types of bonuses and cockroaches, heroic mode
Play SimpleSimple Game

Plays: 1251
Category: Strategy
Simple yet difficult. This game will challenge your reflexes as you dodge the blocks coming at you from above!
Play Groom on the runGroom on the run Game

Plays: 1239
Category: Action
Here comes a funny game for all the wedding poopers of you! Run, jump and gun down brides to avoid getting married in 'Groom On The Run'.
Play BombustionBombustion Game

Plays: 1221
Category: Action
Bombustion is a simple game, based around the concept of the chain reaction. The playing field is littered with bombs, which bounce around the screen. You control a target cursor with your mouse, and a single click will activate all bombs within. The explosions set off nearby bombs as well, with explosive and colorful results!
Play CyberneticCybernetic Game

Plays: 1173
Category: Puzzles
A puzzle platforming game with simple controls, a fast pace, and an easy learning curve.
Play ScansorialScansorial Game

Plays: 1138
Category: Action
Carve through the rocks to clear a path upwards in this fast-paced arcade game. Destroy colorful blocks for power-ups and earn trophies for your exploits.
Play Komodo KangarooKomodo Kangaroo Game

Plays: 1043
Category: Action
Your eggs have been stolen and spread across the city. It's up to you to jump around and get them back! Wait, why do you lay eggs if you're a kangaroo? Well, you can only jump to move around, but avoid the mechs! If you you touch them without stomping you'll really get hurt. You only have 99 seconds per level, so be quick! Collect thousands of eggs across 30 challenging levels to beat the game.
Play Super Card GuessSuper Card Guess Game

Plays: 919
Category: BoardGame
Guess next card game with new features: 2 players game, select the card you want, select more than 1 deck and bonus scores for same color or suit.

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