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Online shell Games
Play Fish MeFish Me Game

Plays: 3966
Category: Other
Try to survive as long as possible to get more score and advance to the next level automaticaly
Play Disc SmashDisc Smash Game

Plays: 3871
Category: Action
In this game you have to smash discs together to get points. If You smash a red disc with another red disc, You'll get more points! You'll only have 5 red discs.
Play Shell SwapShell Swap Game

Plays: 3867
Category: Memory
Can you find the marble?
Play St PetersbombSt Petersbomb Game

Plays: 3727
Category: Puzzles
Dangerous terrorists have set bombs in one of St Petersburg's cathedrals' steeples! Will you find the bombs before it's too late, unravelling their mischievellous plans and saving numerous, numerous lives?
Play A BunnyA Bunny's Nightmare Game

Plays: 3653
Category: Action
What did the bunny dream of in his race against the turtle? Avoid the turtle shells as long as possible to wake up from your dreaded nightmare! Grab the clocks and carrots to regain time and life!
Play Anti-Aircraft GunnerAnti-Aircraft Gunner Game

Plays: 3371
Category: Action
The London Blitz has begun and your anti-aircraft division has been commanded to defend the capital from the relentless waves of German bombers as they attempt to bomb the British into submission. Aim carefully and shoot down as many aircraft as you can to earn promotions, game achievements, and prevent London from being burned to the ground!
Play Super Taco SimonSuper Taco Simon Game

Plays: 3296
Category: Puzzles
This is a taco version of Simon. Click the taco parts in the order they flash at you.
Play Fish Dodge v1Fish Dodge v1 Game

Plays: 3131
Category: Other
Evade any shark and mine and collect shell to increase point
Play Sprinter ShellSprinter Shell Game

Plays: 2965
Category: Puzzles
This game is a big challenge. You have to light up all lights in boxes. It’s not that simple because when you light up 1 button you deactivate all buttons nearby. Use mouse to control.
Play Collecting ShellsCollecting Shells Game

Plays: 2743
Category: Puzzles
This is an original fun removing puzzle game. Try it!
Play Rumble BugsRumble Bugs Game

Plays: 2740
Category: Strategy
Great clash between bugs! Command your army and conquer the enemy! Sponsored by:
Play Rosy CB Witch HideoutRosy CB Witch Hideout Game

Plays: 2702
Category: Education
Rosy Coloring Book. Color the picture and print it out.
Play Shuffle discShuffle disc Game

Plays: 2480
Category: Action
It's a game like curling, use mouse to drag the paddle to push the disc to the target
Play Shell ShooterShell Shooter Game

Plays: 2271
Category: Shooting
Use your hunting skill to smash golden shells before they hit the ground. Destroy black shells or balloons to get more points and experience. Improve your gun and master the leaderboard on three difficulty levels!
Play Micro TanksMicro Tanks Game

Plays: 2194
Category: Action
This is an enhanced flash tank war game. The games has simple graphics, lots of levels, two player option and a lot of action. Take control of a micro tank and destroy your opponent by shooting bouncing canon balls. You can always use your brain to figure out cunning tactics and ambush the enemy tank. Take the challenge and try to win all the increasingly difficult levels.
Play Tremor HatchTremor Hatch Game

Plays: 2160
Category: Puzzles
Use the repel gun or the cutting gun to break the egg shell and let the egg hatch. You will need to jump from high places or make objects fall on you.
Play Hidden ShellsHidden Shells Game

Plays: 2116
Category: Puzzles
Find and click on shells. Your goal is to find all 10 per image. Use the hint button if you need help.
Play Sea Shell GirlSea Shell Girl Game

Plays: 2036
Category: Dress-Up
How lovely the sea shell girl! She is very cute and sitting on the big shell. Dress her up and let her to be the most lovely sea shell girl under the sea.
Play flying shellflying shell Game

Plays: 1734
Category: Action
Shells always had great power if you can driving it. Controls the shell to bombing the fort
Play Shell WarriorsShell Warriors Game

Plays: 1718
Category: Action

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