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Online grave Games
Play Earth Invasion 2012Earth Invasion 2012 Game

Plays: 2138
Category: Action
The Earth is in grave danger.... The threat comes from the deep space. The aliens are ready to occupy the planet. To avoid the invasion you will have available a limited number of weapons. Use the MOUSE to launch the missiles and SPACE to use the Super Bomb. Good luck! Tips & Help: info (at) Another game by
Play Grave BustersGrave Busters Game

Plays: 1656
Category: Shooting
Shoot the grave busting zombies.
Play Submarine K7YSubmarine K7Y Game

Plays: 1570
Category: Action
Your submarine is in grave danger. It is trapped in the depths of the sea. Tries to find the exit from the sea caves. Use the ARROW KEYS to control and SPACEBAR to launch a missile. Good luck! Tips & Help: info (at) Another game by
Play Grave Digger TruckGrave Digger Truck Game

Plays: 1552
Category: Driving
Join the grave digger truck race and speed away among living zombies!
Play Kamikaze VampFlyerKamikaze VampFlyer Game

Plays: 993
Category: Action
As we all know, vampires HATE zombies! That's why this kamikaze VampFlyer will give his life to kill some zombies! Kill as many zombies as you can before the sun comes up. Don't let your life be wasted for nothing, take those monsters with you to your grave!
Play Dumb RaiderDumb Raider Game

Plays: 747
Category: Action
Escape your grave fate!
Play Zombie GraveZombie Grave Game

Plays: 742
Category: Customize
Graves are dark and scary places, and if there are zombies than it must to be zombie game. Zombie Graves are zombie jigsaw game, where you must to solve the game at given time. Choose your level and start to play.
Play Grave RobberGrave Robber Game

Plays: 739
Category: Puzzles
Find all hidden treasures for a set time in each level. Hidden hint will display treasures in a second. Hidden chain lightning will explode stones in a row. Hidden bomb will explode 20 random stones. Hidden clock will add 5 seconds of level time.
Play Bro vs ZombieBro vs Zombie Game

Plays: 735
Category: Action
In Bro vs Zombie, you take control of "the Bro", helping him to survive, escape, and send the dead back to their grave. You earn money when you killed zombies, and you can use that money to upgrade your weapons (there are 4 different weapon, and each of them can be upgraded), or buy stuff that can help you escape. You can also get experience point after killing zombie, and then you can level up when you have enough experience point, and everytime you leveled up, you can learn new skills that can help you survive ! The fate of "the Bro" is in your hands !
Play Zombie GraveZombie Grave Game

Plays: 611
Category: Adventure
This ancient tomb contains tons of treasure but there's just one little problem.... ITS CHOCK FULL OF ZOMBIES!
Play Grave Busters IIGrave Busters II Game

Plays: 598
Category: Action
Shoot the zombies before they destroy the graves.
Play Gothic Girl Lace DressGothic Girl Lace Dress Game

Plays: 573
Category: Dress-Up
This goth girl changed her name from Ashley to Adrienne D'Lacrua. Now that she's a true goth girl with a rare and exotic name, she needs stripy tights and elegant gowns to round out her otherworldly wardrobe. Pick out some elegant red lace and risqué bustiers for the candlelight vigil of this dark delight from beyond the grave.
Play Mummy BustersMummy Busters Game

Plays: 554
Category: Adventure
The mummies has returned from the dead. They rage and try to leave the pyramid. You as young and brave soldier must kill them before they go out.
Play bear thievesbear thieves Game

Plays: 534
Category: Action
Professional grave robbers, black jack, in the search for a mayan ruins, inadvertently found a portal of entry, as the senior adventurers Jack entered the portal without hesitation...
Play Grave RacingGrave Racing Game

Plays: 430
Category: Action
Race your car and reach the goal in three laps with maximum points.
Play Grave DiggerGrave Digger Game

Plays: 30194
Category: Shooting
This halloween, dig and collect as much gold as possible!! Drive away the ghost by clicking on them. Fun and addicting.
Play Nightmare in the DarkNightmare in the Dark Game

Plays: 11639
Category: Action
...this was an ancient story when people still beleived in the power of witchcraft. There lived one gravekeeper at a very small village in a remote region. He lived a quiet, solitary life in a coner of the cemetery, for he hept away from village people due to his very ugly appearance. One day he found the graves were ransacked and some corpses were stolen. He didn't want village people to know that, he decided to eliminate the grave burglars by himself. Thus he patroled the Cemetery every midnight...

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