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Online logic Games
Play Paint by Numbers Puzzle - Easy levelPaint by Numbers Puzzle - Easy level Game

Plays: 2768
Category: Puzzles
Paint by Numbers puzzles are known also as Nonograms or Gridders. Rules are classical and simple. The goal is to reveal hidden picture changing colors of some cells and leaving others blank. Use numbers on the left and on the upper side of the grid as indices. These numbers show how many colored cells are in each block. For example, if you see the numbers 5,2 on the left of the row, then in this row there 5 colored cells in block, then some cells are blank, then 2 colored cells.
Play 3D Choco Maze3D Choco Maze Game

Plays: 2768
Category: Action
Escape This Chocolate 3D Maze By Moving The Choco Ball.
Play EketeKonnectEketeKonnect Game

Plays: 2766
Category: Puzzles
EketeKonnect is a link-based logic puzzle.
Play Bubble RemoverBubble Remover Game

Plays: 2765
Category: BoardGame
Find out the correct order for removing the bubbles. There will always be a logic to find the correct order.
Play Puzzing 2Puzzing 2 Game

Plays: 2760
Category: BoardGame
There is quite a challenge for your logic, nice graphics to please the eye and soft sound effects. A fine combination to carry you away. Puzzings concept is very simple yet it enthralls. To score you need to move the matching game elements together and make them disappear.
Play Reverse WieglebReverse Wiegleb's Puzzle Game

Plays: 2753
Category: BoardGame
Play Wiegleb's Puzzle in reverse! Instead of getting rid of pegs, you have to place them by clicking empty place then clicking on filled place.
Play Wired Maniac 2Wired Maniac 2 Game

Plays: 2750
Category: Puzzles
50 levels puzzle game. Connect all point to complete level
Play e3D The Castlee3D The Castle Game

Plays: 2749
Category: Adventure
Prove thou are brave knight and escape for battle in Escape 3D The Castle. Prepare for battle as you embark on a quest to seek out clues in the walls and unlock hidden treasures. Solve the puzzles of the 3D Castle and escape the fortress. There will be no time for rest as you locate weapons, armor, horse gear and combine items to use them in your adventure.
Play ChildrenChildren's Logic Game

Plays: 2747
Category: Puzzles
While playing this game, children can develop attention, logic, thought, imagination, memory. They will learn colors, add puzzles, walk trough the labyrinth, count the animals, find and collect the alphabet letters, find the differences in the picture, guess what animal eats.
Play Life annihilatorLife annihilator Game

Plays: 2743
Category: BoardGame
Life! Behaviour of cells same as well as in a free mode game simulation. In this mode, your main objective to put cell in the field so that does not remain live cells. The there are less than cells you use, the receive more points.
Play SequenZSequenZ Game

Plays: 2723
Category: Puzzles
Predict the next number in a sequence of numbers. Ascertain the logic behind the sequence and enter the right number in time. 9 stages with increasing difficulty. The game has to be embeded in any webpage to work.
Play Aquarium FishAquarium Fish Game

Plays: 2720
Category: BoardGame
Fun Fish Count game for Kids to improve children's concentration, math skills and logical thinking
Play I-Maze 4I-Maze 4 Game

Plays: 2705
Category: Puzzles
I-Maze 4
Play LabyrexLabyrex Game

Plays: 2699
Category: Puzzles
Unleash your inner engineer on over 40 head-twisting challenges in this engaging puzzle game.
Play UndividedUndivided Game

Plays: 2698
Category: Puzzles
Click squares to remove, shift and add dividers; you must eliminate them all. Recognizing patterns is the key to this challenge.
Play StarsStars Game

Plays: 2690
Category: Puzzles
Shoot the stars from the sky in this fun new puzzle game.
Play Turto IsleTurto Isle Game

Plays: 2688
Category: Puzzles
Take turtles from Start to Finish point.
Play SequentialSequential Game

Plays: 2682
Category: BoardGame
This is a simple logic game based on an old idea with extra possibilities added.
Play Toy AttackToy Attack Game

Plays: 2679
Category: BoardGame
New free logic and skill tower defense game. Your task is to defend the toy station from toy-enemies.
Play Sahara Desert EscapeSahara Desert Escape Game

Plays: 2670
Category: Puzzles
Sahara Desert Escape is another new point and click room escape game developed by Games2rule.You are trapped in a Sahara desert the only one way to reach the city is to across the quick sand .The quick sand is covered horizontally over 200 km .But there was a secret way you have to find it to escape. Remember one thing; your body water level will reduce within 30mins so you have to find the way to increase the water level in your body otherwise you will surely die. In deadly Sahara desert also have deadly venom snakes. If they bite you in the desert, find some natural medicine to cure fully. Fight over the struggle to escape from the Sahara desert and feel the live escape experience in our escape game .Have a great escape games.

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