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Online logic Games
Play Bouncy BouncyBouncy Bouncy Game

Plays: 3442
Category: Action
In this game you have to get the ball to the creature, You can do this by drawing a forcefield with your mouse. Click and drag. Press "GO!" to start the ball, "STOP!" to stop and reset the ball and "RESET!" to; stop, reset and redesign your level. It uses logic to succeed with gravity friction and a current in the water. Going too fast will result in you breaking through your restrictive barrier!
Play Line BounderLine Bounder Game

Plays: 3432
Category: Puzzles
Turn based strategy game, your aim is to reach enemy ground and stop him from reaching yours. It's an old school game in which you move by drawing a line.
Play ChoologicChoologic Game

Plays: 3426
Category: Puzzles
Choo choo! In this family-friendly flash game you have to guide all trains safely to their destination. 21 levels of railroad puzzles.
Play AsteriskAsterisk Game

Plays: 3424
Category: Puzzles
Elegant puzzle game, 20 entertaining levels, pleasant relaxing music, stylish graphics. - 20 various puzzle levels - stylish design, unobtrusive animation - easy and pleasant atmosphere of the game - beautiful graphical and sound effects - good opportunity of training your spatial thinking
Play Connect HalloweenConnect Halloween Game

Plays: 3420
Category: Action
Brand new features, double the fun! Familiar old rules along with two new bonus tiles bringing new gameplay dimension and a hint of strategy, it's more fun than ever before. Help masked people find their pairs by connecting them together. It's a fast-paced action puzzle game that puts various of skills of yours at test. Can you manage to save all of them before the time runs out? In-game instructions with detailed description of rules are included, including explanation of all new features and rules.

Plays: 3416
Category: Puzzles
Balloon Tom is galgje in een geheel eigen jasje
Play NIMNIM Game

Plays: 3410
Category: BoardGame
Classic pub game played with match sticks. Simple to play, hard to master. Use some logic and strategy to out-wit the computer.
Play Linx: Easy LevelsetLinx: Easy Levelset Game

Plays: 3408
Category: Puzzles
A unique logical game, where your objective is to connect all the same coloured bases with paths. The paths have a funky characteristic, that two paths of different colours cannot intersect. Add to it pits which can't hold paths on them, and you get a mixture of logical mayhem. This easier levelset can be considered a warm-up for some of the more tricky puzzles ahead. Practice well and learn the mechanics of linking those bases.
Play Logic TestLogic Test Game

Plays: 3405
Category: Adventure
Test your brain in this game. how long you can survive in this game.
Play Credit card escapeCredit card escape Game

Plays: 3400
Category: Puzzles
It's a simple room escape. Enjoy it!
Play Heavy LogicHeavy Logic Game

Plays: 3398
Category: Education
Heavy Logic is a new game by Flash Games. Like the name says, this is a logic game. It's your task to select the heaviest object on the seesaws.
Play Jelly CatJelly Cat Game

Plays: 3396
Category: Adventure
Guide this cute jelly cat to the exit! Use the mouse to drag him and set the direction. Release the left mouse button in order to throw him in the desirable direction!
Play Seesaw Logic (Facebook)Seesaw Logic (Facebook) Game

Plays: 3373
Category: Puzzles
Find out the heaviest item based on their relative weights.
Play Wonderful SudokuWonderful Sudoku Game

Plays: 3369
Category: BoardGame
Plunge into the world Chinese style together with fine puzzle game to Sudoku. Prove that you can quickly solve logic puzzles.
Play 3D Water Maze (Molehill)3D Water Maze (Molehill) Game

Plays: 3352
Category: Action
Escape the water maze.
Play Mahjong FeverMahjong Fever Game

Plays: 3340
Category: Puzzles
Mahjong is one of the most recognised games in the world. Originally from Asia, like Sudoku, and similar to Money Memo, the aim of the game is to find matching tiles, remove them from the game and build the biggest pile for yourself. In doing so however, you may only take matching tiles which are free on their left or right sides. The game is played until there are no more free tiles to remove. With Mahjong you must, similar to other logic games, always think a couple of moves ahead, to avoid playing the wrong move. Mahjong is so well known that it is often included in computer operating systems, to be played offline. Almost everyone has played this game or seen it played at parties etc. more commonly today probably on their computer. In Asia it is possible to buy handmade Mahjong sets that run to thousands of Euros!
Play Candy BallsCandy Balls Game

Plays: 3335
Category: Action
Candy fun for everyone! Little arcade-puzzle game for candy loving braniacs. Aim and shoot to get as many (or as little) points as possible. Several levels of sweet and sticky logic and skill.
Play Combo MasterCombo Master Game

Plays: 3325
Category: Puzzles
Build combo and enjoy! Game seems like Dr.Mario (Nindendo), but this game has new rule. Rule base on Combo effect. 1). Kill the monster, possible having placed near by him row from 3 pills of one color. 2). The Dynamite appears after Combo. Combo occurs when removing more one line. 3). Kill the King monster, possible only dynamite. The Dynamite is given after achievement Combo.
Play Maze 3 Time AttackMaze 3 Time Attack Game

Plays: 3303
Category: Action
This game is a classic Maze Game.
Play Where is My SpecsWhere is My Specs Game

Plays: 3287
Category: Puzzles
Where is My Specs is another new point and click type hidden object game from Gamesperk. This time mimi came to know that her Specs is missing. Explore her room by finding the hidden objects,useful hints and help mini to find her Specs soon. Good Luck and Have Fun!

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