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Online Bird Games
Play Birds NestBirds Nest Game

Plays: 1187
Category: Strategy
Help the big mama bird feed its babies in the birds nest skills game!
Play Paraglide Girl Dress UpParaglide Girl Dress Up Game

Plays: 1183
Category: Customize
The sensation of flying is like nothing else this girl has ever felt. Paragliding have become synonymous with her life. The first day of flying with the paraglide was one of the most memorable experience of her life. Discover a little part of sensation of flight like a bird near by this paraglide girl. Dress her up with all the necessary paragliding equipment and protective clothes and at the end of the game she will show you her flight. Enjoy the game!
Play Mary bird lover dress upMary bird lover dress up Game

Plays: 1169
Category: Dress-Up
Mary bird lover dress up Game.
Play Angry Bird Seek Wife Angry Bird Seek Wife Game

Plays: 1159
Category: Puzzles
Using your brain to help Angry bird find his wife,
Play SpeakBirdSpeakBird Game

Plays: 1144
Category: Action
Speak to bird and use mouse to play with bird.have fun!
Play Myor catMyor cat Game

Plays: 1140
Category: Action
A game like Angry Bird

Plays: 1090
Category: Action
Help "Postman" the postman to deliver the mail being careful not to crash into any obstacles on the way! INSTRUCTIONS: Tilt the phone to move Postman and his bike, doing TAP on the screen to throw the mail in the boxes at the side of the road. Attention! If you hit the vehicles or the cassette is missing your score will go down! GOOD LUCK!
Play Princess And Bird ColoringPrincess And Bird Coloring Game

Plays: 1063
Category: Customize
Princess And Bird Coloring
Play Sounds. Sounds of birds./ ?????. ????? ????Sounds. Sounds of birds./ ?????. ????? ???? Game

Plays: 1059
Category: Education
Training game Sounds of birds is game for the smallest. Choose a bird and press her big image. Listen as it sings. After the green signal of a traffic light will light up, you can choose the following bird. Languages are supported: Russian, English, German, French, Ukrainian and Spanish. ????????? ???? ????? ???? ??? ???? ??? ????? ?????????. ???????? ????? ? ??????? ?? ?? ??????? ???????????. ???????? ??? ??? ????. ????? ???? ??? ????????? ??????? ?????? ?????????, ?? ?????? ??????? ????????? ?????. ?????????????? ?????: ???????, ??????????, ????????, ???????????, ?????????? ? ?????????.
Play Frog N BirdFrog N Bird Game

Plays: 1054
Category: Action
The aim of this game is to make the frog jump on to the leaf at the right and get points.
Play Couple BirdsCouple Birds Game

Plays: 1023
Category: Puzzles
Find two same birds, then click to remove them as fast as you can! Have fun!
Play Birds FeedingBirds Feeding Game

Plays: 1015
Category: Customize
Janice is a bird lover and she found the most exciting job at the pet store. She has to take care of the exotic birds from the garden and keep them satisfied. Can you help her feed the birds with the request food? You have already the fruits on the table cut it in pieces and you have to give every bird the right fruits. Try to feed them before the time expire otherwise they get angry and leave. Good luck!
Play Stacking up KimbopStacking up Kimbop Game

Plays: 1002
Category: Puzzles
You will have to properly stack up the Kimbop in this game. According to the level, 1 or more Kim bob will appear. You need 50% accuracy for stacking up 1 Kimbop and need 80% accuracy for more than 1 Kimbop. Also, since the birds will try to peck at the Kimbop randomly, try to stack it up so that it won’t lean to one side. Item Cat: You can drop them if you hit them with the Kimbop. Doughnut: You can eat them when the Kimbop is near the doughnut. Bird: They peck at the Kimbop randomly and make the Kimbop to lean to one side. (Difficulty occurs)
Play Flappy KaakkaFlappy Kaakka Game

Plays: 999
Category: Adventure
Flappy kakka Flap hard and go mad to be in air "kraa kraa"
Play Memory birdMemory bird Game

Plays: 981
Category: BoardGame
This game is on the development of memory. Birds are tweet, one by one, our goal is to repeat tweets in the same manner.
Play flappyfireflappyfire Game

Plays: 920
Category: Adventure
1, deluxe flappybird, but the leading role of the game is not that fat bird, but a little stars, and so on. 2, game, take the reward system, subsequent version, will consider to join more barriers to reward element and element; 3, games, fly as far as possible. 4, by clicking on the screen to get the effect of flight.
Play Swingy BirdSwingy Bird Game

Plays: 907
Category: Action
Wee! Swinging up and down is fun when you're a bird! But the pesky metal poles keep getting in the way! Bounce your way to the highscore in Swingy Bird! Features - Neat 8-bit graphics - Cute sounds - Never ending random level generation - Awesomeness! - Clicky goodness
Play Bird and spring coloringBird and spring coloring Game

Plays: 895
Category: Customize
Bird and spring coloring Game.
Play Stuck Bird 2Stuck Bird 2 Game

Plays: 894
Category: Adventure
Once upon a time, a little bird named Shuchi was flying in the forest when he accidentally got himself stuck in a tunnel where lots of crows were living. Help Shuchi find his way out of this dangerous tunnel!
Play Birdie Hop-HopBirdie Hop-Hop Game

Plays: 888
Category: Action
Oops... The bridge is broken. A group of cute & kawaii birds needs to migrate to another island. Unfortunately they can flap their wings which means they can't fly. The good news, they're good at jumping. But still not far enough to jump to the next island. So it's your turn to guide them to move to other island using the cute clouds. Use them as a jumping platform for the birds to travel to the next island. Tap the screen to place a cloud, and make sure the position is precise enough so the bird can jump on that cloud perfectly. Don't let any birds drown to the sea, because the sharks are very hungry and will eat anything they found. Collect the points, and unlock new bird costumes. Six new cute bird costumes are available to buy. Upgrades also available, and will make it easier to gain even more scores. Simple game for children as well as mature players. With online leaderboard, so you can compete either with your family, friends, or with the people around the world. Show them who got the best highscores. Game Features: - Simple gameplay, just tap the screen. - Cute bird characters, from cockatoo, chicken, duck, toucan, flamingo, eagle, and more. - Leaderboard ready

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