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Play Shut DownShut Down Game

Plays: 2585
Category: Puzzles
The objective of the game is simple - shut down all of the blocks. Sound easy? The problem is each block affects its neighbours (a bit like life I guess).
Play FunnyRideFunnyRide Game

Plays: 2550
Category: Adventure
Hurry Up!! Play funny ride game with old model cars in funny ways ! ,and collect coins and clear the 10 levels.
Play Pixel PythonPixel Python Game

Plays: 2526
Category: Action
Accept the challenge of guiding the python to the apples and earn the high score!
Play Pina PonyPina Pony Game

Plays: 2509
Category: Action
Pina Pony escaped its fate and needs your help now! Jump over gaps and dodge spikes and people who want to go for your candies in the Normal or One Button Mode!
Play SpacePixelSpacePixel Game

Plays: 2508
Category: Action
Simple pixel shooter. Shoot the blocks and keep them from touching the white line(located under player)! You have a barricade, but it's only going to last you so long! 20 "stages" in which the bricks speed up.
Play The Italian MafiaThe Italian Mafia Game

Plays: 2506
Category: Action
Pixel man being chased by stickman all the world.Now, they come to Italy,protected the Pixel man as possible as you can,higher level harder difficulty,good luck.more the best fighting games on ,welcome!
Play Rival RodentsRival Rodents Game

Plays: 2505
Category: Action
You are a little brown hamster called Botaro living in a zoo and you are always hungry but so are your friends. You need to eat lot's of apples or else your health will drop to zero and you will die of starvation. This game is all about timing and jumping on your fellow rodent's heads. Get a highscore and submit it online. The rules are simple: Apples will drop from the sky and you need to jump to catch them. The other rodents also like apples so they will go after the apples too. Warning: Watch out for unhealthy food like choco bars, they will drop your health big time and won't live to tell about it. This Game contains the Mochiscore leaderboard Have Fun!
Play Space DisposalSpace Disposal Game

Plays: 2493
Category: Action
Space Disposal is a great neo-retro arcade game coming in a fancy retro look with cool graphics effects! Your task is to move your disposal missile through dangerous levels, collect all the nuclear waste and bring it safely to the detonation chamber. Use arrows, WASD or mouse to navigate the ship and take care of lasers, security drones, acid drops and other hazardous obstacles!
Play DromadDromad Game

Plays: 2490
Category: Action
Play as a man trapped inside a dungeon-like tomb fighting for his life against a number of different kinds of enemies. From blob-spawning monsters, to armored men, to ghosts and even cyclops, you will have to earn your way through with different upgrades to either of your weapons. Falling sand surrounds you on all sides, making your only escape a blaster in one hand, and a grenade launcher in the other.
Play Catacombs of wolvesCatacombs of wolves Game

Plays: 2475
Category: Action
Find a way out of a vault teeming with blood-thirsty werewolves.
Play PixelKickPixelKick Game

Plays: 2473
Category: Sports
A fun little kick around of Soccer.
Play Pel+Pel+ Game

Plays: 2472
Category: Action
Pel, the fun pixel-based fan-favorite game, is back, now improved based on user feedback!
Play Greexel: A Pixel AdventureGreexel: A Pixel Adventure Game

Plays: 2469
Category: Action
Join this awesome puzzle action game, that lead you in a pixelized of 15 levels adventure. Have fun in the 2 games modes available and try to achieve all the prizes.
Play DidgaDidga's Adventure Episode 1: The Ginshin Sword Game

Plays: 2454
Category: Action
Episode 1: The Ginshin Sword - Didga must find and gain strength to be able to wield the Ginshin Sword of the Forest. Seek the sword to unlock the ability to defeat the monster mobs with ease.
Play Ponage 2Ponage 2 Game

Plays: 2446
Category: Action
Blast from the past is back. 2 new paddles for you to unlock. Once again your goal is to defeat the computer. Tips are displayed in game over.
Play Pixel City SkaterPixel City Skater Game

Plays: 2444
Category: Action
Grab your skateboard and enter Pixel City. Skate through the dangerous city streets where a single mistake results in instant death! *** Highlights *** - Retro style pixel graphics! - Addictive one button gameplay - 50+ challenging stages in normal game mode - Blood splatter - Choose between Normal or Endless Mode, for endless fun! - Exclusive soundtrack by chiptune artist Boy vs. Bacteria
Play Blowing Pixels: Planet DefenderBlowing Pixels: Planet Defender Game

Plays: 2421
Category: Shooting
Blowing Pixels: Planet Defender is an arcade shooter that's strong on strategy with a retro soul, featuring stunning explosions and great effects. The player has to defend his planet from asteroids, ufos and alien bombs falling from the deep space. GAME FEATURES: - stunning explosions - 3 difficulty levels - 3 planets - 15 waves of enemies - 26 different enemies - upgrades - powerups - 2 music tracks The game has been developed by Lowpoly Studios and sponsored by
Play Temple GliderTemple Glider Game

Plays: 2421
Category: Action
Unique platforming/flying mechanic used to escape the ancient tombs.
Play Cat Astro PhiCat Astro Phi Game

Plays: 2418
Category: Action
An unfortunate accident leaves your pet cat stranded. Explore and battle your way through three hostile alien planets. Each with their own puzzles, traps and inhabitants to encounter. Created in the style of Gameboy Classic game work your way through three planets, with interactive story sequences between them, as you explore the levels, react to the environment, solve puzzles, hack lazer walls, explode bombs, avoid sentry guns and blow stuff up! All while searching for their missing pet cat.
Play Quest For BonesQuest For Bones Game

Plays: 2404
Category: Action
A friend needs your help. He has lost all his bones and only you can gather them for him. Gather them up as fast as you can but watch out for the bulldogs that do not want to give them up.

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