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Online logic Games
Play Multi fruit line 2Multi fruit line 2 Game

Plays: 3594
Category: Puzzles
Field located on the magical fruit. Do not let the fruit to fill all available space. Fruit equally spaced in a straight line are removed from the field. In game 3 difficulty levels.
Play e3D The Pyramide3D The Pyramid Game

Plays: 3582
Category: Puzzles
Find the missing piece of the Pharaoh’s head, unlock the tomb and escape the pyramid! You were sent on an archaeological excavation to the Great Pyramid of Egypt. While performing your investigation of the tomb, unexpectedly the exit filled up with stones! Did the ancient Egyptians lay a trap for vandals and grave robbers? In a pyramid, oxygen quickly comes to an end…It is necessary to get out of this trap!
Play Lost Inca ProphecyLost Inca Prophecy Game

Plays: 3576
Category: Puzzles
Match colorful and exotic icons to stop a long-forgotten prophecy from befalling the Incan Empire in The Lost Inca Prophecy, an amazing match-3 adventure that lets you choose how to play!
Play Nonsense in the Gnomes HouseNonsense in the Gnomes House Game

Plays: 3573
Category: Puzzles
"Find-a-difference" type logic puzzle game. Three funny household themes. Garden-plot, Kitchen and Drawing-room. Help the Gnome to introduce order in his house. Click on the item you believe is in disorder to see what happens.
Play Matching WheelMatching Wheel Game

Plays: 3569
Category: Puzzles
In this matching puzzle game you are presented with five large squares on the board. Each Large square contains four smaller squares of different colors. You have to rotate the squares until each large square contains all small squares of the same color.
Play BrikaBrika Game

Plays: 3568
Category: Puzzles
A fun quick game that's easy to pick up and hard to put down :)
Play Impossible Labyrinth 6Impossible Labyrinth 6 Game

Plays: 3556
Category: Action
The Chapter SIx from impossible Labyrinth Saga. Exit from the labyrinth in 30 seconds.
Play PiClimber SquaredPiClimber Squared Game

Plays: 3553
Category: Puzzles
This is the extended version of the game PiClimber. PiClimber is a tribute to Pi (also known as 3.14). The digits of Pi form the different stages of the game, and your job is to think your way through to the last digit in the best possible way. In this version all scores are squared.
Play Gravity Project (Begin)Gravity Project (Begin) Game

Plays: 3537
Category: Puzzles
7 levels of something strange!
Play Alien CrashAlien Crash Game

Plays: 3535
Category: Puzzles
Make the journey back to your crash-landed flying saucer. Strategically use the objects in your inventory to reach each level's checkered flag. You can't finish level without picking key item. Good luck, little alien!
Play Failed Memory Escape 3Failed Memory Escape 3 Game

Plays: 3522
Category: Adventure
Find 3 microschemes in order to get outside the house, search for car keys to start engine and escape. Good Luck!
Play MondrianMondrian Game

Plays: 3519
Category: Puzzles
Mondrian is a reflexion game in which you have to fill an empty grid with a given amount of color boxes, displayed at the bottom of the screen.
Play PentalogicPentalogic Game

Plays: 3504
Category: Puzzles
is similar to popular game Pentomino
Play Paper MahjongPaper Mahjong Game

Plays: 3502
Category: BoardGame
Paper Mahjong is a traditional mahjong game with a unique art style. The game features 5 challenging levels with increasing difficulty. You can collect only the pieces on the sides so be careful not to get stuck! Have fun while trying to beat the top score!
Play D.N.A Dynamic Neural ActionD.N.A Dynamic Neural Action Game

Plays: 3500
Category: Action
Group together the same color cubes and explose them with appropriate sphere. Play alone or two players offline or online !
Play Rush HourRush Hour Game

Plays: 3490
Category: Puzzles
A logical game with 50 levels. All you have to do is to get the red car out of the board
Play BallsBalls Game

Plays: 3477
Category: Puzzles
You should collect the 5 balls.
Play Master of catapult 3: Ancient MachineMaster of catapult 3: Ancient Machine Game

Plays: 3477
Category: Action
Ancient machines evolved and captured the people of the planet. Get rid of old machines. Destroy them using a catapult and improved bomb. You can gain extra points if you get the artifacts. Collect bonuses. In this game are 50 levels. The complexity of the game increases from level to level. Good luck!
Play Number MadnessNumber Madness Game

Plays: 3468
Category: Puzzles
Challenge yourself with this new type of strategy game. Number Madness will challenge your speed and logic solving skills as you attempt to solve each puzzle. If the puzzles are to easy for your intellectual mind then take your fair attempt at random mode.
Play Diamonds DiamondsDiamonds Diamonds Game

Plays: 3455
Category: BoardGame
Diamonds Diamonds is a logic game with goal to find all color diamonds in each level. You must be careful to click on black diamond, otherwise you loose one life.

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