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Play TicTacToe SuperstarsTicTacToe Superstars Game

Plays: 1974
Category: Puzzles
TicTacToe with a twist.
Play Neon Blast PongNeon Blast Pong Game

Plays: 1967
Category: Sports
A twist on the classic game of pong! Neon graphics + Combos!
Play Leopardy GameLeopardy Game Game

Plays: 1960
Category: Education
Leopardy is a Jeopardy style trivia game with a fun twist to it. Think you are pretty smart? Then give Leopardy a try!
Play Compound lettersCompound letters Game

Plays: 1938
Category: BoardGame
Test your word-building prowess in "Compound letters", a challenging game that puts a new spin on the classic game theme. This is a word search game, but with a twist. The puzzle board will spin and flip as you search for words, giving you an extra challenge. There are 3 difficulties: Easy - a static puzzle that doesnt rotate or anything; a basic word search. Normal - every 15 seconds, the puzzle board rotates clockwise. Hard - every 15 seconds, the board will either rotate clockwise or counterclockwise, or flip horizontally or vertically. This is your ultimate word search game with the bonuses of rotating and flipping boards. Use your mouse to connect each letter to form a word.
Play Invader VoidInvader Void Game

Plays: 1932
Category: Action
A classic style space shooter with a twist. Can you survive the onslaught and defend the galaxy?
Play Marble FrenzyMarble Frenzy Game

Plays: 1924
Category: Puzzles
Marble Frenzy is a marble shooter with a wonderful twist: the marbles are on spinning pinwheel. Knock them all out using power ups in this addicting bubble popping romp. If you love Bubble Town or Bubble Spinner you are going to love the addicting, fast, fun and frenzied Marble Frenzy. Play more games on
Play Kalien - Back To SchoolKalien - Back To School Game

Plays: 1889
Category: Action
You control an alien called Kalian. Move him around the mouse and dodge the classroom objects, well maybe not all of them are classroom objects. Gain upgrades to make your alien smaller, bigger, more health, more enemies, rotation, extra points, and the most secret bonus, the computer.
Play Strategy Defense 9Strategy Defense 9 Game

Plays: 1864
Category: Action
Strategy Defense 9 is the twist of the Strategy Defense. With all new exciting maps with twisted track! Defend the city from the enemy's onslaught in the new experiences!
Play RePongRePong Game

Plays: 1863
Category: Action
A new twist on a classic.
Play Ancient Treasures Mahjong ConnectAncient Treasures Mahjong Connect Game

Plays: 1856
Category: BoardGame
Plunge into to a relaxing world of tile-matching fun challenge in this free mahjong connect game. Play Mahjong with a new tricky twist in the tile game that takes you to the journey for antique pieces search. Make matches by selecting like pairs, but the trick here is to make sure that both tiles can connect together with a line. That line can't have more than two changes of direction. Play this addictive relaxing puzzle extremely popular game and have a lot of fun! The game main advantages: - Simple rules; - Addictive gameplay; - Impressive quality artstyle; - Graphics are polished and pleasing to the eyes. - Melodic music and nice sound effects; - Cool relaxing game
Play SkylineSkyline Game

Plays: 1854
Category: Puzzles
Skyline is a casual puzzle game in which players must spell words using a board of movable letter tiles. Players rearrange letters by swapping or exchanging positions of two letter tiles at a time. The game will feature different modes. First is an ascending challenge curve mode called Level Play. Level Play is structured with stages in which the player is given a set of rules and must create a certain number of words for that stage before time runs out. Endless Mode is more of a sandbox style play where the player is given a timer and a constant board of tiles. The only objective is to score as many points as possible and try to prevent the timer from reaching zero. Skyline provides depth with the introduction of different 'special' tile types that have effects or rules that add a unique twist to gameplay and player decisions. This, coupled with a score feedback system that rewards players for more efficient and advanced play, helps make Skyline an easy game to jump into and a fun game to master.
Play Intergalactic MailIntergalactic Mail Game

Plays: 1829
Category: Action
A simple, old school space shooter with a twist. You are an intergalactic mail man, and space pirates have just opened fire on you. Can you defeat them and deliver the mail?
Play Hang A Bot: State CapitalsHang A Bot: State Capitals Game

Plays: 1829
Category: Education
Hang A Bot: State Capitals is a word game similar to hangman but with a robotic twist. When you get right or wrong the robot will give you a piece of his Click on a letter to try to spell out the capital and state or country names. If you miss 4 times the game is over.
Play PenguPengu Game

Plays: 1822
Category: Action
Dive and perform amazing stunts with your penguin! Pengu allows you to spin, twist and jump around the vast ocean while collecting as much points as possible. Accompanied with wonderful music, this is not a game to be missed.
Play Break Bar RPGBreak Bar RPG Game

Plays: 1822
Category: Action
A twist to the Breakout style genre with the addition of Bosses, Experience Levels, Permanent Upgrades, and more!
Play PyrasnakesPyrasnakes Game

Plays: 1802
Category: Strategy
Snakes with 2D Top down Pyramids! The twist is that there is a bouncing spike in the center of the map. As the game progresses the spike gets faster and faster. Colliding with the spike means instant death!
Play GhostedGhosted Game

Plays: 1786
Category: Adventure
A fun physics game with a twist! In Ghosted, you must control various ghosts and interact with the environement to get to the door. Ghosts can pass through real world objects, but not ghost world! So, fuse yourself into real objects and use the various abilities of the different ghosts to win!
Play MittensMittens Game

Plays: 1783
Category: Action
Can you save the princess? Be warned, things may not end as expected!
Play Tower blocksTower blocks Game

Plays: 1761
Category: Puzzles
Classic block game Tetris like with a twist of difficulty.
Play ChaintrixChaintrix Game

Plays: 1760
Category: Puzzles
Utilize the power of chain reactions to destroy elements. Colors actually matter in this Tetris-inspired game!

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