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Online Bird Games
Play Bird BlastBird Blast Game

Plays: 1496
Category: Shooting
Shoot the birds before they can get away! Upgrade your guns and unlock new ones to help you solve the mystery behind the Red Neck's problem. Try to build the biggest combos and get the best rankings for every level!
Play angry bieberangry bieber Game

Plays: 1474
Category: Action
wow, Bieber is pretty upset today, because so many hater making games of him, now throw him with some stone!!!
Play FiremanTricksFiremanTricks Game

Plays: 1459
Category: Action
Discover and learn fireman tricks and help the bird to extinguish the hidden fire which was set by the devil black clouds. Have fun and test your accuracy and cleverness in the logic puzzle game.
Play Sourness Of CatSourness Of Cat Game

Plays: 1452
Category: Shooting
What do the cat have designs on?This bird looks like to be a giggle.But the cat must hit the bird with the direct power!Why do the cat have to do this?Because the bird will play a practical joke!
Play Bird HuntBird Hunt Game

Plays: 1424
Category: Shooting
The player has to shoot different Bird to proceed to next levels. Shooting a wrong Bird deducts a life. The Bird ,that should shot changes in few seconds...
Play Dillo HillsDillo Hills Game

Plays: 1413
Category: Action
This tiny armadillo’s biggest dream is to fly through the air like a bird. But without any wings, he’ll have to improvise! Slide along hills to build up speed, then take to the sky and soar!
Play Fruit SnatcherFruit Snatcher Game

Plays: 1408
Category: Action
Nilmerg is a creature who loves fruits but is too lazy to get them himself. Help him on his crazy plan to steal the fruits from birds who carry them.
Play Inner ZombieInner Zombie Game

Plays: 1408
Category: Action
First it was the bird flu. Then it was the swine flu. Guess what's next? That's right: the zombie flu!
Play Dshield DefenderDshield Defender Game

Plays: 1393
Category: Action
When aliens come to take over earth, there is one that will stand up to protect us. This hero is Dashieldboyz! With it's powerful shield and it can protect the earth from harm, but for how long? Play more great games at
Play Flappy Bird MultiplayerFlappy Bird Multiplayer Game

Plays: 1388
Category: Puzzles
Fun, frustrating, addictive - this is Flappy Birds. While the developer took his masterpiece down from the app stores you can still enjoy it as a free online game. Fly and compete with other people from your area in this fun Flappy Bird mod! Carefully avoid the pipes and get further than anyone else, while you see the other players fail.
Play Horror Plant 2Horror Plant 2 Game

Plays: 1371
Category: Adventure
Horror plant is back! Enter the secret tree house and kill all dwarfs in this point and click adventure game! Subtle humor and even more of evil dwarf blood! There are two possible endings.
Play Dodo Bird ChallengeDodo Bird Challenge Game

Plays: 1368
Category: Action
Accept this great challenge and help Dodo Bird fly away safely from the glacial lands before he freezes! He needs to reach the tropical lands without hitting any obstacle that might get in his way! An easy game, great fun, just perfect to help time fly by! Tap the screen to make Dodo flap his wings and dodge obstacles! Help him get as farther as he can before he freezes! ------- Coming soon: Great skill training missions Fun rewards in bonuses and badges! COOLectables during the flight! NEW characters picked out from Dodo’s friends to play with!
Play The Little BirdThe Little Bird Game

Plays: 1368
Category: Action
The little bird is a very funny game to play. In this game require you to fly in the sky as long as possible by pressing the space key on your keyboard.
Play Ratating Birds   Ratating Birds Game

Plays: 1351
Category: Puzzles
Have fun in clearing all birds! Rotating Keys on both sides will help you a lot and the hammer is used when single bird or item is left. Remember you have got limited chance to use it!
Play Pyoro IIPyoro II Game

Plays: 1349
Category: Action
Help the bird eat the falling seeds.
Play Bird ChaseBird Chase Game

Plays: 1343
Category: Action
Play Crop DefendersCrop Defenders Game

Plays: 1320
Category: Action
Build an army of birds and fortify your land against invading animals.
Play Bird Jigsaw PuzzleBird Jigsaw Puzzle Game

Plays: 1312
Category: Dress-Up
Bird Jigsaw Puzzle
Play Bird Egg Defenders 2Bird Egg Defenders 2 Game

Plays: 1289
Category: Shooting
Bad pigs who are eager for your eggs found you again, but this time you have more weapons to eliminate them. You can free the next wave of monsters by clicking time button and each second ahead can get 100 coins.
Play Jumping BobJumping Bob Game

Plays: 1274
Category: Action
A nasty bird has kidnapped your girlfriend Lucy. It is your duty to rescue her. Move in a 2D platform world and turn off the switch to stop the chainsaw before she is killed. Touching any enemy or falling from too high results in death and the loss of one life. When all lives are gone you can continue the game but the score resets. You have to collect all the 11 keys to gain access to final level and face the nasty bird.

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