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Play GhostMemoryGhostMemory Game

Plays: 2253
Category: Puzzles
A memory game with a little twist.
Play Infinite Boulder DashInfinite Boulder Dash Game

Plays: 2220
Category: Action
The classic Boulder Dash game with a twist. Collect diamonds to open exit to the next level. Generated content for infinite fun!
Play Dr. CofuDr. Cofu Game

Plays: 2215
Category: Puzzles
Dr. Mario with a twist! In this game you move the viruses around and place them horizontally by the matching colored capsule.
Play FlingFling Game

Plays: 2183
Category: Puzzles
A simple puzzle game with a new twist. Colored blocks will advance as time goes on, your task is to fling the same colored block at them to knock it out of the wall.
Play Ice breakers SX3Ice breakers SX3 Game

Plays: 2173
Category: Action
A breakout game with a twist
Play Coaster Cars: Twist trackCoaster Cars: Twist track Game

Plays: 2163
Category: Action
Fast 3D racing game on roller coaster.
Play Exohs 3DExohs 3D Game

Plays: 2127
Category: BoardGame
X's and O's in given a modern twist in this new dimension of the classic
Play VirusVirus Game

Plays: 2127
Category: Action
Its a remake of a classic game snake with a whole new different twist. It still retains the classic 2d map but in this new version you can go through the ends of a map and appear on the other sides. There are also powerups health bonuses and walls that block your path! It is highly addictive so start playing!
Play cute creatures couple twistcute creatures couple twist Game

Plays: 2120
Category: Education
CLICK 2 OR MORE NEIGHBORING CREATURES TO REMOVE THEM A LINE WILL BE ADDED EACH TIMER EMPTY DONT LET THE ROW REACHED THE TOP after the column remover bar filled you can remove 1 column creatures by press "1","2" or "3"until "0" according to the column
Play TouchesTouches Game

Plays: 2116
Category: Action
Soccer kinda , with a twist
Play The BridgeThe Bridge Game

Plays: 2110
Category: Puzzles
London Bridge is falling down! At first, this may seem like a simple Breakout clone, but in a twist you could probably see mile away, the bricks are slowly moving towards you, Space Invaders style! Survive all 5 levels of increasing speed, and you will get a special reward! Are you ready, my fair lady (or sir or what have you)?
Play Battle PongBattle Pong Game

Plays: 2110
Category: Sports
Pong with a twist! Take control of one of 4 characters and battle your way through the tournament to become victorious! Each character has a different special move, used wisely this is the key to victory!
Play snake eatersnake eater Game

Plays: 2083
Category: Action
Classic version of the snake game with a little twist, Eat the numbers so his tail grows by that number and rice the score with that number. avoid running into the walls or the snakes tail.
Play Fleet DefenderFleet Defender Game

Plays: 2069
Category: Action
This is an old school Galaxian style shooter with a twist. Your goal, instead of just looking out for yourself, is to protect the 3 transport ships that are at the bottom of the screen, as they make there way to a new space colony.
Play Theft PunkTheft Punk Game

Plays: 2064
Category: Adventure
Theft Punk is a challenging top-down puzzle game spiced with the retro jazzy atmosphere. The main character is a silly little robber on a quest to steal all the diamonds in the city, and by the end of the game he will steal your heart as well. Stick with this charming bad guy to the end of his journey to discover the unexpected twist to his story. In this easy to pick up, hard to master game you'll find 30 unique levels divided into 5 different locations, each bringing new game features; polished sounds and graphics; smooth jazz music and humorous outro.
Play SkylineSkyline Game

Plays: 2053
Category: Puzzles
Skyline is a casual puzzle game in which players must spell words using a board of movable letter tiles. Players rearrange letters by swapping or exchanging positions of two letter tiles at a time. The game will feature different modes. First is an ascending challenge curve mode called Level Play. Level Play is structured with stages in which the player is given a set of rules and must create a certain number of words for that stage before time runs out. Endless Mode is more of a sandbox style play where the player is given a timer and a constant board of tiles. The only objective is to score as many points as possible and try to prevent the timer from reaching zero. Skyline provides depth with the introduction of different 'special' tile types that have effects or rules that add a unique twist to gameplay and player decisions. This, coupled with a score feedback system that rewards players for more efficient and advanced play, helps make Skyline an easy game to jump into and a fun game to master.
Play Snowflakes FrenzySnowflakes Frenzy Game

Plays: 2047
Category: Action
Help Snowy the Last Snowman collect as many snowflakes as you can while vanquishing the evil robots from Coal & Co. This is an action game with a puzzle twist to it. Easy to play, but difficult to master!
Play Bubble CrisisBubble Crisis Game

Plays: 2037
Category: Shooting
Fresh twist on a classic arcade game. Complete all 40 levels and become the ultimate champion!
Play Concerto MemoryConcerto Memory Game

Plays: 2036
Category: Education
Instead of Images, match sounds in this original twist on the classic memory game... And not just any sounds : extracts from the greatest tunes of classic music. A original and educational game!
Play Turn Based Space ShooterTurn Based Space Shooter Game

Plays: 2024
Category: Strategy
Turn based twist on the SHMUP genre.

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