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Online square Games
Play MagicLoveSquareMagicLoveSquare Game

Plays: 2050
Category: Education
Find a missing piece and complete the Magic Square!
Play Japanese SudokuJapanese Sudoku Game

Plays: 2043
Category: Puzzles
Relax and play our Sudoku with Japanese theme and relaxing music! Select difficulty, try to fill the puzzle with the correct digits and have fun!
Play SuDoKu - Eastern wisdomSuDoKu - Eastern wisdom Game

Plays: 2040
Category: Puzzles
Sudoku - numeric puzzle! Examine your analytical skills! Sudoku is named "magic square". In this game a widely popular and favourite puzzle is beautified with citations of great people. Picturesque views of Japan will help you dive into the process.
Play Square WitchSquare Witch Game

Plays: 2032
Category: Puzzles
The Witch-theme Casual Box Game
Play Ze SnakeZe Snake Game

Plays: 2028
Category: Action
The classic arcade game of Snake. Move along the square and collect point, but never reach the vorders, or cross with your own tail.
Play Funky BathroomFunky Bathroom Game

Plays: 2026
Category: Customize
Check out this funky, cool and super chic bathroom! It has all the right ingredients for the most awesome bathroom you have ever seen. Start decorating it to your personal preferences and see how it transforms into a funky bathroom. Add in a pink faucet, a green edge mirror, square funky floors and of course, a fluorescent light on the selling, overseeing the big imposing bathtub. Through in colorful towels and that's it. Now that's a funky bathroom!
Play Dodge The SquarezDodge The Squarez Game

Plays: 2018
Category: Strategy
How fast can you dodge when shooting past these speedy squares.
Play Avoider ChineseAvoider Chinese Game

Plays: 2012
Category: Action
Avoider is a quick and simple arcade game. You have to avoid enemies and collect as many green rollers as you can. 3 types of bonuses, 5 types of enemies and 3 bosses.
Play Yummi SquaresYummi Squares Game

Plays: 2008
Category: Puzzles
The object of this game is to rotate the stars until four stars of the same kind form the four corners of a square. The square can be of any size and orientation. Tap to rotate the stars and click the arrow buttons on the left to change the direction of rotation.
Play MagicFacesSquareMagicFacesSquare Game

Plays: 1987
Category: Puzzles
Find a missing piece and complete the Magic Square!
Play ProximaProxima Game

Plays: 1979
Category: Action
8 Alien battle cruisers are on there way to destory earth, your mission is to destroy all the power units located on each cruiser, allowing you to continue to the next. Watch out though, they won't go without a fight, each cruiser has patrolling enemy ships, you've been warned! The power units are square objects with a flashing center, and these are also located on the radar by flashing dots.
Play DodgerDodger Game

Plays: 1978
Category: Puzzles
Your are the green square Dodge all the squares elements and stay alive.
Play Square Blockade!Square Blockade! Game

Plays: 1975
Category: Action
Avoid the balls to reach a high score.
Play Shape EscapeShape Escape Game

Plays: 1974
Category: Action
Multitask! Control the circles with the arrow keys. Make sure you avoid the diamonds and squares!
Play Mental ShowtimeMental Showtime Game

Plays: 1955
Category: Puzzles
You're an orange square-headed freak trapped in a circus side-show. Your objective is to get the heck out of the circus and find your friends!
Play Blast WaveBlast Wave Game

Plays: 1951
Category: Action
Strange things have been happening in happy space recently, odd holes have been opening everywhere and through them have come angry circle people. The happy square chaps that live in happy space have asked you (very kindly i might add) to dispel these circular misfits back to where they came from. This is my second flash game so i hope you all enjoy it :)

Plays: 1943
Category: BoardGame
Prepare yourself for a challenge! Push to move. Push to win. PUSH3M is a simple sliding block game, with the goal of covering each empty area with a square. But!!! You can only move a square if it's pushing another square in the process. With a short set of small levels, it may look like an easy game, but no.
Play Chess Snake PuzzlesChess Snake Puzzles Game

Plays: 1941
Category: Puzzles
Draw a snake that goes from the lower left square to the upper right square. The snake's path moves horizontally or vertically, and does not touch itself, even diagonally. Each chess piece attacks the same number of segments of the snake.
Play Square BallSquare Ball Game

Plays: 1883
Category: Puzzles
Use the paddles to get the circle to the square.
Play maze crashmaze crash Game

Plays: 1854
Category: Puzzles
use many types ball Collision the maze with some types Square build.used one ball will Consume any points each times,clear the objective square with least points.

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