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Play parachute S.O.S.parachute S.O.S. Game

Plays: 3352
Category: Action
Highly original retro inspired game with an extensive Mission Mode and Survival Score attack.
Play President vs InvadersPresident vs Invaders Game

Plays: 3352
Category: Action
Evil invaders arrived to the Earth. They are destroying everything they see. To save the President, it was decided to put him on a special airplane. It has to stay in the air as long as possible and wait. Maybe, these aliens get bored and fly away. This is a scroll-shooter/avoider game with pixel-art graphics, where you should stay alive as long as possible, shooting enemies, collecting bonuses, receiving gun upgrades and achievements.

Plays: 3350
Category: Action
Description: Move the base around but watch out as the 3 connected swinging pixels don't hit a bad pixel.
Play Classic SnakeClassic Snake Game

Plays: 3340
Category: Puzzles
You asked for it and here it is! The classic game of Snake in a tidy retro version featuring smooth, responsive controls. How long can your snake grow?
Play Magivolve Avatar CreatorMagivolve Avatar Creator Game

Plays: 3338
Category: Customize
Dress up an RPG character. You can be a boy or girl.
Play Rock Rush: UndervaultsRock Rush: Undervaults Game

Plays: 3333
Category: Action
Hidden inside a huge network of natural caverns is this mysterious artificially-built series of rooms, each filled with puzzles, dangers, and of course lots of pristine gemstones! Will you be able to make it through and escape with your fortune? Dig through bug-infested caves dodging boulders, triggering magic walls, and collecting diamonds until you have enough to open the exit. But it doesn't stop there. Depending on which version of Rock Rush you play there may be even more challenging elements to figure out before those gems come within your grasp...
Play Retro Pixel RacersRetro Pixel Racers Game

Plays: 3333
Category: Driving
Retro Pixel Racers is a fun top-down racing game where you control of little cars racing over exciting tracks. Race in 18 different tracks to earn all the trophies. Start your engines and prepare for the craziest and most addictive racing game ever. Retro Pixel Racers is the fastest, most fun top down racer, loads of levels to race. Collect stars to unlock tracks and cars and complete the game.
Play Space invader classicSpace invader classic Game

Plays: 3325
Category: Shooting
Destroy all invader spaceships by shooting at them
Play Pixel QuestPixel Quest Game

Plays: 3320
Category: Action
Meet Rex. He is an avid adventurer and treasure hunter who is tasked with finding the lost and forgotten, and this time he has been given the job of locating the Golden Frog Idols. Players will be tasked with clearing out over 40 varied and engaging levels, each designed to offer a new challenge as they work to recover each and every last idol. Along the way there will be obstacles to overcome, including lava pits, fields of spikes, falling debris and other traps synonymous with exploration and discovery. You'll also receive advice and tips along the way from Professor Watts, the eccentric researcher and historian who sent you on your journey, and who just happens to be more concerned with the idols than your personal safety … but then what would treasure hunting be without a little bit of danger!
Play Going the Distance 7 - Going HomeGoing the Distance 7 - Going Home Game

Plays: 3311
Category: Action
The seventh iteration of Going the Distance! This time Alex is on his way home, but his spaceship is out of fuel. His only hope is the use the energy absorbing shield to convert small energy asteroids into working power... but how long will this last?
Play The Last Door - Chapter 1: The LetterThe Last Door - Chapter 1: The Letter Game

Plays: 3297
Category: Adventure
Free episodic horror game, with original pixel-art visuals and a gorgeous orchestral music score. Surrounded by a thrilling sound atmostphere, player's will experience a really inmersive environment thought the stimulation of their imagination, just like classic horror writers like Poe and Lovecraft used to. Play Chapter 1 enhanced version and Chapter 2 at:
Play Pixel Maze PlatformerPixel Maze Platformer Game

Plays: 3281
Category: Puzzles
Make your way to the exit on these custom user made maps.
Play Steampack 2 - Christmas timeSteampack 2 - Christmas time Game

Plays: 3275
Category: Action
It's Christmas Time also in the Sky Islands! Pick up your steam jetpack and go collect candies and ruby xmas balls in the sky to decorate your magic xmas tree ! :) If you collect all the ruby balls, you'll dance gangnam style under the xmas tree :-) Happy Xmas !! * IMPORTANT: Game Auto-saves your progress ! Spacebar to advance to next level when you complete a level (instead of pressing button)
Play Garbled Pixel MonsterGarbled Pixel Monster Game

Plays: 3255
Category: Adventure
A game I made. It is pizelly. I rock
Play Pixel Animal HunterPixel Animal Hunter Game

Plays: 3248
Category: Other
Pixel animals are invading earth, try to find them! They are masters of disguise and blend very well with the environment.
Play Glamy JewelsGlamy Jewels Game

Plays: 3245
Category: Puzzles
Glamy Jewels - the classic match 3 game in a new package. Relax and have fun playing this popular game. Features two game modes: Survivor and Normal mode. In Normal mode you have to clear a certain number of gems before passing to the next level. In Survivor you play until there are no more matches on the table.
Play RetroMashRetroMash Game

Plays: 3239
Category: Action
Two rad retro games combined into one awesome pixel fest. Kill the space invaders using the tetris blocks as fast as you can for as long as you can!
Play Pixel AttackPixel Attack Game

Plays: 3238
Category: Action
Avoid oncomming enemies furthering you ship further into the pixelated world.
Play QuartetQuartet Game

Plays: 3222
Category: Action
Re-assemble the faces by fitting the pieces together fast enough in this frantic puzzle reaction game.
Play DuplicatorDuplicator Game

Plays: 3166
Category: Action
You are seeking for your Pet. You will have to look around all the rooms full of traps and riddles to find where your pet is. Unique gameplay , awesome atmosphere.

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