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Online Spaceship Games
Play Spaceship LandingSpaceship Landing Game

Plays: 2519
Category: Action
SpaceShip Landing puts you in the skin of an experienced galactic pilot. Use your flying ability to land your spaceship in the most challenging areas of planet Garret-9.
Play Open Gem ShooterOpen Gem Shooter Game

Plays: 2511
Category: Action
Open Gem Shooter is a 2D shooter game taking place in space. Destroy all the blue gems and avoid them as they have a deadly poisson. You have 3 tries commander.
Play Zap Aliens by FlashGamesFan.comZap Aliens by Game

Plays: 2480
Category: Action
Kill all aliens and let pass astronauts to gain score and bonuses. Get Alien with underpants to gain one of the seven bonuses available. Try to end level gaining all twelve achievements!
Play Space AgeSpace Age Game

Plays: 2450
Category: Action
Defend the Earth with your satellites and spaceships, research new technologies and save the humanity in this next-gen defense/strategy game.
Play Spaceship ExplorerSpaceship Explorer Game

Plays: 2439
Category: Action
You have crash landed onto Pluto and you must collect batteries for your spaceship before you are discovered on an alien planet. But wait! There's more... where are the batteries?! Time is running out. GO GO GO!

Plays: 2432
Category: Adventure
Lunar odyssey is a Lunar lander type game but with little more challenge than the old one you have to land on the moon and also redock to the command module at the right velocity,be carefull do not forget to check your fuel meter and not to be out of fuel before redocking!
Play You are your own enemyYou are your own enemy Game

Plays: 2422
Category: Action
In this little space shooter the player controls the spaceship AND the turrets too. You score points by surviving and by shooting!
Play Be My EyesBe My Eyes Game

Plays: 2410
Category: Action
So our advance outpost detects a vast army of enemy starships that are headed right for us. Scary, I know. But anyway we had some time so we spent 9.53 GTrillion space dollars on the bestest gun there is. It is sold gold and shoots deadly white plasma. There’s just one problem it’s so big that we can’t see past it to aim it and we don’t have a cent left to our names to install a camera. So you are going to test the feasibility of using a spaceship in front of the gun to aim it, good luck.
Play Lost My HomeLost My Home Game

Plays: 2382
Category: Puzzles
This cute alien has fallen from the spaceship! Help the cute alien escape earth and go home!
Play Star HunterStar Hunter Game

Plays: 2379
Category: Action
Star Hunter is simple space shooting game. Collect stars and shoot enemies!
Play AstriodAstriod Game

Plays: 2368
Category: Action
Your mission is to take down metriods. Every time you get hit by an astriod you wil lose a live. and when you lost all your lives its game over.
Play Space ShooterSpace Shooter Game

Plays: 2367
Category: Shooting
Try this addicting Space Shooting game. Fly around in your spaceship and destroy the enemy spacecrafts, how many levels can you complete ? Earn money and buy more lifes so you can get a higher score. Do you have what it takes to be on top of the leaderboard?
Play SpaceShip InvadersSpaceShip Invaders Game

Plays: 2339
Category: Action
Shoot Through Hordes of "Red, Bad", SpaceShips in Space..:)...!! Collect the "Blue Glowvy Things" To level up your weapon.... Avoid the "Red Glowvy Things" to save your Life,..!!,.... As your XP gets filled u get new Stars That Give You extra Lives!!!
Play Race in the asteroidsRace in the asteroids Game

Plays: 2327
Category: Action
Dodge asteroids with your X-SpaceShip. Watch your fuel reserves and collect devastating bombs and race in space.
Play Just Survive!Just Survive! Game

Plays: 2325
Category: Action
Fly your spaceship through an enemy plantary system where dangerous aliens wil fight hard to exterminate you. Enjoy the fun of classic shoot'em up action game. And most of all, just survive!
Play Blitz BlasterBlitz Blaster Game

Plays: 2318
Category: Action
Aliens! Space! Bombs! Gems! Upgrades! Lazers! The evil aliens have stolen all of your gems, blast your way through the hordes to reclaim what is yours! Some evil aliens have been rather naughty and stolen all of your gems. Fortunately, you have just been given control of a new prototype spaceship. Use your powerful new spacecraft to destroy hordes of aliens and collect gems to upgrade to bigger better weapons! Fly through 10 different missions, fighting ever increasingly difficult aliens. Arrow keys to fly, space to shoot. 1 - 4 change weapons once you've unlocked them. Z uses a super bomb. X fires the giant laser. Battle against waves of alien ships in the space shooter levels, where you must have quick reactions and a strong trigger finger to blast through aliens and bosses. Fly through lunar lander style levels collecting gems and avoiding turrets to steal back the gems that are rightfully yours! Use the gems you collect to upgrade your ship with bigger, better weapons, harder stronger shields and armour and more bombs and lasers! Good luck and happy blasting!
Play ShapeXShapeX Game

Plays: 2307
Category: Other
Use you mouse to avoid the shapes and try to get the longest run.
Play Asteroid dodge (Spanish)Asteroid dodge (Spanish) Game

Plays: 2303
Category: Adventure
Use your mouse to move the ship and avoid getting hit by the asteroids. You must last 60 seconds.
Play Space Gravity Game 2Space Gravity Game 2 Game

Plays: 2299
Category: Action
The unique space simulator with a realistic physical model. Collect prizes, design the optimal trajectory. Can you pass game, having spent a minimum of fuel?
Play Water StriderWater Strider Game

Plays: 2297
Category: Action
Alien ship has crashed on some planet. Help them to collect all necessary repair parts and fly away to their homeland. These green containers can be found only on water. Explore the nearest lakes to find them. But beware. The spaceship is damaged and can perform only left turns. Avoid red bonuses and collect green that will help you in your journey.

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